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Help needed writing EAD letter to USCIS
6:04 pm yesterday


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Hi all,

My EAD was incorrectly rejected by USCIS - see below thread for more details..

I have received a letter from another department asking for evidence to support my request to have the application expedited and I was wondering if anyone had been in this position before and could provide me with some tips on what to write/how to write it.

The bottom line is they incorrectly rejected my EAD due to no payment however as per their instructions the EAD was mailed with the AOS therefore no fee is required. The EAD is now being processed under the normal timeframe however because they made an error they said I am eligible to request for the EAD to be expedited.

I am extremely frustrated by this entire process and its times like these i wish I had hired a lawyer.

Any help is appreciated.

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Travel ban (edited title)
10:20 pm yesterday


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Hi all,

Has anyone heard or had an experience that their visa has been denied at the interview, JUST because of travel band, and being one of those 7 or 8 countries EVEN Dual citizen ppl??:wacko::help:

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K-1 visa - EAD and AOS timelines
4:10 am yesterday


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Hi all, I'm just starting the overwhelming process of trying to join my boyfriend in the USA. Originally I was planning engagement and the K-1 visa, but now after pouring through these forums all afternoon I'm comparing to the IR1/CR1 visa.

If we go down the K-1 route, and after we marry and adjust my status, how long does it usually take for the EAD to be issued? I have heard 3-6 months. There is no way in hell that I could afford to stay in the USA for 3-6 months, and then another 2-3 months on top of that between me entering the country and legally marrying my partner. How do people do it?! Do the non-US partners really not work for like 6-8 months?! I would go insane with boredom! This alone makes me want to marry ASAP!

Also I can't find much info on how long it takes to adjust status after marriage to become an LPR. Does anyone have any hints?

Thanks in advance!!

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i-130 Help for Previously Filed Petition
1:37 am yesterday


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My wife and I just got married in my home town of Virginia Beach on October 5th and we're starting our Spousal Visa process before we go back temporarily to her home in Australia. Previously we went the K-1 route but abandoned it after we realized we weren't allowed to leave the US until we were granted special permission once we married. We got as far as the i-129 being approved. Now I've reached Part 5 on the i-130 and it asks if I've ever previously filed for her before. Would I need to answer YES because I had previously submitted the i-129 for the K-1 Process or is it only asking if I've submitted a Spousal Visa before?

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K1 Interview
5:04 am yesterday


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Hi All,

Has anyone taken their fianc to their interview.



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