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I-90 Renewal in 60 days
7:29 pm yesterday


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Just thought I would share. My husband applied to renew his green card, on Dec29,2017. Had Biometrics appointment January 17. At that time they put a 1 year sticker on his expired green card. We were prepared for the long wait after that. Last Thursday got a Priority Envelope in the mail. We were stunned. It was his new green card. All in less than 60 days.

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Torn about requesting interview date
8:10 pm yesterday


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Can I request an interview date when I send of my ready instructions to Sydney consulate?

our petition finally made it to Sydney after massive delays, lost file at NVC ect

I'm flying over to states for family holiday in 2 weeks, will be back April 14th!

Would it be better to be upfront about trip instead of them giving me a date which I know will be in a couple of weeks then have to change it.

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ELIS problem with N-400
11:03 pm yesterday


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Just tried to create an account with ELIS so that we can fill out the N-400 online. Got the email confirmation, and clicked appropriately. Set up a new password, and it was accepted. But it will not let me sign on - it says email and/or password is incorrect.

Anyone know what is going on? Is it USCIS or is it me? Is it ELIS or is it the N-400 link?

Sukie in NY

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Psychology credentialing
9:50 am yesterday

conch monch

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Hi all,

Has anyone here had experience in getting their non-US (ie foreign degree) psychology qualifications and experience assessed? I'll be looking to be licensed in Illinois. I'm interested in hearing what people's experiences with the state boards are (Illinois says they will do the evaluation of my credentials but they want me to fill out the same form as US applicants, which I think poses problems in properly assessing my quals).

For reference, in Australia I'm registered with the Psychology Board of Australia as a clinical psychologist and have 11 years experience working in mental health services, addiction services, and forensic services.


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HELP - Intention to Marry Within 90 Days of Entry
10:31 am yesterday

Emily Tommy

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Hi There,

We are at the final stage of getting our stuff together to post hopefully by Friday! Just stuck on what to give with this part of the process? Any suggestions or help would be amazing!


A. Intention to Marry Within 90 Days of Entry. Submit evidence that you and your fianc (e) intend to marry within 90 days of your fianc (e) s entry as a K-1 nonimmigrant. Evidence of your intention to marry may include statements of intent to marry signed by both you and your fianc (e) or any other evidence that establishes, by a preponderance of the evidence, your mutual intention;

Thank you in advance <3

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