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  1. This has been somewhat annoying for us as I submitted a paper address change after my online one never got an update aside from the initial "we received your request" but I am assuming they got the addr change in. Our case hasn't changed since July 20 of "pending interview schedule" which has been somewhat disappointing. We don't need our AP/EAD that much but I really would prefer if they could at least give us a date for the interview!
  2. We've been waiting on an interview to be scheduled since July 20. Still no movement on this side. Will let you all know when we hear back.
  3. The only "confirmation" we got was an email that said USCIS should give us a response by July 3rd or something but that never came, so I have no idea if they've yet to update our address. I called USCIS 3x and couldn't get past the robot Emma so at this point I'm in the dark whether the address change has gone thru. Just gonna keep submitting AR-11's every month lol.
  4. Nothing in the mail yet. For the address change we submitted a second AR-11 this time via USPS with certified mail so I can make sure it gets there. But no changes on any of the cases. Our AP & EAD cases are still just saying we received them (the bio appt we did referenced the EAD & the I485 though)
  5. Sorry I should've specified the address change was insignificant towards where we'd be handled. It was a move in the same town. I just get stressed out with USPS mail forwards. I'm gonna try calling them again next week to confirm. First time I called I couldn't even get past the robot.
  6. 5-21-21 - mailed aos, ead, ap 6-8-21 - noa1 in mail 7-8-21 - ASC for bio appt 7-14-21 - bio appt for aos and ead 7-20-21 - case on egov.uscis.gov/casestatus says: "As of July 20, 2021, we are ready to schedule your Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status, Receipt Number ######, for an interview. We will schedule your interview and send you a notice. Please follow any instructions in the notice. If you move, go to www.uscis.gov/addresschange to give us your new mailing address." No paper mail as of 7-27. We did bio appt in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Side note, our cases begin with MSC but our bio appt service center says NBC. Kind of wondering where our interview will be but I'm sure the letter will be here sometime soon hopefully?? Also we did our social security office interview for her SSN on June 9. Got it maybe around June 25th? Trying to get drivers license now and waiting for SAVE Case verification before being able to begin DMV testing. Otherwise this has been very fast compared to the K1. We did an address change during all this they sent an e-mail confirming they received our request but no update. Any ideas how to check status of an address change? Tried calling them but couldn't get thru to an agent, the robot kept annoying me. Not sure if I should just file another one to make 100% sure it went thru. We have USPS fwd on and that worked for her ASC Bio Apt letter but I'm worried to heck that they might not forward her interview. We did email/text notifications for K1 and Greencard and have received ZERO texts and e-mails in the last year. It's useless filing those it seems.
  7. Are you really comparing being born a natural height to opening a bank account in America as a US Citizen and then adding your non-USC wife?
  8. Cmon, it's time to be an adult. You're married now and life isn't some walk in the park. You've been told you can add your wife to a bank account. Which is 100% true and instead you just want to get upset about it. Also many credit card companies will let you add an authorized user without a SSN like CapitalOne as well. Time to once again search around for a bank willing to suit you. The whole point of choosing a banking establishment is finding one that FITS you, not one that does not help you. You can shop around but instead you're just whining about it. You are a customer, you have money, you use money, find a business that HELPS you. Your wife also cannot mail her passport to SSN. In order to be issued a brand new Social Security Number they MUST show up to the office in person for an interview, so your OP about mailing the passport is irrelevant. Time to be an adult and solve your own problems because you know that all three of your above issues can be resolved by you just calling in daily and complaining, showing evidence of any of the above via dozens of sources on financial websites in regards to bank accnt/cc and proof he/she has a legal right to SS on the SS website. Sorry to be blunt but I tried to baby you before and you just got snippy with me.
  9. I live in South Dakota, the 46th least populated state in America :). Community banks must compete with national banks like CapitalOne/Chase/etc that will refund your ATM fees no matter where you are.
  10. You can add her to your bank account without a social security number in her name. I work in the financial and just had my wife be added to my bank account after showing them her passport, K1 visa inside passport, certified marriage certificate, and I-94. She also filled out a W-8BEN. Keep pestering your bank to get her added to your account. They DO NOT need a social security number. If they don't do it, tell them you'll open an account with a bank that actually knows how banking with immigrants works.
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