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Questions about the i130 for CR1
11:06 pm yesterday


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I am filing a new petition for my current husband i filed 2 other petitions and withdrew both of them one was back in 2006 (fiancee) another was in 2014 (spouse) the new petition wants the dates of those and i cant remember exactly its not asking for petition #s just dates. and i dont have the petition numbers any more. What should i put on my i130? And what information should i include when filing my new petition about the previous ones

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Approved by USCIS, called back 4 months later
10:42 am yesterday


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I am an American citizen, and I submitted my I-130 for my husband in July 2016, and we received our approval in January 2017. Now, nearly five months later we have just been contacted by our local embassy (I am staying in his country with him until the visa is processed) saying that USCIS had a question for us about our case. We went to the embassy the next day but unfortunately the person we needed to talk to was not there. The consul did, however take photocopies of both of our passports, my husband's finger prints, and had us hash out our entire relationship story while he typed it out. He said he would be in touch with the Department of Homeland Security so they could schedule us a longer interview in May, but he didn't know what all of this was about.

Has anyone had a similar experience? Or does anyone know why USCIS could possibly be calling us in for prints and an interview when we were approved nearly 5 months ago, and our case is with the NVC now? Any thoughts appreciated!

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What will work for us?
10:42 pm yesterday

J'adore mon alger

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My husband came here on a 2 year multiple entry visa hes been here since November, we got married February 4th in the USA . We didnt meet and decide to get married till his second time here. His Visa expired Dec 8th but his 6th month extension ends on may 12th. His Father is in the hospital and maybe the last time for him to see him (my husband still in america) his father is in algeria. He wants to leave before filing AOS. I want to know whats the best avenue for us since we havent filed anything. Would him going back and me filing I-130 and K3 the best way?. And how do i go about doing that?. Please any guidance would be greatly appriciated.

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Hardship accepted
3:18 am yesterday


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My fiance and I filed a k1 in February.

We used extreme hardship for not meeting due to my health. We were also granted expediting.

We have been together for two years.

My health is currently stable and i will be visiting in few weeks.

I will be visiting him for a few weeks and gather all prove for meeting.

What are the chances of this being accepted in the interview since his did not take place before we filed...

Are the Interview officers nice, will they consider this??

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Attending the k1 interview
2:51 am yesterday


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My fiance is in Algeria. I sent in the 129f at the end of January 2017. I am waiting on the NOA2 which hopefully will arrive in a coyple of weeks..... I visited my fiance in Algeria in March (22nd through the 29th) after receiving a visa from Algeria (2 year visa, multiple entry, duration of 90 days).....

My question is.....

Should I attend the interview (which I assume will be in July/August)? Would it be beneficial if i was there? Will I be allowed in the building? My fiance would like me there for support (and I would love to be there).....how long does it take to get the approval in Algiers? Could I stay for a couple of weeks and we fly back together? I would love to hear from anyone else who has been through this....or any ideas...thank you!!!!!!

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