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Administration process
2:46 pm today


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Hi Im going throught AP cr1 vida for no missing documents ..my wife will be visiting me in 8 days we are thinking abt going to the embassy so she can go in and first to ask the CO abt our case and second to be as a proof tht she is here visisiting me

Wht you think please is this a good or bad idea to do ????

Help plz

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I 485
12:29 am today


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Hi I'm having trouble finding what to tick on form I 485 it doesn't seem to have anything for adjusting status from visitor visa after marriage

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I 134 and proof of income
12:22 am today


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I have recently filed the I 129f and have received the NOA1. I am trying to get the paperwork ready for the I 134 (I am visiting my fiance next week in Algeria). My question is.....my 2015 tax return says I meet the 125% but just by $500....but that is my salary I receive and report on my personal tax return (I own my own business and take a salary) But......through a family trust I actually receive an additional $15000 a year in rent. That $15000 is not recorded on my personal tax return since the taxes are paid through the trust. My question is....do I list the additional income on the 134 and if so.....where? And what documentation do I need to provide? Thank you for all of your help!

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is being someone sponsor prevents you from getting finacial aid ?
8:38 pm today


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hi guys , I'm sorry I didn't

find the right place to post this .

my problem is that my friend want afford me the affidavit of support 134 form but he's afraid if he does he will not get the finacial aid , did anyone of you guys had a similar exprience ?

did anyone of you was someone sponsor an he got the finacial aid normally !!!!

thank you

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AP question plz, Algeria (merged)
1:18 pm today


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Hello every one..i had my innterview 2 days ago but the counsular agent gave me the g221 for AP and she said she need time to review my documents while she didnt ask for any missing documents

Please if anyone had same issue then let me know especialy algeria embassy

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