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arrowPacket 3 question
May 28, 2015, 2:53 am Last comment by s_kimberley

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Hi all :)


So my petition was approved and I've just been waiting for a couple of weeks for USCIS to send it to NVC in the mean time i have a few questions:


-The canberra US embassy website says that they will email packet 3 when they receive the petition. I am just curious- how will they get my email address? I don't recall placing it on any of the petition paperwork? Will they post it to my home address if they do not have the email address?


-I will be getting my medical done in Melbourne, can i book this in asap or do i have to wait for my case number from NVC?


Any help would be greatly appreciated its my birthday in August and i'd love to be in the US by then to celebrate with my man :)


Thanks in advance :)



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arrowhow important is the past
May 27, 2015, 10:31 pm Last comment by mimolicious

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Hi all,


My fiancée (US citizen) is very concerned as we are filing for K1 and she spent a lot of the past few years in residences not on the lease, will this affect the G325a section? should she put her places of residence even though there will be no documentation to support them? Additionally, over these years her employment was sparse (a common thing in the US from what I understand) and there is a year she didn't file for tax as she lived solely off savings (trust account) and didn't work a single day. Will this be an issue too?


(also sorry if this is in the wrong forum)





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arrowhelp with a RFE
May 27, 2015, 9:52 am Last comment by mimolicious

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so last week i got a RFE the reason  in the letter was "legally be able to marry" so the background info on this is my fiancee is turning 18 at the end of July so i figured after asking the consulate if there was any problem with applying before she was 18 and they said no just apply and wait and see what usics would say 

now its under 2 months till she is 18 so this whole RFE would be invalid if i just send it back after she is 18 witch i have plenty of time as i have until August 13  in my I-129f packet i sent a signed letter saying they she will not be entering the usa until after she is 18 to comply with legal requirements but it seams they poeple over in CSC cant read the whole packet though before sending a RFE i have called usics they said they could not help me on the phone to go into the local office and have an talk with them so i have set up an time with them to go talk to a case officer this friday  any input on this would be helpful any questions just ask and my timeline is all correct 

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arrownoa2 received
May 25, 2015, 11:12 pm Last comment by YouAndMeForever
Michelle and Dan

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hi everyone

we are so excited to get our noa2 notice,after checking our online status multiple times a day and seeing the same 'please correct errors...blah,blah

I decided to check one more time Friday night 8pm pacific time,it finally said something case was approved may 22nd...

we were so happy and I know couples are waiting for longer than our 39 days and I wish you all a fast approval date,

:goofy:  we are so blessed to have got csc

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arrowQuestions after entering on IR1 visa
May 25, 2015, 3:16 pm Last comment by NLR

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My husband was approved for the IR1 visa on April 21. He will enter the USA on June 2.

We don't have plans to travel out of the USA, but are there any rules if we need to travel overseas? As in, does he need a return visa/permit, do we let immigration know? Or can he just enter and leave freely?

Also, I know he has 3 years as a resident until he is able to apply for citizenship. When can we apply? 3 years from the visa approval date, or 3 years from when he arrives?


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