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arrownoa1 to noa2 in 20 days
April 24, 2014, 7:36 am Last comment by silverjetplane

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Just wanted to share that it is possible to get your noa2 without a big wait. We have just been approved in 20 days, filed abroad and routed to CSC. Just wanted to share a bit of hope that it can happen quickly!

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arrowOath and Affirmation
April 23, 2014, 2:10 pm Last comment by Hypnos

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According to the I -485 Instructions,quote; "

After you file your application, you may be notified to appear
at a USCIS office to answer questions about the application.
You will be required to answer these questions under oath or



If an IOS asks you questions to which you answer without giving you the oath or affirmation, is any decision they make based on your answers legal?

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arrowAOS process running fine but about to lose Australian citizenship
April 23, 2014, 10:39 am Last comment by pacharya

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Hi guys,
While we couldn’t be happier that we have been together since last six months, we have run into a situation with my wife's Australian Citizenship. So I just wanted to share our story and see if anyone else has also run into this with Australia. To give a little background, my wife is currently an Australian resident and she had applied for the Australian Citizenship last year and had given the exam and passed in September. All she had left to do was to attend the ceremony but she had to travel to India for family emergency in October 2013. Then she came to states in December and we got married here. She hasn’t since returned to Australia but was planning to return as soon as she got her travel authorization from USCIS. We were communicating with Australian Citizenship and were trying to request that she is allowed to attend the ceremony in states since she still didn't have her travel authorization and unfortunately it back fired on us. The Australian Citizenship came back to us and said she has been out of country since October and she no longer has any close association with the country so they will cancel her citizenship approval. So then we responded back with some information that they had requested to prove the close association (i.e. immediate family residing in Australia, tax transcripts from last year and intended travel as soon as she has her approval from USCIS). And after all that they came back and said weighing all the information that was provided to them, they have decided to cancel the citizenship because it still doesn't prove that she will be coming to Australia anytime soon and will be residing there.
This ticked us off because it has only been 7 months and she has 12 months to attend the ceremony and to take an oath. How can they just decide on their own that she won’t be returning to Australia or will not reside in Australia in future. We are so disappointed and now wondering what should we do.

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arrowpolice checks australia
April 22, 2014, 11:56 pm Last comment by Maree

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Hi everyone,I'm in Australia and we've just received our NOA2! I was wondering if anyone could tell me if I need finger prints and a police certificate, or just the police certificate? This is for CR1 visa.

thank you

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arrowTexas Current Processing Date
April 22, 2014, 5:17 am Last comment by jsumner86

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G'day everyone.

Has anyone had any success in the past few days in contacting USCIS and getting information on what date for the I-130 (US citizen petitioning for spouse) is currently being processed at the Texas Service Centre?

Officially their website states September 8 2013 as of Feb 28 2014, however, we are now reaching the end of April so one would assume it has moved forward from this date.


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