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Request for Initial Evidence I-485
3:02 pm yesterday


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Good Morning,

Today I got a RFE letter from USCIS asking us to submit all supporting tax documentation (W-2s, 1099s, Form 2555, and all supporting tax schedules) for the most recent tax year.

It also indicated that my sponsor's (wife) income did not meet 125% poverty guidelines!

To make it clear, at the time we filed our AOS application we didn't have Tax returns for this year (2016), so we sent Tax returns from last year (2015) - those forms showed that she only made 12000$ a year because she worked 6 months by the time she had to file for taxes. The new taxes will show that she makes 26000$ a year ( we are waiting for IRS to mail them )

Since we only have W-2s, I would like to know:

Do we have to file for 1099, Form 2555, and tax schedules? or they are included in the forms we get from the IRS?

and more importantly I would like to know if we should send Tax returns and wait for their answer about meeting 125% poverty guidelines? or should we start looking for a co-sponsor?

USCIS gave 87 days to submit the evidence requested.

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Package lost
12:16 am yesterday


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will have my interview after 4 days and I will have just the scan documents affidavit of support because the original get lost by mail in another country and it didn't come to me yet ,is that ok go to interview just with scan papers from email?

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Writing a letter describing your relationship ( help )
12:40 pm yesterday

hamza boutaghou

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hello please please help me with """ Writing a letter describing your relationship "" If you could give me an example of your letter (excluding names or too personal info), that would be great..Or if you could just type me out a quick sample in word as to what you said, that would be great too.

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Revised Executive Order
1:09 am yesterday

Mme D

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Those of you from the 7 previously banned countries (Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen) who already hold visas, you might want to move up your travel plans to like... now. According to Fox News, Trump is expected to sign a new order next week. :(

Revised 'extreme vetting' order

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package of aos take long and no answear
11:32 am yesterday


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I am to the united state since December I get here by the k1 fianc visa, I get married before my visa expire , I prepare all papers for AOS and I sent it already more than 10 days, but I did not get any txt or a e-mail or even a receipt from the USCIS that's they received my PACKAGE , I wonder how long it going take me to have news about that , anyone had same experience share it please

thank you guys.

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