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arrowSkype log for K-1 Visa
May 4, 2016, 7:42 am Last comment by redone1

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Hi guys!!

me and my fiancée we are in the process of preparing our K-1 petition and we are at the stage of gathering evidence of meeting and ongoing relationship.

my question is about our Skype chat logs ... it is not practical to get the 1 year history and screen shot random conversations since it so painful and the Skype keep freezing to bring the old data... so want to know if anyone did try to use a third-parity software like "SkypeLogView" from http://www.nirsoft.n...e_log_view.html.

is it easier and reliable proof for our petition ??

thank you !!

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arrowNeed information
April 8, 2016, 6:44 pm Last comment by Thesmiths2016

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Hello everyone
Today i recieved message from USCIS telling me that my case has been sent to nebraska service center
Please did anyone had his case treated by this center ? Is it good center or hard one ? N how long does it take to be treated?
Thank you

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arrowdifferent names in GC and SSN
April 4, 2016, 9:06 pm Last comment by Imenebouzi

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Hi everyone,
I just got my Green Card and I was really happy after all what we passed through !! but when I verified my informations,I found that they have written my maiden name instead of my husband's name it's really weird since I applied as married !! Today I went to the SSN office and asked them to write my husband's name, it wasn't a problem they just asked me to provide them my mariage certificate, so they can check with USCIS and mail it to me in 4 weeks !!
My question is : Is there any problem to have The GC and SSN in two different names?? would I have some issues in the future ?? because I already contact the USCIS and they told me it's ok but you can replace your GC but it takes a long time, and I have to work and travel !!
Any reply would be much appreciated
thank you 

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arrowK1 expedite? Does my situation qualify
April 4, 2016, 9:24 am Last comment by TabeaK

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My fiance will be forcibly sent to the army in September, his country has mandatory military service.

If that happens I won't see him for years, he might die since they send them to terrorist-infested areas, and it will ruin our plans either way.

Is this considered an emergency situation to apply for expedited visa processing?

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arrowi have qustuion....
April 1, 2016, 8:08 pm Last comment by Ryan H

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hello , well i am new here , my english not very good , well my wife she did send i-130 in feb 29 , and the give her number  so evrytime i chake in the site  uscis the tell me my  Case Was Received my qustion ist how much ist take for the respond?



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