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arrowAlgeria, Military record: carte jaune ou sourci
August 21, 2016, 2:09 pm Last comment by Raouf&Renee

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I really need  help with this.

first, I don't have 'carte jaune' I only have ' sourci' from 2006 till 2015 that's the year (2015) when they stopped me from singing to the 5th year of my PhD. since that  i got 2 orders to go to army and just yesterday i got the 3d 'insoumi' and they are asking me to go next September otherwise they would take me next time they catch me on a checkpoint.

I don't have an appointment at the embassy for my interview yet because it says it isn't available yet; so I want to know:

- if having 'sourci' from 2015 would be a problem? if so suggest any possible solution please;

- To what point should I share information about that with the embassy on the interview day;

- If you gone through a similar experience or someone you know did, please share.

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arrowAlgeria physical appointment at clinic?
August 14, 2016, 4:27 am Last comment by redone1

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I posted this in my original thread, but it's a separate question. I hope it's in the right forum section.

Me and my algerian fiance received the fiance visa packet in the email, and it tells him to get a medical examination before he makes an appointment for the visa interview....

but the medical clinic in algeria said that he needs to make an interview appointment before he is allowed to make a doctor's appointment!!

Now we are confused, which is he supposed to do first? ??

He tried calling the embassy's number to ask, but it doesn't work.

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arrowDid you have to take your vaccination records to the interview?
August 11, 2016, 6:00 pm Last comment by Raouf&Renee

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The DS-160 asked if my fiance had his vaccination records available, and we wrote "no", because he doesn't have a copy. He isn't sure how to obtain a copy in his country. Will he have to present vaccination records in the interview? Is the medical exam enough? Because the HEP B takes 5 months to complete and we don't want to wait that long.

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August 6, 2016, 8:01 am Last comment by KayDeeCee

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je veux avoir quelque information pour les procedure de dossier de visa K1 maintenant jattend l'interview jai deja recus 2 lettre de lacceptation jattend pour faire l'intervierw a ceque je peux avoir quelque information pour tout ca ?? merci davance

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arrowAdministrative processing Algeria
August 1, 2016, 5:41 pm Last comment by adam&warda

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So I figured I would start an Algeria Administration Processing thread.

I have met several of others who have made it through interview and handed a 221g.

Was wondering who else is out there waiting? Any experience with AP, how long it took you, etc

We handed in the proofs asked for on the 221g. We just got our second update today. They still have his passport. Praying this is a good sign

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