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arrow864 I , Co Sponsor and HouseHoldes Size is is varying !!
July 23, 2014, 11:38 pm Last comment by KayDeeCee

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Hey there , i want to know something about the 864 I and co sponsoring , If we use a co Sponsor 
this co sponsor would have to make enough for himself and his household size and the foreign ?  
OR Himself and his household size and the foreign and me ( petionner ) and my childs ?


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arrowQuitting and Starting All Over Again
July 20, 2014, 8:00 am Last comment by mirhen

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Hello everyone.  


I have been reading VJ forums for a long time now.  It was the only way I could submit my K-1 application without a lawyer.


We submitted in March.   The last time my fiance and I saw each other, our hearts were beyond broken to leave each other again.

That was in February.  Now it is almost the end of July, and our visa application has barely moved.  Every time I check the timelines

for Texas, I see that nothing has progressed at all.


Like everybody here, my loved one and I are missing each other so much.  But we talked last night and we both agreed that the wait 

and uncertainty are killing us.  In my case, I have to say honestly that it is making me depressed.


So he proposed to me that he go to France.  He was born in Belgium but lost his citizenship because his family moved out of the country

when he was 13 and in those days Belgium did not allow dual citizenship.  But he is eligible to get his citizenship back, and his grandparents still

live there.  However, he prefers France to work, he said.   


He want to go to France, get a little settled, and then have me join him there.  


I feel bad that we invested time and money in the  K-1 visa and already wasted so many months of our lives with waiting and no progress.  

If I go to France, I guess we will have to cancel the K-1 application and start again with a whole new type of visa.   I still want us to come back

to the US, because my parents are here and they are aging.


If I go to France, he will be the one supporting us financially,  Maybe I'll get a job if I can manage to do it, but I don't even speak good French.  

He is fluent, since he grew up in Belgium, and he's familiar with European life. 


Am I still going to prove I can support him in USA if we apply for another type of visa later?  How can I do that if I have not been working in USA....what do other couples do who are living abroad.   


Thank you for support.  I never knew or could have imagined how awful it is to have this separation for so long.  I know many of you are in the same situation.  I am only staying in US because of my family, especially my parents.   I don't like to leave them.  For myself, I don't care where I live, but I always had a rough relationship with my parents and now I want to be there for them when they are older.  I can't bear to leave them now after all the did for me.

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arrowquick question
July 13, 2014, 6:40 pm Last comment by nabil451

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hello guys
i got a RFE 17th june , requested for G325A beneficiary , we responded on 6th july and we sent it using regular mail.
how long the regular mail take usually from NC to VERMONT ?
and how much time they need to review the RFE?
thanks in advance

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arrowAlgeria - Flight Costs, How to exchange Dinar to Euros, Problems, Help.
July 8, 2014, 4:17 pm Last comment by Ovvo
Cindy and Oualid

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My husband is picking his visa up in Algiers tomorrow.  I will pay the entry fee online.  He wants to get his ticket in Algiers because he has no way to purchase a ticket online.  


After looking at prices online (a ticket through Lufthansa is 1600 USD online, but 245,000 Alg. Dinar, or over $3000.00 USD from the Lufthansa agency, as reported on their website.  


has anyone else had any luck getting an affordable ticket (around $1500 or $1500 USD) in person in Algiers?  If so, what company did you fly with?  


Also - how much cash can he take out of the country?  Can he convert Dinar to Euros before he leaves?  If so, where can he do this?  

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arrowi had my interview today.... No Visa cause only 3k difference
July 7, 2014, 2:07 pm Last comment by Dave&Roza

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Hello , I want to share with You this , I had my interview today , everything was Okay , Exept One thing , My fiance does not make enough , she makes about 15 k / years , so we had to use her father as co sponsor , so after all what i did read here on Visajourney , The Co Sponsor just need to make enough for himself , his family and for the foreigne fiance , my fiance's dad make 33 k / years , he is just married , So i thought it would be enough for him , his wife , and me ! but what a bad surprise at the embassy , They told me that everything is Fine but the co sponsor needs to make for 6 if he is single, and for 7 if he is married , cause they count even my fiance and her 3 childs even if her childs live with their dad , so i didn't get my visa cause 3 k / years , 250 dollars per month , Unlucky :crying: they did ask me for another co sponsor who makes enough for me , my fiance ,and her childs ,but they didn't require that the co Sponsor would be a family member as i did read here  it would be  Anyone , So i have nothing to lose , if anyone can help me he could just send me a PV , Thank you

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