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  1. Can u send them an email to clarify if u should be expecting a letter?
  2. I sorry to hear this happening to her. My fiance and i are currently waiting on a decision after interview. He was told to bring his passport and passport pic back to embassy after his medical results were ready for him and his two year old son. He sent everything back in about three weeks ago and still no updates.
  3. Hello. So my fiance had his interview on the 30th of August for himself and two year old son. After he was asked all the questions, he was then told to bring passport back to embassy after medical is completed for him and son. The problem is that the medical clinic is very unorganized and its frustrating. After three trips to the clinic my fiance was finally able to get his medical results, but of course we are now waiting on the bbys. So he received an email to bring the bby today. They arrived at about 10am and is currently still waiting and its past 5pm and i know that they will be closing soon and they have yet to be seen by the doctor. I dont think it will be completed today and im guess they will have to come back on Monday. It just feel like wasted time. There is no communication from the staff as to what is going on and when other patients ask them, the staff seem to become irritated with them. My fiance hinted at they are probably trying to get bribes from the patients. Which is very frustrating to me since we paid 300$ for my fiance exam and over 500$ for the bby. The bby has yet to receive his vaccination that they claim was part of the requirement for the medical exam. This seems to be the only thing that is keeping us from getting visa processed. Has anyone else had to deal with this during the medical?
  4. Can the k1 visa holder marry someone other then the person that petitioned them? I see on other groups on Facebook were people are inquiring about the process to adjust the status of a work, visitor, or student visa to a immigrate visa mostly through marriage. I always thought that this was against the rules. So it makes me wonder the same about the k1. I research on Google and of course the answer is no, but im wondering if people are actually getting around this rule.
  5. So today my fiance had his interview for himself and the bby, k1 and k2 visa. They only asked five basic questions. Which he answered with no problem. Afterwards they asked if he had completed the medical. He said yes but the results were not ready. They told him to bring the results of the medical for him and the bby once they are ready and to drop off the passports at that time. They gave him a 221g form with the medical results checked. They kept his and the baby's passport photo, birth certificates, and police clearance, But they didn't ask for the affidavit of support form, so im wondering if he will not need it, Or maybe they will want him to bring it back with the medical report. Has anyone else experienced not being asked for affidavit of support at the interview?
  6. Ok thank u so much yelp his green and it was issued by the correct issuing office.
  7. So my fiance has k1 visa interview coming very soon. I just noticed that he has a delayed birth certificate. Will the embassy accept that. He was born during the Civil war in his country and his birth was registered years after his birth. It was then lost and he got a replacement for it about two years ago.
  8. Hello so will the embassy normally accept a late or delayed birth certificate for the k1 interview?
  9. Im doing k1 one and our case stayed at nvc for four months before they sent it to the sierra leone embassy. We now have a interview for Monday August 30
  10. If her 2020 tax return is not finished processing then she should use 2019 tax return transcripts plus her 2020 paper tax return 1040. The 1040 form will show what she turned in to the irs as income. She will also need her w2 forms.
  11. So living together as engaged couple is considered to married for k1?
  12. I-134 is what u need for affidavit of support. Email the embassy for which other supporting documents to bring every embassy is different. I was only asked to bring last two years of tax return transcripts.
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