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  1. Khadija, First, mbrouk alikum Second, let me assure you that you will have a smooth journey nshlah, and that it will end nicely. Why? Well, IMO there are no red flags at all, except and I hope I am wrong, the cousin thing might rise some cultural or religious questions/concerns. Do you have the same last name? But, look into it. No age difference, same religion and same culture put you way ahead of the rest. Just have plenty of pictures, maybe a video of the wedding and proof of multiple visits. I have a feeling the interview will be short and sweet. Please keep us updated. Ps. The Consulate in Casablanca is not tough for nothing; It seems there are many young men marrying much older women for "Immigration" goals only, and NOT for love nor family. Salam
  2. Happy Valentine's Day!

    Congrats on the best Vday gift any VJ member would highly appreciate; Approval
  3. Happy Valentine's Day!

    Happy Valentine's Day to all my fellow VJ members. If you are not with yours, I feel your pain. If you are, enjoy every split second together May we all have a speedy "Journey" to reunite with our loved ones to finally pursue our life "Journey" together. It is worth the wait
  4. Thank you. I am very new here and still learning. Wow! 12 years here! are you an Immigration Attorney? Learning is my thing. I will learn until the day I die, and maybe even in the afterlife, if there is one. But, I am confused. you wrote: ""Half of us" refer to half of couples" and "About half of this forum (including us) were denied B visas". Do you refer to all beneficiaries? They/You all applied for B visas and were denied? How do you know?
  5. Agreed; I take that statement back. Age is not the decider at all and many couples of major age differences are legit. I meant that some much younger men marry older American women for Green Cards/Naturalization only; Not for love.
  6. Is it possible he ll be put on "ADMIN" for the B2? that alone will take months, and this is and only if the B2 is approved.
  7. Wow! that was harsh but true; Honestly, it s a reality check that many need to wake up. I applaud your courage to put it out there, especially asking about the age difference. Age has been a major decider for many couples in that region of the world. Unfortunately, some do not realize there is no entitlement nor assurances when it comes to US laws, including the Immigration ones.
  8. Where do you get your statistics from? Half or even more than half of VJ members are US Citizens.
  9. R, are you sure a denied B2 won t affect his CR1 approval? Does t that look like he tried to go before??? I don t wanna get into the details of it, but I heard and read some who had to explain that denial. Does he want more issues? Please enlighten me. I could be wrong.
  10. Make sure that a tourist visa, if denied, won t affect your CR1 visa. One can never be too careful. Pray for a healthy baby and do not rush things. Better prepared and spending few extra months in Morocco, than risking being denied and waiting for years; There are VJ members who have gone that horrible route; I wish it on no one; Unfortunately, They were denied K1, then B2, then CR1 and had to re-apply and submit and hope and pray and pay and wait and cry and fight and make up and hope .......etc.... Bon Courage! Ps. If you bring her to live with you as you wait for the visa, it ll be good for both of you.
  11. Hmmm! there s not much difference between advice and opinion here. I doubt anyone here wants to hurt your feelings. Reality, itself, is what might upset you. What do you mean by "she has business"? I thought I read she has no financial resources.
  12. It might be a waste of time, money and effort to apply for a tourist Visa. He will chance not making it by the baby's birth; Casa Consulate is not the fastest. Furthermore, and only IMO, his ties to Morocco are not strong. I doubt he ll be granted a visiting Visa. Best idea is to bring her to live with him until he receives his immigrant Visa.
  13. Although, I don t think you decided to become pregnant for an expedite, some have tried it before and failed. To answer your question, you can not receive a speedy process due to pregnancy. However, I recommend you fly your wife back to Morocco as soon as possible; There, you can support her "physically and financially". You say: "as my wife now getting enable to work and needs my support physically and financially" You two can live together and wait until your CR1 is approved. BTW, K3 no longer exist, or have morphed to something else. Also, you must begin thinking about how your Visa will be approved with your wife/petitioner can t support you. Best of luck to you, your wife and may you have a healthy and happy baby soon nshlah.
  14. Great! CO s read between the lines and I am sure they d question a statement like that.. I totally understand your intention is innocent, but choose your words wisely and reply with with the minimum and to the point. Best of luck to you and to your husband to be. I totally understand how you two want to be together, under the same roof. I, too, can t wait for my half to join me soon and boy it has been quite a long journey.
  15. As long as he has not come with "the intention to marry" and that his tourist Visa is valid, I don t see an issue here. But, you must be very careful when you say; "We have been thinking about options for him to stay in the US". Are you marrying so that he stays here? That sounds like you re doing him a favor and that is "VERY" Illegal.