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arrowWant to apply for DV lottery- husband a citizen already
October 30, 2014, 8:01 am Last comment by Britsimon

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Hi Everyone
Apologies if this question has been asked before. I've tried to locate answers within the forum but haven't really found a complete answer.
Long story short, I've been going on my twice yearly holidays to the USA since about 2008 to visit my friend, who became my boyfriend and who just recently became my husband. He is a citizen and I come from a qualifying country of the DV lottery. I plan to visit him again soon. With this it is just a visit- we want to see how the DV lottery works out. My question is how do I go about entering the lottery- I get stuck when it asks for my husbands' info (he does not need to enter as already a citizen). Anyone else worked their way through this in a similar situation? If I can't enter this way we will be going the alternate visa route in the near future but would like to see how this goes if I can get through it :)
Thanks in advance.

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arrowAoS and Can I Stay?
October 29, 2014, 3:38 pm Last comment by landr

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Hi all,


I came to the US with my approved K1 visa on May 31st 2014 and my husband and I married on August 9th 2014. We are filling out the paperwork for the AoS now, but I am starting to worry I am not supposed to be in the US or that we have waited too long. Are there rules on this? The only reason we delayed was for money reasons.

Thanks in advance!

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arrowHelping a spouse settle into USA
October 29, 2014, 11:09 am Last comment by stephen.marlow

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My husband and I will be moving to USA early next year. My husband is from Australia, and has never lived more than a 30 minute drive from the same place, so being in a new country (on the opposite side of the world) will be a big change.


We have travelled to USA 3 times before and he loves it, and he has met my family and some friends.


I still worry though, as it is a big change, and I want him to be happy. Does anyone have any tips on helping him to settle in to USA, your own experiences, troubles etc?


What helped you enjoy being in USA, what did you find hard etc?  I want to keep him happy so any experience/ input is appreciated to make the move go smoothly for him.

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arrowI-864, joint sponsor, or establish own US income for it?
October 29, 2014, 10:43 am Last comment by lirpa11

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I am wondering, has anyone had a I-864 declined for some reason, and then moved back to USA (from abroad) to secure a job and re-apply from within the USA? If so, were you successful and how long do you need your job to apply again? Would we only need to resubmit the I-864, or start over again (I assume only the I-864?)


I think we should be fine for the AoS I-864 as we have over 5x's what they require in assets (assets are in Australia, no USA income and cash is only minor there), but I just want a backup plan in case. We have family on stand-by to sign for my husband to come over with the income requirement, but I am not entirely sure that their income would be sufficient for the 3x poverty level amount, so we thought if it comes to it I could get a job earning well over what is required. I am just worried as to how long we would need to be apart for the process to be re-applied and approved.


Does anyone have any experience?


It may not come to that (and I pray it does not!!), but we want to be prepared and have a plan just in case. And knowing the timeframe would also ease our minds (for example, would a month's of paycheques showing we are above the requirement for income allow me to sponsor him from within the US?)


FYI - we both live in Australia, met and married in Australia. I as the USC have lived in Australia for nearly ten years. Tax etc all up to date.

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arrowRecruitment Agents? Or apply direct?
October 29, 2014, 10:34 am Last comment by d3adc0d3

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Hi everyone!


I am a USC, and my husband (Australian) and I are in the process of waiting for an IR1 visa to be approved (spouse visa!).


We both live in Australia, but plan on moving in January/February 2015 to USA. If we have any problems using assets to sponsor him to the USA, I will fly over in January, secure a job/house and we will apply again from there.


I would like to know, what is our best chances of getting jobs in the USA. I am an accountant (been working in tax for Australia since 2008, financial statements etc, husband is a heavy duty diesel mechanic with nearly 10 years experience and a vocational trade certificate - fully qualified).


Would we be best to use a recruitment agent to place us to where we are needed, or just send out our resume to potential employers? Can we start before we leave Australia (once we know arrival date in USA), or is it best to wait until we arrive in USA to send resumes and organize interviews? We would be fine with Skype interviews.


Any help is appreciated, thanks!

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