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  1. I would always call if indoubt. Call 1- 800-375-5282. When the call is answered press 1,1,2,2 and enter your receipt number. When the L1 agent gives you all their details if they do not answer you question then do asked to be transfered to a L2 office, they have access to more data.
  2. Actually my EAD status went from Card is being produced > Case Was Approved > Card was Delivered To Me By the Post Office. If you call with the receipt number USCIS will let you know if the card has been produced and a USPS tracking number.
  3. Did you on-line case status ever read "We have ordered your new Card" then move to Approved status? If not perhaps a call in to USCIS, just to make sure. When you call press 1,1,2,2 when they first answer. I think the SSN stats is not relevant as you had this in place already, you just orderd a replacement SSN card. Perhaps an employer could use E-Verify to check if you are looking to start in the next day or so(??)
  4. Do they not all have your fingerprint on them? I find this a little strange as it was my belief that a consular biometric was not taken by USCIS and they were not able to share the data. In the same way they should be able use your prints / photographs that have been taken when taken for CBP / Global Entry / previous US visa (if not too long ago of course)
  5. So if you are on a L1 and already working in the US, you already have a role that is not going to stop a USC getting a role as it is not an open position. The EB1-C seems to say you are very much a needed part and / or an executive of the organization you are working for. Why would USCIS stop that employment AOS? What would be the benefit to an unemployed USC?
  6. I got the "Approved" and "Card is being produced" updates however I never got the updates "your card has been picked up by USPS". Only update after "Card is being produced" was the "Card was delivered by the post office" weeks after I had card in hand
  7. If it helps my status never changed to been "picked up". It just changed to "Delivered to me by the post office" weeks after the card was delivered.
  8. It sounds like you have only been granted EAD and not an EAD / AP combo. Your card should say (front of card, bottom right) "Serves as I-512 Advance Parole". I do not know enough about your AOS to know if you leave it would be classed as abandoning your applicatio.
  9. If you applied for the SSN via the I-765 then it seems they are processed and created from a central SSO in Baltimore, MD. When I contacted my local office they had no record of the application, USCIS did. My SSN that way two 4 weeks to process, 2 days to arrive. This was just before COVID.
  10. Thanks for the reply. Not expecting any interviews for a months even tho my PD is current, a few other issues. Hoping more for the dropping of employment based interviews for the next 6 months 😀
  11. I seem to be reading that a number of these have been sent our recently or I am just noticing the posts since I also received a Pink Courtesy Letter towards the end of March for a non-submittal of an I-693. My visa attorney did send these in to USCIS at the end of February, however it seems after the initial cost of getting them completed, they have been lost inside USCIS as a few calls in to USCIS deemed that no one can locate them, that is another story. My question to the VJ experts out there is there a timeline to receiving these i.e. just as your file is being sent off the local FO or like a lot of other USCIS documentation, pretty random? Tks
  12. I called USCIS on Friday, with my daughter on the call, to confirm they could speak with me. USCIS informed that they can not see any updates to her 2nd bio appointment, even after 5 weeks. No advice at all from the 1st tier agent. Just she was not sure.
  13. If you applied the SSN via I-765 and ticked all the correct boxes then it took 5 whole weeks for my SSN to arrive after the combo card landed in the mailbox in March 2020
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