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  1. Approved Expedite.  NVC packet arrives at Bangkok Embassy on 2/7 (Yesterday . How long in your professional opinion until we get our interview appointment scheduled?  I was also told I can schedule on my own on www.ustraveldocs.com website as soon as CEAC status changes from "In Transit" to "Ready" . Any idea of a turn around time between scheduling the appointment, and the having the appointment itself?  Sorry to bother, but my expedite is because I need to schedule heart surgery, and I would like to get a general idea on when my wife can get here. 

  2. Merry Christmas !

  3. congrats on the approval ! When you get some free time, please post a consular/interview review on your timeline page !

    1. Hik07


      Will do.... I have a question. we got married in China. my wife would like to take my last name. Do you know if at POE she can ask for green card in her first name and my last name?

    2. Darnell


      nope - she must have an ID showing the name firstly before USCIS will change it.

  4. when spouse receives postal mail, the receipt notice - can send in all of the other forms plus fees plus medical exam then. Good Luck !

    1. GiouMiao


      Thank you so much! I appreciate it.

  5. Whoa - your account got closed ? Hope all is well !

  6. K-2? 6 months from the medical exam date. I think is always mass confusion about a K-2 FTJ case where the two interviews are NOT on the same day. The duration of the validity to apply for the K-2 visa at the cons is up to 1 year after the K-1 interview date. HTH !

  7. Yo Yo Yo - don't forget the hawkers market this month ! it'll be fun !

  8. Your chances on RoC is 100 percent - why? There's a divorce tickbox on the form and you have adequate proofs of a bonafide marriage. these 2 things are minimally sufficient to do a RoC on your own.

  9. you can prep a file on him : 1] letter of attestation that explains the evidence with 2] the evidence. get appointment at local uscis office (online appt setting) and once there, ask to speak with FDNS officer.

  10. Hey - what's up ?

    1. Chris and ZhiJia

      Chris and ZhiJia

      Not much, still settling in. Wife is happy, we have a 3 month old baby boy now. Between hospital bills and the sort, we're working to set aside the money for AoS, but we are in no major rush, as she doesn't want to drive at all, or work until he starts schooling in a few years. So we're saving for a house.

    2. Darnell


      That's cool !

  11. The tenor of the site owner has changed after yet another handoff . yuk.

  12. eh - FYI - the current site owners ARE in some eastern-bloc country, alas.

  13. Suggest you get an Immigration Liason Staffer involved this week and next.

  14. Merging request is easy, but must be done ONLY when the child's casefile gets a consular casefile # from NVC. Wait a bit, call in 15 days and inquire about it (at NVC).

  15. with the GUZ casefile #, you can set up a new entry at ustraveldocs.com/cn . Try it today, post results back in your topic.