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arrowDV2017 need some unclear questions answered please!!
December 6, 2016, 6:31 pm Last comment by Hdiesel4

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Hi guys,

So i have been driving myself insane since 2015, registering for the DV Lottery, waiting for acceptance email (Yay finally), submitting application and then waiting once again, got the scheduled interview at the Sydney Consulate and sh** just got real and exciting !!! Anyhow so Iv been researching and researching and I just wanted some questions cleared up if possible ?

I have checked on the forum and some questions still leaving me crazily sleepless! If you find that these questions have been answered then please don't hesitate to direct me in the right direction/link (or you can just answer :p )

I do appreciate everybody and will thank whoever can help ease my mind in advance !!! So thank you!!

Okay here goes:

1. Regarding The Police Check do i have to get a full finger print police check with the AFP or is Name Check Only acceptable? (I just received my name check and all is good but then I read an article with someone's experience and they mentioned they had taken a finger print police check and I was like FML why didn't I read this BEFORE I applied for a standard name check only...)

2. I don't need to apply for a Re-Entry permit if I don't plan on leaving the US for longer then 6 months once going to the US to "claim/activate" my green card within the 6 months of my interview/medical exam, correct?
( For example:
Interview Jan (fingers crossed get the visa)
Fly to US in June/July
Organise Social Security Number, bank account and maybe even apply for some jobs
Now obviously depending on how long everything takes to get all that completed and if I get a job offer
I will just stay there and woot woot can say I moved to the US
But if no job offer isn't at present I'll head back home to Australia and work on finances and plan to Make official move for Jan 2018!)

Okay they are really just my main concerns for now !
Thanks again for taking the time to read and answer!!

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arrowDo I need to carry my duplicate petition to the POE? Is it worth keeping?
December 5, 2016, 7:28 am Last comment by Dee elle

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Had my interview in Sydney last week and was approved, received my passport and visa documents today. I leave in 2 weeks.


Do I need to carry the duplicate petition + interview documents with me? Should I keep them?

I would be putting them in my checked luggage.


They take up a lot of space and are ridiculously heavy, and my suitcases are already about to explode. There's two folders of paperwork from both the initial petition and then my interview documents.

I could always mail them but that's extra money and I don't trust Australia Post all too much, but I know that I could use something like DHL if necessary.



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arrowPolice check won't arrive before interview
December 5, 2016, 2:54 am Last comment by MickAmy

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Howdy y'all! Happy to report major progress has been made- we've gotten our interview date, medical's done, everything! Only problem is, my fiancee went on holiday before submitting her police report (sadly I was too preoccupied with holiday overtime at work to remember!), and now it won't get processed in time for her to take it to the interview. Does anyone know if this will be an issue, or do we have nothing to worry about? Will we be able to just send it in later, or should we attempt to reschedule the interview? (Hopefully not, I literally JUST bought her plane tickets...)


Thanks in advance! We have no idea what kinds of delays to expect from this hiccup. If anyone has an inkling of what to expect, I'd love to hear from you.


Also side note: this process sucks. Major kudos to the people who have successfully navigated this frickin' mine field! : P




On the bright side, she did catch the bouquet at her friend's wedding yesterday, so hopefully that bodes well. Lol!

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arrowChanging from J-1 to marriage green card
December 4, 2016, 12:52 pm Last comment by rianna.armo

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Does anyone know how long this process would take? I'm currently here on a J1 visa and am not subject to a two year home stay! I'm looking at getting married next year and starting a new job in July.

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arrowAP Processing so frustrated!
December 2, 2016, 11:02 pm Last comment by DaveSana

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A little bit of our history. I met my husband online thru Facebook a mutual friend tagged him in his picture and I liked his picture. We started talking online in October of 2014 and soon after became very closer thru messaging and FaceTime. Then in December he asked me to marry him I of course said yes! In Feb he introduced me to his family. In April I filed for a notice of intent to marry for Australia. Traveled to Australia got married in July 2015. Came back home and filed for him to come 7 months later in January of this year. We have went through all of the process he has had his first interview on October 18 of this year. He was given the white paper 221g and was just asked to provide the co sponsors w-2 and chats emails and phone records. We sent them. Then they asked for an interview on the phone with myself I had that, then they asked for another interview with my husband on the phone he had that. We haven't heard anything from any one. It seems they wait for approximately about a month to tell us they need something additional form us. He is an Indian native and in Australia on a student visa. What could possibly be taking soo long? I'm soo ready for my husband to be here

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