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arrowHow long for Issued passport to go from 'no status' to 'origination scan' to 'ready for pick up'?
January 18, 2017, 2:24 pm Last comment by khtak716

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Hi All,

Can anyone tell me how long your wait was from when the CEAC site showed your visa as ISSUED to ustraveldocs showing the passport status as 'origination scan' then 'ready to pick up'?

From the site for Algeria: http://www.ustraveldocs.com/dz/dz-niv-passporttrack.asp, it says:

"If your status shows "origination scan", it means your passport has left the U.S. Embassy and is transit to the delivery location you have chosen. It is however not available yet. Only when the status shows "ready for pick up", it means you can go to the VFS Global Document Collection Center you have chosen to pick up your passport."

Our CEAC went to ISSUED on 1/12/17. But as of today 1/18/17, there is no status update for the passport (meaning the embassy has not delivered it to the courier). The courier's office is now closed for the day, so basically we are going into the 7th day, after issuance, without a passport status update. My fiance chose to pick up the passport in Algiers, so the courier doesn't even have to deliver it.

We just want to know if can happen this way, that the embassy sits on an issued passport for a week before event sending it to the courier.

Thank you!

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arrowI-751 to be or not to be
January 16, 2017, 1:03 pm Last comment by Ryan H

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Hello all,

My husband and I have been married since 04/18/14 but separated after a year. Why? Just I (petitioner) couldn't deal with a lot of things and kicked him out of the house. He moved in with friends, got a car, kept working and has been doing good for himself. We talk as friends and have met on occasions as husband and wife. The fact is I am human and I have feelings no matter what the situation is. We both help each other when needed. We still have cross words and we still argue. Recently he moved back in with me but is staying in another room as he is getting ready to leave to go back home for 2 months. His temp card is expired in April. Legally we are still married, but he has been served with divorce papers. We need to file his I-751. Although we are in divorce proceedings, we are still married. I have no problem helping him out cause no matter what there is still some love between us even thru the issues. My divorce should be finalized in July or August. We entered this marriage in good faith and we are still there for one another, but as a married couple we kinda suck at it. There is no hard feelings between us and even after we divorce if either needs help we got each other covered.

So I am helping him fill out the I-751 and the question is joint filing or individual filing and AGAIN we are still legally married but I dont want to have any issues for him. Im thinking and tell me if I am correct but he should file as an individual? And also keep in mind that the divorce is not being challenged and the reality is that he has not answered and I dont think he will answer and it goes into default. I am just trying to figure this out.

Perhaps the next question is what happened between us for me to kick him out. Just some things that he said often to me that ticked me off and I felt as if I was doing more than my share of responsibilities. He just never helped me in the home and took better care of his friends and family rather than his own wife and I just blew it.

So, I sure could use some advice here.

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arrowRfe experience
January 14, 2017, 4:04 pm Last comment by jolyn69

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How long does it take to receive or expect an rfe (california center)

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arrowhow long take for wife to come to USA if I only have green card
January 8, 2017, 2:49 pm Last comment by cysco2015
baby monitor

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hello ,
Im from algeria ,
and I aplied for my wife and my priorty date is 18 jil 2016 .
how long you guys think will take here to get the interview ??
I get my first approve from uscis on 31OCT .
I checked the visa journy and they still working for casses from 2015 now .
my wife visa f2a .
some ppl they told me that from algeria will be more fast ? is that right ? I mean can we get interview befor periorty dates ??
thank you so much

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arrowK1 Approved but stuck on Ready (40 days)
January 6, 2017, 7:57 pm Last comment by khtak716

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Just curious if any others out there have had or are having long wait times after getting a K1 approval at their interview (with no 221-g issued, no AP)?

My fiance had his interview on Nov 28, 2016, and he was approved; they told him that getting the visa issued on his passport would take up to 10 business days / 15 calendar days. Yes, the holidays slow things down, but the embassy in Algiers should have only been closed 2 extra days this holiday season. And we're now at 40 days post-interview, still waiting. We've checked the CEAC site under IMMIGRANT VISA with our case number, and it was touched on Dec. 22nd but still reads "READY". If we check NONIMMIGRANT VISA with the DS-160 AA#, we see No Status. The passport also isn't traceable on the ustraveldocs site, yet.

I've called the customer service number they gave us, but they just referred us to the online CEAC tracker. So I've called the NVC a few times. They say everything looks fine but that they are just busy and to wait. I was given the embassy's email address and wrote an inquiry, but we just got an auto-reply that there would be delays in getting a response due to how many emails they receive and not to re-submit questions.

I called the embassy and was told that they will not answer visa questions on the phone. I called back to the NVC and asked if there was any number I could call to get a status update, if we don't hear back soon. I kept asking for someone to contact, and the lady finally gave me a number for the Office of Inspector General. I think she just wanted to give me something so I'd stop asking, because the number she gave me is for a hotline you'd call to report "allegations regarding fraud, waste, abuse, mismanagement or misconduct affect Department of State programs and operations". I don't think we're at a point to be able to make such allegations, even as frustrated as we are by this process.

I found a Department of State number for visa inquiries, but they've updated it to require you to call the NVC for immigrant visas (which K1s actually fall under on the NVC phone line). So it's a losing battle to get any information, and we're basically having to sit and wait with no explanation and no one to answer why this is taking so long.

We see that other approved K1s who interviewed around the same time as us (or later for other embassies) have already gotten their visas. Maybe ours is just bad timing. Someone obviously touched our file on Dec 22nd. We are trying not to worry, but this situation is so stressful.

If anyone has experience with long K1 waits times after an approved interview or on any steps we can take to try to get answers, please let us know. We are praying we get good news next week. But if not, we want to find a way to get some answers, if at all possible.

Thanks for the feedback we've received via email and for anyone who can give us feedback. Good luck to everyone!!!

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