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arrowFor Interview: Do we need to have copies of forms we've already submitted?
September 2, 2014, 12:01 am Last comment by GurkenSalat

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Hey all,


So we have our interview coming up, I was just wondering if we need copies of documents we've already submitted for the interview. Some are listed on the mail notice we received, but said not needed if we've already submitted. 


Things have gone so fast for us, I'm thinking (hoping) there won't be too much trouble. We have EAD/AP approved with no RFE and in around 60 days I think. Anyways, just wondering if people have had nasty experiences with this or not. 


Ultimately I think always better safe than sorry. But just looking to hear of some experiences.


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arrowReporting change of address
August 28, 2014, 11:09 pm Last comment by bregan

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Hi guys


My ROC was approved about 3 months ago, and i am in processing of chaining my address as i just bought a house. Do i still need to file change of address with USCIS even though my ROC is approved ?

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arrowDeportation and conseluar processing
August 28, 2014, 10:04 pm Last comment by Jawaree
Alex 1234

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This my situation please can you help.

I have entered usa on visa waiver from Australia to visit my family in usa .

I have met a wonderful girl and we got married after 80 days. In the mean time my wife was applying for her citizenship and I overstayed for 8 weeks ( my attorney at that time told me no harm of overstaying and homeland security will not look for you as I have no criminal record in my entire life he was very wrong and ruined our future). So basically my visa expired in feb 2013 and I applied for adjustment of status in April so almost 8 weeks overstay . Got receipt from USCIS all looking good so far plus got a receipt by end of April my case is been processed and pending . Here gets ugly next day after I got the receipt from USCIS 3 gentlemen from Home land security knocks on my door and arrest me again no criminal records at all . I was detained arrested in las Vegas detention center . We hired a second attorney to get me out of the detention center which he did and was put under order of supervision . Was checking ever 6 weeks . Did finger printing went to the interview during the interview the officer granted me I 130 but couldn't adjust my status as I have an order of removal on my shoulder ( was told by the attorney your fine go to the interview and you get your green card ). The officer at USCIS told me you need to rescind the order of deportation and I will approve your I 485 adjustment of status sounded like not a big deal at that time . I thought the attorney had it in his file as he told me no probs the order has been removed don't worry . We went to the senator , congress you name it but homeland security will not rescind the order . Now I have to remove myself after homeland security gives me my Australian passport which they are holding ( like I am a criminal or a bad guy I have never been in trouble in all my life just listened to the wrong advice and wanted to stay with my wife which made me overstay 8 weeks waiting for her to get the citizenship ) . I bought a ticket and traveling back home and leaving my wife and my step daughter which means the world to me . This is my story please can you help me my questions are below

1- I need to apply for I 212 waiver from outside CAN I DO THAT STRAIGHT AWAY AFTER EXISTING OR HAVE TO WAIT ? If no how long I have to wait to file I212 on my wife's behalf . I don't need I 601 as I overstayed less than 6 months or 180 days

2- what is the processing time for the waiver and when I get my consular interview .

3- what are the chances for the waiver to get approved my wife has custody , she has a good job , she is so sad taking a lot time of work , can't leave her daughter because of the custody . Step daughter is very said ( they basically ruined our lives for getting a bad advise and overstaying 8 weeks when criminal are floating around with no papers what a joke ).

My wife is already booking tickets and planing trips to see me all costing money . She had to stop her education because of that and declined few jobs she got offered recently. Most of my family are here my uncle, Auntie ,my sister my brother in law , niece , nephew my wife my step daughter only my parents are overseas and not usa citizen

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arrowUS Waiver Program Processing Time
August 27, 2014, 11:38 pm Last comment by Boiler

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In 1995 when I was 18 I got into trouble with the law and was charged and fined. In 2004 I wanted to go to the US with my sister and had to go to the US consulate to obtain a VISA. I am Australian Citizen. After a nervous waiting time I was granted a waiver program and they stamped my passport and put a sticker in it which granted me access to the US.

10 years later I am looking at travelling in mid November to the US with my sister and her husband, and after emailing the US Embassy was told due to the fact I had been approved before it should be a relatively painfree process.

Based on that information stupid me and gone and booked my tickets and accomodation / tours etc as my sister had already booked. I had also applied for another VISA and made a booking for the meeting to discuss my application.

Went into the embassy this morning and after being asked to see two different people was given a form which states that a "waiver based on the information submitted will be requested on your behalf" The guy at the desk said that the process can take up to 4 months for approval, this would mean that I have now lost out on my trip.

I am wondering if anyone else has been in this situation and how long did it actually take to be done. I would have thought that due to the fact that I had been approved previously and have not done anything wrong in 19yrs it would be a straight forward process. What are your thoughts, and how long has it taken you or someone you know?

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arrowUSCIS Error RFE - Grounds to Expedite?
August 27, 2014, 8:00 pm Last comment by Ketsuban

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Hello all,


My following query relates to requesting a case to be Expedited.


Background Info

I-130 is currently with NVC with CASE # and IIN assigned


Query relates to following case:

I-129F (K3) Spouse Visa for my AUS citizen husband.

1st NOA - July 2nd 2014

Current days since acceptance in USCIS = 57 days


USCIS RFE requesting the following:


1. Biometrics G-325A Form as they claim only a G-325 was completed - this is incorrect as have checked what was sent and it was most definitely G-325A.


2. PHOTO of a complete stranger (as the petitioner). The person they are requesting we do not know and whose name is not included in any part of document submission. It appears their mail merge crossed information with another filing.


3. Proof of Divorce : this is the only valid item as this was asked for the I-130 filing also.


Action Taken

- 1st week of AUG: I spoke to USCIS (2nd level agent) and they escalated my query to CSC (I received a reference number for this call). 


- 23rd Aug : Completed follow up call and spoke to USCIS (2nd level agent) who advised to email and provide the relevant documents as attachments and state the person is not known for item 2.


CSC Response

- 28th Aug: CSC sent email stating a modified RFE has been posted on 27th AUG and to wait 7-14 days and mail back (postal) the requested documents!!!


It is obvious the initial early August query had no impact and the cause of modifying the RFE was my email on the 23rd.


The re-sending of the modified RFE adds at least 7 -14 days, plus the 7-14 days for my postal response and then the delay with USCIS processing upon arrival.

(Yes, I will be sending via express international mail, but that is still 3-7 days and extra $$$, all caused by the USCIS #$%! up).



1. Why wasn't the email with attached documents of the previously submitted G-325A and Proof of Divorce document

taken as a valid response/update to the case?


2. Is this sufficient grounds for requesting the case to be Expedited (as I understand "USCIS error" is a criteria)

                       a.. If so, is there a specific template or document to be used?

                       b. Would this request be sent to


3. Would expediting my I-129F (K3) have any slow down effect on the I-130 already at NVC?


Thanks for your time and feedback. 





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