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1:14 am today


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How long does it take for a case to go from transit to ready????

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11:10 pm today


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So my fianc sent in his ds 160 and I have sent in my money order so he can schedule his interview but I just wanted to know HOW LONG it will take for our case to be in transit? we got the case and invoice number on JAN 12.

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6:29 am today


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Hello everybody

I just received my EAD after applying for an Adjustment Of Status

And it's says on the bottom of my card NOT VALID FOR REENTRY TO U.S

A friend of me received his EAD a couple weeks a go and it's say IT'S SERVES AS ADVANCE PAROLE, we filled exactly the same applications and same process

Can anybody tell me why it happens to me and if it is a sign of something ?!

Thank you in advance

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DS 160
11:27 pm today


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so I my fianc has finished his ds160 and submitted it, he's waiting to go to the doctor for his medical exam,I have sent in my money and waiting to hear back so I can continue and fill out affidavit of support and my ds 261, have I missed anything and to anyone who has already gone through this process is there anything I've missed or should be doing as well? thank you for any help

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AOS after being unemployed
3:00 am today

Habibati & Habibi

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Hello Vjs

I hope everybody is doing fine,

I would like to inquire about AOS procedures and the necessary documents to be sent along with the application for AOS.

my wife been unemployed for a while and now she found a job with a good pay , her job can allow us to file and we above the poverty limits. Can we file now ? or do we have to wait a certain time? is it ok to file with some pay stubs or it have to be more then one month job?

another thing, can anyone clarify what documents should we include with our AOS application? yes the forum have a guide, but in the section Affidavit of Support it says Include any additional required supporting documentation ( what could be those supporting documents)

- My wife after Marriage did not change her name, is that a problem? well we could not do it for financial reasons. Now we are able and we did not do it, will it possess problem in processing our application by immigration office? is it advisable to change our name before applying? or it is ok?

please advise me and guide me through this process, I really appreciate your help.

thank you

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