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CEAC paperwork submitted, how long till we hear back
10:00 am today


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Have just submitted all our paperwork online on CEAC tonight. Just curious about how long till we hear back and whats next? Will I receive a letter with interview and Medical or via email?

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Attending interview for CR-1 / IR-1 visa abroad
6:58 am yesterday


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I am in the process of my CR-1 / IR-1 visa application and am hoping to do some travelling before entering the US with my husband. I'm Australian and am currently living her in Australia, but does anyone know if it's possible to attend the interview for my visa at a foreign consulate? I don't want to have to wait around here for my interview if I can avoid but can't find any information on whether or not it's okay to do spouse interviews in a country other than your own. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Age of children
12:29 am yesterday


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My children are currently aged 15,13,12 and 10 my question is ........ do their ages freeze at the age I file for CR-1 ?

My partner and I plan on getting married when I head over to the State this September and start the process, so my eldest will be 16 by then.

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San Fernando Valley Field Office Missing
7:59 pm yesterday


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I am a San Fernando Valley field office filer (Sep 2017) with a pending I-485 and would love for it to be included in the AOS stats list. It is separate to the LA County field office. Please list it! Thank you!



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What Photographs do I add to CEAC?
10:11 am yesterday


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Hey everyone,

I'm currently at the NVC stage of my visa and we are submitting all our documents online at CEAC. There is a tab under the civil document area that says " PHOTOGRAPHS" What photographs do we upload is this a passport photo for the green card? Or is it relationship photos

of my husband and myself? I've tried to find info but have failed? Help me ? Here is a photo of what I'm seeing.

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