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arrowTravel after medical xheck
July 25, 2016, 1:05 pm Last comment by Pixie88

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Can you travel abroad after medical check?before the interview

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arrowIR-1 Can wife & son arrive at different times?
July 23, 2016, 3:55 am Last comment by aaron2020

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Hi, I'm hoping someone can help with a question we have.


We're going through the IR-1 process for my Australian wife & 20 yo step-son, both filed and being processed simultaneously.


I'm just wondering, once the visas are issued, is it possible for them to arrive in America at different times (ie. 6 months apart); or because I filed both together do they need to arrive at the port of entry together?  My son just has some things he'd like to wrap up rather than coming over when we anticipate my wife would be able to.


Thanks in advance for any advice.



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arrowI134 how early is too early?
July 22, 2016, 5:33 pm Last comment by Penguin_ie

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Hi there. We are still waiting on noa2 but wondering if the petitioner can start gathering her affidavit of support documents. Currently the noa2 estimate is mid September so interview some time after that. However things seem to be speeding up so we want to be prepared. Will the documents be too out of date/old to take to the interview if she started collecting now? Is there a maximum time from how old the stubs are or the signature date on the I134?

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arrowWhat to do and which Visa is best for me?
July 20, 2016, 3:46 am Last comment by samams

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Hi yall,


I am lost as to which visa type is best and how to go about applying for it. Spoke with two immigration attorneys for about 10mins and they wanted $10-15000 to help with the application process? That seems like an excessive amount of money. They seemed to be purposely vague and were also stating contradictory things so its left me quite confused as to what might be the best options and how to go about things.


Had started a US LLC company some 7 months back (and have a prior one, as well as one here) and I am finding that due to the difficulties being faced and the walls I am encountering that it really is coming down to needing to be in the US. Some of the issues I am encountering are the need for an SSN (bank, utilities, telephone, merchant processing etc), home address, setting up a new location to receive and process goods, hiring staff, and some others. Have tried very hard to avoid the need but it is appearing like it is inevitable and I am very close to opening doors and starting to earn.


Now the attorneys have made varying suggestions;

1-get a student visa of some sort and then work for that company or not. suggestion was that this could be fast issuance and you'd get the other requirements fulfilled eg ssn, home address, time to set up the new location and so on.


2-get a E2 visa though they didnt quite explain how that works apart for showing 'substantial investment' towards the venture or company? Said could be as low as $10000 because it also depends on the overall value/worth of the business? Apparently this does not count towards green card.


3-get a L1A visa which would appear as a company transfer or sub branch transfer? this counts towards green card though or so I was told.


4-get a H1B visa though apparently employed/hired by my own company? not sure how this would work but they were saying the US entity would be employing me? hmmm


5-get a E3 visa which apparently is specifically for Australians and very similar to the H1B above?



I'd like to point out that though a green card or the option leading to it/allowing for it IDEALLY would be nice, its not vital right now.


I primarily need to get the business off the ground and need to do it fast but dont know what are my options and how to go about them.



Appreciate your input, suggestions, guidance and thoughts



Any recommendations for suitable attorney is welcome too.



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arrowAdvice for documents to take to B2 visa interview
July 20, 2016, 1:47 am Last comment by Chris and ZhiJia

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Hey everyone, I just posted on Reddit for advice regarding this situation and was referred over to here, so I'm just going to copy and paste my post from there.


My fiance just mailed out our K1 petition today, and it should arrive at the Dallas lockbox on Thursday. I just completed the DS-160 and booked my appointment at the consulate here in Western Australia for a B2 visa on Monday next week. My fiance and I are planning on having me stay with him in the US while the K1 is processing (assuming this B2 is approved), and then I'll fly back for a short period of time when I need to do my embassy interview + medical for the final stages of the K1, maybe visit my family or something, too. The plan is to have me leave in ~a month or so, as mentioned, if everything goes as planned.

I called the supplied number on the ustraveldocs website and attempted to get some help. I explained the situation and asked about what supporting documents I should take to my interview in regards to my situation. But the guy just flip flopped around for a good 15-20 minutes and kept giving me mixed answers along the lines of "I'm not allowed to give you suggestions for what you can take", "don't take anything, just take the necessary documents and the consular officer will request additional documents after if necessary", "just take what you think is necessary" and "just don't take anything", and kept talking about things not being determinants.

If I could have jumped through the phone line and slapped him, I would have. I understand if he just said "Sorry i'm not allowed to give any suggestions on the documents, just take what you think is appropriate" and left it at that. But he gave me so many mixed answers, like "don't take anything"... seriously?????? The website says "Failure to include additional documents will delay visa processing". So how is telling me to take nothing a good idea? 

I honestly have no idea what I should take at this point. My fiance will be supporting me while I am there. We'll need to fill out an I-134 before the embassy interview, so should I just have him do that now and take that? I have his paystubs from the past few months to prove he can provide for us both while I am there, as well. Is it a good idea to take some documents from our K1? I just have no clue, so any help would be greatly appreciated :(


Reading some posts here, I'm really worried now that this is a horrible idea and that I will be rejected. Obviously I am in the process of immigrating, so is it possible they'd deny me the visa because of that? I am deferring my university course in order to spend the 6 months with my fiance, I'm worried that they'll see I don't necessarily have any 'ties' to bring me back to Australia.

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