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  1. Case Was Received At My Local Office On March 4, 2018, we received your Form I-751, Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence, Receipt Number at your local office. If you move, go to www.uscis.gov/addresschange to give us your new mailing address. SO I HAVE THIS NOW WHAT ?
  2. a little help please

    i was just an normal restaurant employee i was never put on the payroll why i got that form i asked to pay taxes but my boss kept saying i would be fine i dont feel fine uhh what will happen i cant pay the taxes by the 17th and my husband said we cant afford to do the extension form because all the interest we will incur i dont know what to do
  3. anyone had any interviews or approvals or anything yet just times passed and you know paranoia sets in
  4. i know this isnt the site for this but i honestly cant find the right answer has anyone here had any problems with there taxes before i owe money as the company i just worked for it pretty dodgy never put me on payroll now the tax thing they gave me is self employed even though i wasn't so im paying that tax also i can pay the amount by april 18th or even within the month just not right this instant what do i do i dont want to go to jail or mess up my green card
  5. in a way im kinda glad we know were there at even if its super far behind ive just changed addresses i changed it all but im still worried everyday i will get my interview letter at the wrong address
  6. so bio metrics like in nov haven't heard anything since then im like lemme just sit here
  7. Moving

    Oh okay aweome thanks so much
  8. Moving

    Yea I was like how do I do online without case number why I asked thanks just hope it is fixed quick as I move next week
  9. So I did my bio metrics and got my extension next step for me is approval or interview but me and my husband are moving next week due to circumstances what i want to know is how do I change my address since theirs no online case status number and all that ? Never dealt with this problem before any help ??
  10. its british and doesn't prove proof of residency so you cant use it for apartment or housing applications
  11. okay thanks did this off my phone panicking so much guys i dont know what to do i need it for the apartment app or were homeless thanks im going to go try get it Wednesday with my bank statements credit card ones ect
  12. Okay so my green card expired I have my extension letter me and my husband have to move due to circumstances and the leasing office said I NEED state ID as my green card won't work and my passport is British these are the only 2 Id's I have what do I do can I even get state ID off an expired green card if i have the extension letter anyone had this issue need some urgent help soon we will be homeless if I can't get this sorted
  13. got my bio metric letter yesterday dated for the 11/29/2017 lets go /o/
  14. i just want my bio metrics appointment letter i have to move soon so im gonna have to change address what if something goes wrong on the 24th it would have been a month after receiving my NAO how long does everyone usually wait after their NAO to get their bio metrics ?
  15. so wait for 90 days or a lil around that before i start worrying sorry and thanks for the answers guys im just worried i have seen SOO many forums where denials were issued because bio metrics were scheduled but people didn't get letters and all that so just stressing over it because of that since you know cant refile right now or deal emotional with that happening but guess i shouldn't worry until 90 days are up right ?