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Which Visa
11:11 pm


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Hi guys I'm new on here and beginning the process of looking at Visa's and feeling overwhelmed. My boyfriend lives in Georgia and I'm moving over end of August. He's proposing to me when I get over there and plan to marry there as well. Can someone help me understand our best visa option?

Ive also entered the Greencard Lottery so I'm praying for that.

Thanks so much! :)

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I have no income, will the K-1 petition be denied?
10:57 pm


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I have everything ready to send in the petition for a fiance visa for my fiance in Australia. Filling out the g-325a form I'm getting scared it will be denied. I currently do not have an income and living with my parents. Would my father who I financially depend on now be able to be a sponsor? (His income is about $40,000) My fiance has a very good job fixing cars, so can his income be considered to say that he can support himself here?

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Can I mail my N400 application while I am on vacation abroad?
7:17 pm


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I am eligible for early filing on June 6 (GC granted Sep 4 2014, based on marriage to US citizen). I will be on vacation from May 20 until June 13.

It might be a bit cheeky, but is there any legal problem with having my husband post the N400 packet on June 6? Based on previous experience, they won't receive it until June 7, and it is very unlikely my biometrics would be scheduled for that same week.


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Help! Infopass out of state for I-551?
4:21 pm


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We're in the midst of buying a house and the mortgage company will not give us a mortgage without "6 months validity" on the green card. We have the extension letter which extends him until June 20, 2017. We don't want to lose the house and the Boston field office doesn't have appointments until May 10 ? We really need an appointment for a I-551 stamp ASAP. New Hampshire has an appointment on May 2. Do you think they will stamp it??? Anyone with experience with this?

Thanks in advance!

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Wrong Information at Data Summary Page after the Interview
2:16 am


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Hello fellow VJs.

This is the first time I am posting a question about my immigration visa. I had received my immigrant visa couple of weeks back . The information on the visa itself was all correct. But in 'Immigrant Data Summary' sheet that came on top of my IV package had some mistakes in it. All of my personal information is fine but in my father's name, alias name and occupation category they have written someone elses name, wrong occupation. They have also written final address in the US that is also not valid. I am confused how the embassy can make such an error. I had called them twice and both times they told me to write an email to Sydney Consulate office about the issue. I haven't got any response even after 2 weeks. So a bit worried as I am planning to travel soon but can't do that unless the issue is resolved.

If someone knows what to do in this case will be helpful and will be appreciated.


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