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arrowWaiting for Interview Date
February 1, 2015, 2:51 pm Last comment by Hawkeye

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Hey Guys,

How long is it usually before you get something in the mail about the interview date?

I've been waiting 5 weeks since biometrics.




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arrowAustralian in Singapore with US "missionary" wife - can I use I-130->IR1->IN-319B to expedite US Citizenship?
February 1, 2015, 2:57 am Last comment by Hypnos

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My wife of 7 years works for a bonafide US mission organisation in Singapore - we are trying to determine if she is actually a 'missionary' (note - she is paid about 50% of what she should be as it's a mission group so we believe she is effectively a missonary but we are checking on whether we can get written proof). We are looking at options for me to quickly obtain US LPR/citizenship for the following reasons: I'm 50 and I want to pay into the US SS for 40 quarters as I have a snowballs chance of getting an OAP in Australia thanks to the new 35 year residency and secondly I may lose my job this due to the oil price collapse. HOWEVER the trap is I don't want to LEAVE my well paid job in Singapore for the 3 years residency in the USA to get LPR / USC (IF I lose my job - well all bets are off - I understand that with only a Green Card [LPR] I can't really work in Singapore fulltime as I risk losing the LPR).


As I understand the process I should;

1. File I-130 ASAP via Chicago lock box (any chance as all of a DCF - seems very hard to do now?).

2. Obtain a IR1 immigrants visa in <15 months hopefully (We should be able to avoid the CR1 AFAIK).   

3. Travel to the US and apply immediately for a IN-319B with supporting paperwork. I believe I can leave while the paper work is being processed and return for the swearing in later.

4. My current employer is a US listed company - once I'm a US citizen they need to then start paying SS contributions and I'd need to file with IRS - pay tax in the USA (separate discussion really).

Does anyone see any points  or stumbling blocks I've missed?

FYI 1. My wife owns a house (i.e. domicile in the USA) but has not lived in the USA for 15 years - always filed taxes tho and we have the wherewithal for her to sponsor me no issues. 2. We married in Australia - all paperwork is in English thank God. 3. We have an adopted daughter who we successfully put through the N-600K visa / citizenship route last year.

This website and the immigration subreddit has been very helpful but there's not much on there about the 319B. See this to understand it and why it applies to me;

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arrowEmployment Card + SSN Question
January 30, 2015, 4:25 pm Last comment by Emmaj

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Hello everyone!


Today (Jan 30th) I received an email saying my temporary employment card (Form I-765) is coming in the mail (YAY!!!). Approximately how long will it take to arrive, if anyone knows?


Also, am I eligible to apply for a SSN with it or do I need to wait for my green card? I am looking into filing a form W7 for joint taxes but if I can get a SSN with the work employment card that would be much better.


Thanks in advance!

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arrowFiance Requirements - Non-US citizen
January 30, 2015, 12:10 am Last comment by Owen_London

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Hi All,


(apologies if in the wrong section)


In a nut-shell (some background), I assume my firm (professional services) will be the sponsor - hence why I think I will be on a work visa - unless someone can point me to a better direction of entry. I am Chartered Accountant here in Aus - so I do tick a category that is not going to get bounced (or so I understand).


I am looking to do a secondment/permanent placement with my work on the East Coast at the end of the year (Australia to US)


I hear the US does not recognise de-facto relationships, which is driving my query:


Can someone confirm the that if I was to make my partner my fiance prior to application, will she be allowed to enter with me? can someone point me to the forms that are likely to be completed so that I can look at the pre-requisites? And if anyone can through an estimate of costs associated, that would be great too.


The Aus-US embassy site was just confusing to trawl though, and I am sure there are ample folk that have entered the US for work reasons and probably faced the same issues.





Appreciate all the help and advice in advance.




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arrowConfusion over I-130 payment from Australia
January 29, 2015, 10:31 pm Last comment by Lainie B

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I am all ready to send off my I-130 package, just need to handle the payment situation. I understand that the USCIS instructions say a check from a US bank is required if paying by check. But that seems a little odd given the applicants aren't always IN the US.


My wife is from California and has a bank account there with Wells Fargo. We both live in Sydney and have done for about 6 years so she doesn't have her check book. According to this thread I would either have to have my wifes checkbook posted out to use here and write a check, or send our package to my mother in law in California and have her write a check and attach it to our package for us.


But, according to this thread it's possible to get an "international bank draft" from an Aussie bank and use that instead.


Given that ym wife has a US bank account, is there a third option of direct transfer or similar?


Can anyone help me out and give some guidance on this? I am happy to use the first option of a US bank check, but that would delay my application for a while due to playing mail tag. Also happy to do some kind of transfer from a US bank account. The Aussie bank thing seems a quicker option but I'm a little dubious and would like more info or confirmation that it is accepted by USCIS.



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