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  1. Did you file the EAD app also ? If yes, usually can use that as a source document for status and identification. I think it's the I-131 [but I don't remember exactly] If no, take a copy of the receipt letter and include it and a nice cover letter with the I-131, and send it in to the address in the receipt letter.
  2. The Rant of Our Discontent

    Kudos on the Japenese Rope Art !
  3. The Rant of Our Discontent

    Well, you could hire one. Try that, and soon ?
  4. I put in an attachment page listing the stuff there ... You can always add an attachment page ... on any line item where there's not enough space.
  5. The Rant of Our Discontent

    Somehow - it moved north from Houston. But yeah, Houston ! 23 overnight with 15 with wind chill. BRRR ! producing plants covered, extra stuff in greenhouses for heat, but MAN ! At least there's no @#$ing snow. I hate snow.
  6. The Rant of Our Discontent

    My fav - What news on The Rialto ?
  7. Hukou/modern birth certificate question (split topic)

    Ya, instead of a R T flight, ask a family member who IS LISTED in the Hukuo book to go get the police clearance thingie at that local PSB . 'That' connection seems to have worked over the years. For a person NOT listed in a Hukuo book ? If can prove up a family relationship at the PSB, then it's possible to get the clearance as well.
  8. @Bundu&Aicha - might want to do a bit of research about how to engage the ILS human before calling. It's not 'just a phone call' - there's stuff to do ... But it's good to call.
  9. The Rant of Our Discontent

    OMG. I made it to the first page .. Happy New Year !
  10. China passport plus a USA Greencard Now, if the name on either doesn't match - sometimes you'll need a 3rd thing that has all names [like a USA/County-issued marriage certificate
  11. @Bundu&Aicha- ILS Human - The staffer inside of a Congressman's office who serves the role of a Immigration Liason Staffer ...
  12. What was your first job?

    first money job ? selling greeting cards door to door, age 11. first sustainable job? mowing yards at age 12. first 'real' job? my dad's helper in a construction company, age 13 .. somewhere in there, 12 to 13, I did lots of photography work also ...
  13. I read the entire article, just now ... Stuff is messy .
  14. Rantingjay

    Well it's good you bought something current and no so collectible then ... We had 3 years of that too, replace the set each year cause 'Godzirra' ! and that was perfectly fine ...
  15. Rantingjay

    I'm sure it'll be whichever car the Turtle Designates ! Hooray Santa Dumplings !