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Foreign State of Chargeability shows birth country ...is this right?
1:49 am yesterday


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Hi All!!

So I recently logged into the CEAC website to pay the $325 fee for Mom, and saw that the her "Foreign State of Chargeability" listed in the top right corner shows her birth country of Singapore (however it previously stated Australia). When my mom immigrated to Australia 40 years ago, she had to give up her Singaporean citizenship. So she ONLY has Aussie citizenship.

Do i need to contact NVC to show that the Foreign State of Chargeability should be Australia? or is this normal for NVC to use the birth country rather than country of citizenship?

Anyone else experienced this?


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Paper work needed
12:52 am yesterday


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Hi everyone, I can't figure out how to post this directly in the Australia portal so I'm hoping someone can move it there.

My husband and I are applying for the CR1 visa to bring him to America from Australia. He has a criminal record however, which prevented us from obtaining the K1 visa last year. He was told at the interview that he was eligible for a waiver I-601, but we got married instead, cancelled the K1 application and began the CR1 process. I have hired a lawyer this time around and we are expecting the same outcome at his next interview. Our lawyer informed us that along with the national police certificate that is required he is going to need to provide a copy of his arrest report and the disposition of his case. But since those are terms we use in America and he is in Australia he can't find any info on how to obtain these. Can anyone in Australia please tell me what those documents would be called there? And even better, if anyone knows how/where to get them I would really appreciate any information. We don't want to be scrambling at the last minute to try to get this paperwork and delay our time together even more.

Thanks in advance! Hopefully someone out there can help...

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Minimum time between medical check and interview
8:48 am yesterday


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How much time do you need between the medical interview and the interview at the Sydney consulate?

I am currently overseas, but will travel back to Sydney for the interview. Would like to mimise the time away from family.



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June 2017 EAD Filers
1:33 am yesterday


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Good day all,

Im creating this for the people that have filed for there EAD, AP in June 2017
would like to see everyone elses timeline.. Mine is below.

waiting for my biometrics notice now...

Case Number: MSC17913733XX
Visa Status at Filing : L1A Executive Visa
Petition Type : New
Center : Texas Service Center
Mailed Date : 5th June 2017
Received date : 8th June 2017
Check cashed by USICS date: : 9th June 2017
NOA Paper Receipt : 13th June 2017

Pleased to hear

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SSN before getting hitched???
9:37 am yesterday


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Hi everyone,

Is SSN required to get married in the states, specifically Florida??


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