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arrowE-3 Visa application help
September 16, 2014, 10:54 am Last comment by emma_kennedy92

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Hi Guys, 

I'm currently on a J-1 visa working in Wyoming and my boss has asked if I could try applying for an E-3 to stay on beyond that. 

I've read up a lot about the visa, but I've seen conflicting stories about whether or not you need to go back to Australia to apply? 

In some cases I read you can apply from anywhere as long as it's not the U.S., but others I read for your first time it needs to be done in Australia? 
Obviously if possible I would like not to have to go home due to expenses, etc. but any advice or first-hand info you have would be great! 




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arrowImmigrant or Nonimmigrant visa medical?
September 16, 2014, 7:01 am Last comment by KatieandAleks

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Hi everyone,

I am hoping someone knows if we need to get an immigrant medical or a non immigrant medical. The email and Australian US embassy website say immigrant but other official websites say non immigrant. This includes the DS-160 confirmation page that we have to print out. I am so stressed out about this. I always thought it was a non immigrant visa but apparently not. This is really conflicting information. I really hope someone can help.

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arrowK1 visa
September 15, 2014, 10:00 am Last comment by Willally7566

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What are the chances that my girlfriend who's currently here on a b2 visa gets to stay permanently if we pull out the k1 visa application we submitted a month and a half ago and get married then adjust status???

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arrowInterview documents required- SYDNEY
September 15, 2014, 7:22 am Last comment by aruadha

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This is referring to my fellow Australian "Aliens".
I am going through a lot of confusion as I believe that the processes for the US Consulate in Sydney have changed recently.

My American fiance received an email stating the date and time of my interview which is next week.
(I hadn't sent any documents of 'readiness to be interviewed' to the consulate.)

I was just wondering if the only documents I am required to bring are those listed on the DSL-1076 checklist?
I thought that I needed to bring all original documents that my fiance submitted for the I-129F Petition? (which means that I got my mother in law to post me all the paperwork!)

As part of the DSL-1076 checklist, do I need to include my fiance's original birth certificate, original marriage certificate and divorce decree? Or does this checklist only refer to my documents?

I hope you can make sense of this message and I appreciate any feedback and advice.






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arrowAustralia Police certificates
September 14, 2014, 10:56 pm Last comment by stephen.marlow

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Hi everyone,

Can anyone give me some advice about the police certificates?

We are at the stage where I have just mailed in my affidavit of support documents, and my husband just filed out the IV form online. Now he needs to send in the supporting documents.

I am confused though-does he need to send a police certificate to the NVC? I thought that the police certificate needs to be sent to the consulate in Sydney? Does he need to get two?


Also I'm a bit confused by the wording on the state department website. Do we need to send in original documents PLUS a photocopy of the original documents?


I hope I don't have to send a police certificate to the NVC--this whole process is so slow, I hope I don't have to get the police cert and then mail it to them :(

Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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