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  1. I'm 23 he's 28 never married no kids both good jobs good income no previous marriage or K1 petition we met on social media but I'm good friends with his cousin who attends my church. but I had only known him for about 4 months before going over there then we for engaged the first trip but we talked about it before the trip. I guess when you know you know, ๐Ÿ˜Š the petetion wasn't filed until 5 months after the engagement because we wanted to be sure and then I took a second long trip over there. We've only been together for a year now. I'm just afraid they will say we got engaged to fast and that's been bothering me a lot. I see lots of people denied for that
  2. My fiance has his interview coming up and knowing that Ghana is a high fraud country. What are some red flags the CO could bring up? Or what have gotten people denied from high fraud countries ?
  3. I think my fiance will be needing to do a waiver because when he was a child his sister petition for him but he was never called for an interview and now we are doing the k1. How do we apply for a waiver ?
  4. It got their in 5 days we Thank God!
  5. Hello I mailed the required documents to my fiance for his interview with the embassy and they were sent via USPS. I did priority shipping and it reached Ghana within 5 days but they updated a status today that says -Missed delivery - Scheduled for another delivery attempt today,GHANA.- Has anyone who's mailed things international or to Ghana seen this before and knows what it means ? The package is auppose to go to a PO box in the town he lives in.
  6. I was just curious about something. My fiancรฉs sister petition for him a sibling visia back in 2005 at that time my fiance was a teenager. He never received an interview date. I don't believe she ever withdrawn it either. Since he was underage at the time will this hurt our K1 chances at the interview since it still might be in the system after 12 years ?
  7. I've seen they only schedule 5 weeks out what if the medicals tale longer ?
  8. Can we just schedule the interview after we get the medical and police report back?
  9. So pay the fee first at GT bank then go for the medical when should you do the DS-160 before or after the medical?
  10. For anyone who has done there medical appointment in Accra Ghana prior to their visa interview. Did you have to call Holy trinity or Akai clinic to make an appointment or do they accept walk ins ?
  11. This will be me lol I'll be sobbing like a baby ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
  12. Omg congratulations this is so exciting !!!!!!
  13. Congratulations on your approval I'm so happy to see this!!! Praying for safe travels for your husband!!! We are almost there im so excited !!! And I honestly didn't know about front loading either lol
  14. I'm trying to figure out how long it takes to receive your hard copy letter in the mail from the national visa center ? I can't get my NVC # because they have my fiance wrong DOB I their system so we have to wait for the letter.