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arrowK1 Visa initial package question
October 22, 2014, 1:47 pm Last comment by jsowter

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Sorry that this is long!


So my fiancee and I sent our package off today and of course now I'm worried that we messed something up!


We sent in all the necessary forms, his birth certificate, letters stating that we were intending to marry, the passport photos etc, but what I'm worried about is the evidence that we met in person. 

We were both living in Atlanta for 1 year at the same time and we have evidence of that with the address on my visa forms that I sent in and his address there. I then moved to New York for 6 months and we had lots of trips to see each other in that time and I have been staying with him for the past month until I go home on Friday  :cry:


We didn't have any boarding passes to send along for evidence because most of the time we used the boarding passes on our phone and going way back to when I first came to america I didn't think I had a reason to keep my boarding pass!


So, we sent in the printed off receipt with itinerary that the airline emails you, along with the emailed confirmation from any hotels we stayed at, along with photos of us in each place. Also sometimes I would catch the bus or train to see him and I sent the email receipt and itinerary of that too. 

I also sent in a photocopy of my visa in my passport along with the page with my entry stamp and form I-94 from march 2013. I also included a signed letter from my mother stating that she knows about the relationship and all copies of my J1 visa forms which have the address of where I lived in Atlanta and New York (I have 3)

I also included my most recent flight confirmation email/receipt to Atlanta and put a post-it note saying that we drove up to Nashville together from Atlanta and then I included my email flight details of my flight home from Nashville (where he lives now) to Sydney.
I also included his flight confirmation email/receipt/itinerary for his flight to Australia in December. Plus a few other photos of us together.


Do you think this is enough??  :unsure:





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arrowhow can she hurt me more?
October 21, 2014, 5:45 pm Last comment by bloomfield

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hi all VJ readers,,,im divorced for one month now after being married for more than 2 years,,came to us 11 months ago ,,got my GC  one month after ,of course conditional,, went to lawyer who said i can file for waiver to ROC ,,NOW my ex is threatening me of reporting the divorce to uscis,,will that affect my case in ROC? as they may start to remove me out of the country before i file waiver ? my lawyer seems to be not in hurry to file waiver ,he even sent me to family therapist to assess if i worked on this marriage ?????????

has any one of you did or heard about that in ROC WAIVER?


does it make any difference that my ex said in divorce paper that we stopped to live together 7 months ago which is 4 months after my entry to us .

the lawyer says its short period ,,we were living together till last month .i have proofs of that


plz help ,,im out for work now will delay in filing the ROC waiver will cause me troubles?


what if she sent

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arrowK-1 vs K-3?
October 19, 2014, 2:56 am Last comment by Ian H.

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Come someone explain to me basically what the exact difference between these are?

I understand the K-1 is for a non-wed couple that wants permission to get married, and the k-3 is for an already married couple.


I basically want to know, why don't we just get married and then get a k-3 rather than do the k-1 and have to wait?


Thank you.

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arrowI-864 question
October 18, 2014, 9:06 pm Last comment by Merrytooth

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Hi Guys,


I have a question regarding the I-864. I was hoping you could help me with answers. To begin, my situation is that I'm a geotech engineer from Australia, my wife (who is american) and baby are in the states and I'm trying to emigrate over there with a K3 visa. My problem is with the I-864. We only have about 10 grand in cash and maybe another 5 grand in assets. I've been working at my company here in Australia for the last 3 years while my wife hasn't worked in the last 2 years (full time mom).


I'm assuming that my wife wouldn't be able to meet the guidelines for the I-864 as a single sponsor (zero salary) so we're hoping to use her brother in law and sister as independent sponsors. I'm just wondering - for the household sizes set by the guidelines, they have 4 kids and my family is 3, does that mean we need to meet the minimum for 7 (their household of 4 and my household of 3) or would it be 5? (their household of 4 and me). 


Alternatively, do you guys see any feasible options for my family to qualify without having to use my extended family as sponsors? I have a history of working, have a ABET accredited STEM degree and we have the 15k in assets/cash. Surely that should mean something in itself?


Anyway thanks for taking the time to read through this guys!

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arrowHelp! Does anyone know where to get international passport photos done in Boston?
October 16, 2014, 9:06 pm Last comment by Narikta

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Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this question. My passport recently expired and I wanted to get it renewed as we have a trip planned back home to visit. When I was living in Utah, I was able to get Australian sized passport photos done at CVS, Walgreens and Walmart. But I've been calling around for a week and no one in the Boston area seems to do them, including those places.  Does anyone know of a place I can get them done (preferably not too expensive...)?

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