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6:01 am


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Hey Guys

After that whole process, 5 years together and a bunch of paperwork, my partner of 5 years decided to "ghost" me and not go through with the whole thing in Feb this year. (yep devastating and weird, but its done now)

My partner and I didn't get married and I never entered the USA on the K1 and it expired in June.

I am travelling to the US this week on an ESTA, will I run into any problems?

I'm pretty nervous boarder control will deport me thinking I have intent to see him (which is NOT EVER happening again!!)

Any advice?

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Do I need court records for AOS with i-485
9:02 pm


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When sending out the package for AOS, does my husband need to send court records and a police report? My husband gave the consulate his police certificate and court records but the only thing he got back was the police certificate. Is he going to need the court records for this process? He tried contacting his local court which is only open on a Thursday and they haven't been answering their phones. He has also emailed them, so I'm not sure if its even possible to get his court records. Can someone help me out. I'm a bit stressed out with this. Thanks to those who have any information. I also don't see anything in the guides for AOS about sending a copy of court records but I seen something in the i-485 instructions about it.

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Packet 3 and Packet 4 for K1 visa (Australia Sydney)
11:54 am


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Hi peeps, just wondering if anyone can give some guidance on packet 3 and packet 4. I'm based in Sydney, are packet 3 and 4 all the same for each country?

My understanding is in packet 3, i will need to collect documents like birth certificate, police check, my fiance finance situation and on going proof of our relationship and medical check result etc.

so my questions are:

1. for birth certificate, i don't have original one anymore, I born in china but now is Australian citizen, I have a translated and certified birth certificate from official authorized place in China, but it's not based on original birth certificate from hospital. (the original one from hospital is just a little booklet and words all not clearly anymore).

so would this document sufficient enough for birth certificate purpose?

2. for medical exam, would they tell me in packet 3 which clinic/hospital to book the appointment? what do i need to bring other than my vaccination proof?

3. can someone tell me what's in packet 4?

thank you very much



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AoS - Conditional GC or nah?
2:14 am


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My wife and I got married late Sept 2016, and we filed our paperwork Jan 2017. We are still waiting for our interview date to come up.

I thought every GC through marriage required a conditional 2 year GC, but I just read that you only have this is you have been married less than two years.

Now my wife and I have already been married for almost 1 year 3 months, does this mean I will have less time on my conditional GC (depending on whenever the interview is) or do it have to be 2 years to the day or longer for it to in any way matter?

This feels like a very silly question, I just wanted to know if there would be any silver lining to the crazy long wait times (not to mention tears) we have gone through so far.

Thank you as always for all your help and answers, this has been such a great source and comfort for the last couple of years

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after the ceremony
12:57 am


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Hi every one , I heard someone today saying something I never heard anywhere...

He said they told them at oath ceremony , they will receive notice through mail box to come for TV interview, and if you don`t go they will punish you?????

What`s this TV interview? Is this guy drunk or there is something we don`t know????


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