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  1. A little confused

    Ahh ok. Thanks very much for the information.
  2. A little confused

    Ahh ok. Thanks very much for the information.
  3. We just recieved our NVC letter and we are registered with St. Lukes. My question is, does she need to see a regular doctor prior to St. Lukes for Vaccinations? I tried to search the forums but most the information is years old. It seems the St. lukes website says to have your vaccination records with you at the appointment. She doesnt have any at this point. Anyone help me out with some information?
  4. Name was updated?

    Well Naes you were correct! I was approved today! Thanks again and wishing you a speedier processing time!
  5. Name was updated?

    Thanks very much for the reply! As i am sure you know, this is a long process waiting for good news. I hope you're right!
  6. Finally got a text from USCIS. I fully expected to check "my case" and find an NOA2 because they are processing my NOA1 dates right now. Instead I received an update saying my name was updated for my I-129F. In "next step" section it says it will review my request for data change and, if needed, make the change. I haven't requested anything other than a new password on the stupid website to check your case because it was suddenly locked for some reason. Coincidentally that was this morning. Does anyone have any ideas, help, or suggestions? Thank you in advance.
  7. Early TB test and possible treatment

    Thanks everybody for the responses. I agree that with the more efficient testing procedure it would be better to just wait and follow the process. Thanks again!
  8. Early TB test and possible treatment

    Thanks geowrian. That is exactly the information I was seeking. Even if she has Latent TB she shows no signs of it being active. I am not concerned for her health at this very moment so to speak. I was trying to cheat the system and get ahead of what could possibly be an extra 6 month delay if she tests positive. With the info you provided I see no reason to jump the gun and test now. Thanks again.
  9. Early TB test and possible treatment

    Thank you MaryLu. Latent TB is definitely widespread and common in Phils from what I have read. As high as 80% according to an article in Philstar from a doctor there.
  10. Hello everyone. I am new to the forum, have an active k1 visa timeline, and of course questions. Really just one subject at this point. TB- I had no idea of the high prevalence of it in Phils. I really thought the medical exam would be no issue as I figured it geared more towards STD, HIV, pregnancy and the like. I really never considered TB. So my question- I would like to get an advance screening TB test for my fiance. I realize that St. Lukes will not accept any other test but their own. But if she is found to be positive for TB now she could start treatment while we're waiting months (really an eternity I think) for NOA2. Could someone offer their educated opinion on my plan? My question. If treated just prior to St. Lukes medical exam, would the sputum test then be negative? I would think so but i am not an expert. Also what would happen if she was in the process of treatment? just delay the medical exam until after the full treatment course? Normally I would just wait and follow the process, but of course now k1 Visas take 7-9 months or longer to approve. Add in another 6 months for treatment... we will be having our 50 year anniversary before we even live together.