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  1. but again thanks guys im going over my package one last time before i sleep so i can not be sick then im off to mail it in the morning
  2. we dont really use checks for anything mostly cards or cash for anything in life really
  3. i know i know you think i would have learnt from the whole AOS application but im still super stress worry mode when anything had to do with these guys thanks everyone your all my saviors as always <3
  4. but it looks okay and u think will be fine since i had the gap and hand wrote the . for it ? sorry i just freak out over everything thing cause like i said cant afford re do's and the money was given for that check did a personal one im always worst case scenario person
  5. http:// this is what it looks like sorry guys im a super worrier and i have the flu so i feel like im messing everything up i cant afford a redo of my application
  6. as wierd as it sounds i went to bank and got a gap between the U & S so i can handwrite a . since instructions for checks made it look like they dont want US and the other letters together uhh i feel like i have complicated it now but should be fine U . S right ?
  7. hey so i have everything ready i just did the personal check to pay for it question is was officially printed out by my bank says US Department Of Homeland Security the US part has no spcae or . in between so literally US is that okay or does it have to be U.S
  8. on the spaces i dont have ect like children i just wrote N.A hope that doesnt effect it uhhh super sick right now with flu so making sure im not messing this up
  9. i dont have any children so i have left that part blank thats okay right sorry we cant really afford an attorney. also the petitioner would be me the conditional resident right ?
  10. ummm hey guys me again so im sending it off later today page 3 of the I-751 form part 4. information about the U.S citizen or lawful permanent residence spouse . if filling as a child seperately information about the us citizen or lawful permanent resident stepparent through whom you gained conditional residence what do i fill this in with my husbands information ? or leave blank as im still married and im filling together with him the legal U.S citizen
  11. i know i know what my husband said but i just want anything we can throw into the package honestly we dont have ALOT of evidence as we live in a parents owned house never did medical insurance too much just looking at everyone evidence mine feels small i guess
  12. Anything to do with this is to me when u think about it effecting your future then I'm thinking it is
  13. thank you guys im so sorry i freaked out i have till 4th of nov which i go out of status then since my residency expires only now have the money and my husbands been gone for ever due to work so havent been able to get alot of stuff since their under his name
  14. so im sending all my stuff for my removal tomorrow but my husband doesn't know where to get our joint tax returns from anyone help the people who used theirs for evidence where would i get them from ?
  15. i filed late mine expires November 4th and now im also filing due to financial problems and not being able to suddenly afford it i think aslong as it arrives before your card expires you should be fine right thats basically what everyone on here who helped me kept telling me as all i did was freak out officially filed now also