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arrowmove to canada
October 22, 2014, 7:10 am Last comment by TBoneTX

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Does any one no if I can move and live in canada.If with two year greed card?

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arrowshould i submit a new I-129F and how to make an appointment at the u.s. embassy in algiers?
October 17, 2014, 2:21 am Last comment by limitedition

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ok, so here's the situation:


we sent in the petition/application for a k-1 visa in early 2012.  we got as far as the NOA2 and from what we understood, the petition/application package was sent to the embassy overseas (my fiance is algerian so they sent it to algeria).  they were supposed to contact him regarding completing his portion of the process (having the medical exam, submitting his documents, etc.) but he never heard from them.  no phone call.  no letter in the mail.  no email.  nothing.  they didn't send me anything either.  when we contacted USCIS they said to wait and from what we read online from other people's experiences, we thought that it was normal for them to take such a long time.  we eventually gave up on the k-1.


my fiance and i considered the option of me moving to algeria but we've been forced to revisit the k-1 visa.  we wanted to find out what went wrong with the first petition/application before submitting a new one so that we don't make the same mistakes the second time around.  we started by calling USCIS.  well, after calling USCIS, the rep told me to contact the u.s. embassy in algiers and ask them for an extension of the petition.  she told me that i shouldn't submit a new application because the other one was still pending at the embassy.  i was also told to contact the NVC to see what happened and why we weren't contacted.  the NVC phone number is almost ALWAYS busy!!  lol.  so while waiting to get through to them i looked up contact information for the embassy and learned that there's no telephone number to contact them with questions regarding visas.  instead, i sent them an email with our information, explaining what happened and i asked them to confirm whether they contacted my fiance or what the process is when they receive the package from USCIS/NVC.  when i eventually got through to the NVC, they told me what USCIS already told me, that the petition was forwarded to the embassy in algiers and to contact the embassy.


so while waiting for an email response from the embassy, i started to fill out another application and noticed that the G-325a form asked for an alien number and i was initially going to write "none" but i contacted the USCIS to see if they could give me that information.  the rep i spoke to said to set up an appointment with "info pass" (i.e., my local USCIS office) and that the person at the appointment would be able to give me the alien number.  so i listened to her, set up the appointment and it ended up being a complete waste of time.  the agent/officer that i spoke to was unprofessional.  the real issue i had was that she told me that she couldn't disclose the alien number to me, that my fiance would have to go to the u.s. embassy in algiers and get his alien number from them.  she told me to have him "call" the state department but i told her that there's no number for the embassy.  the only local algerian number is for american citizens to call in cases of emergency.  there's no number to call with questions about visas.  she insisted on me "calling the number" on a paper she gave me with the NVC's number (i already called them) and another number for NON-immigrant visas.  i asked her to point out the embassy's number on the paper and after actually looking at it, she realized that there wasn't one.  all she said was that my fiance had to go to the embassy and basically no one here in the u.s. (USCIS and NVC) could help me.  it was all up to the embassy overseas.  i contacted USCIS and asked why i was told that the info pass appointment would result in me obtaining my fiance's alien number and the rep stated she didn't know why the previous rep i spoke to would say that and she confirmed that the people at info pass/USCIS can't give out that information.  she also told me to contact the embassy and that i shouldn't submit a new application despite the previous petition/application expiring.


now, each time i've told USCIS that i just wanted to submit a new petition/application, they tell me to contact the u.s. embassy in algiers to see what happened and what to do but in the same breath, i'm told that i can't request an extension for the approved petition because it's been so long.  so what's the point of contacting the embassy if the petition is dead?


after all of that, these are my actual questions:


1. is it worth it to contact the u.s. embassy in algiers or should i just send in a new application (it's been more than 2 years)?


2. if my fiance does want to speak to someone at the embassy in algiers, how does he go about that?  again, there's no telephone number to set up an appointment or an online process.  can he just show up at the embassy and ask to speak to someone?


3. has anyone ever submitted a second I-129F for the same person?


i wanted to find out the alien number because i don't want the USCIS or embassy to issue another number for the same person and then use that as an excuse for why they don't approve the second petition.  i'm not sure if two alien numbers for one person would result in red flags for USCIS or the embassy.  i just want to avoid any possible issues.


any help would be GRATELY appreciated.


p.s. i don't have any of the NOAs available (lost them in a move)

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arrow"Potential Interview Waiver" Notice for I-485 Application
October 16, 2014, 9:44 pm Last comment by nobbie

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Our application has been accepted on April 3.

We have received the Notice of "Potential Interview Waiver" dated July 10, so it's been 3 months and 10 days already. The letter says it can take 6 months before we receive an answer about our case.


How long did you have to wait after receiving the Notice of Potential Interview Waiver before you got an approval? 

Did you have an Interview? We are trying to get an idea about what to expect. Any response will be appreciated. 

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arrowApply for Diversity Visa Lotto while waiting for CR1 to process?
October 2, 2014, 12:22 pm Last comment by Nkkystel

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Can a person apply for the Diversity Visa Lottery even though they've also applied for a CR1? We received our NOA1 on September 8 of this year.


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arrowFederal income tax returns and IRS ? I need help ? 2013
September 28, 2014, 4:45 pm Last comment by CoolGirl

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i have 4 month in the nvc i'm so crazy :cry:


i get this message in checklist ??



[x] A written statement indicating why you did not file ___________2013________________________ Federal income
tax returns.
[x] __2013_________________________________ Federal income tax returns, IRS printout, or Letter 1722 issued by
the IRS.



some one help me and how i can do this document ?


i need explain plz ??

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