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August 25, 2014, 7:02 pm Last comment by Hypnos

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Hi to every one on visa journey, I have few questions about EAD.
I came in usa on k1 visa we got married then on 5/28 we filed for AOS, I got notice that my case has been trasferes to nebraska, on 7/7 did my biometric.i realise I forgot to submit tax trascript with afidative of suport, I thought I will get RFE
For got sending tax transcript but since my biometric done didn't get any update for my case,
No RFE.most people get Rfe just before the biometric right
So my question is if I will get RFE after the 90 days of filing will I have to wait another 90 days for my case to be procesed?
Its been already 85 days since filing
Is any body who file for AOS on jun 2 still waiting for their EAD? and they been transfered to nebraska.

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August 24, 2014, 6:07 pm Last comment by Are we there yet?

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Hi to every one on visajourney
I hope I will get some answers from the members
Here is my question
I came in usa on k1 visa we got married in april
We filed for AOS on 5/28 pack was received in 6/2
after that I did biometric on 7/7 since then haven't heard any think even I realise I didn't tax transcript
So my its been more then 80 days srill no RFE for tax transcript and no update for my case for I765 and i485 the last update was on 6/5 still no EAD my case was tranfered to nebrask so my case start with MSC

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arrowmy visa was approved§§
August 22, 2014, 5:10 am Last comment by Ontarkie
linda asher

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thx all member VJ for my help!

yesterday i had my interview in ambassy of algiers and OFFICE CONSULAR say to me few quetions about my husbund after she says CONGRATULATIONS:after one week you can get your passport:


THX GOD HAMDOLLILAH. :idea:  :joy:  :joy:

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arrowOut of f1 status getting married
August 20, 2014, 1:05 am Last comment by belinda63

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Hi iam sorry i ve read so many comments iam still confused , here is my situation , i came to new york august 12 2013 holding a tourist visa than after 6 months i applied for a change of status to f1 status , it was approved .so currently iam on f1 status , iam going to get married in march 2015, the issue for me is that i decided stop going to school in september My classes will finish at this month , i dont want to pay for another classes knowing they gave recetly a new i20 valid for one year , so i decided to stop school cause i want to save money for my wedding .the main kestion is will it be a problem when i ll apply for immigration for adjustement my status and obviously until march my english school will report me to immigration services before march , thank u rhank u for ur answers

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arrowAP for Missing Documents - Algeria
August 19, 2014, 9:40 am Last comment by agbcha

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Hello all, 


My husband had his interview in Algiers last week, which I attended. The biggest red flag in our case is that he had previously lived undocumented in Greece and France (where we met.) We were able to provide a PCC for France, but not for Greece, despite all our efforts to obtain one.The CO seemed to have made up her mind about my husband before the interview even started. When he chose to do his interview in French, she began interrogating him about what language we speak in, not believing that I speak French. The next question was about his undocumented travels and why he hadn't provided the Greek PCC. She kept interrupting him when he tried to answer, so finally he asked if I could come explain, since I had done the paperwork. She was a bit sarcastic, saying "you didn't help your wife with the paperwork? You don't have confidence in your file?" And when I came up, she said "you apparently seem to know more about his travels than he does." 


Granted, she was far nicer to me than she was to him. I talked at length about all the attempts we had made to get the PCC. She said she would have to do some research into the laws, because it would be hard to get around a required PCC. She asked me to sit down while she continued the interview -- she was less than impressed that we got married in a matter of months, and that we moved to Algeria the day after our wedding. 


At the end of the interview, she gave him the letter with the 221(g) case pending action, requesting a new Algerian PCC and a copy of his prior passport with European travel. (She had flipped through every page of his new passport, looking for stamps.) I hung around to talk to her one last time. I told her that his old passport had a Turkish visa and that was it. She said that that was a good thing, and that she was just trying to think of things that would help us out. She also said that PCC's were a very basic requirement, and that people had been able to get them from Russia, Vietnam, etc. So I asked her to consider than my husband was never a legal resident of Greece, was never in court, was never convicted, was never deported, and obviously wasn't a citizen, which makes it highly unlikely that he has a record there. She seemed to hear me out. 


We submitted the missing documents yesterday. She said that the timeframe for processing them would depend on the embassy's caseload. Now, I'm wondering how long we'll be in AP... a week? Six months? Longer?


I would greatly appreciate some advice. 

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