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  1. Part of the reason they may be behind is they make extra work for themselves in Chicago. For example, they only give 6-month I-551 extensions in Chicago rather than 12-month extensions (during ROC, for example), which creates extra work for them if they're forcing some with extra-long adjudication times people to come in twice as often. And they called my wife to her N-400 interview a few weeks ago, only to tell her in person that morning that they couldn't conduct an N-400 interview because ROC is still pending (thank you, CSC), and they were sending her file "downstairs" to the I-751 people. Haven't heard a thing since. If Chicago were like any other office I've read about, they would have just done a combo interview on the spot, but now they're dragging things out and making extra work for themselves, and making this case ultimately require multiple interview slots, which of course slows down interview opportunities for others. *shrug* I hope your case goes more quickly & smoothly than ours!
  2. We didn't submit the very first day of the 90-day window, but I think it was within the first couple of weeks of that period. Wishing you a smooth process!!
  3. Unfortunately, applying for naturalization before finishing I-751 can delay your case, although I think it is rare. My wife was called to a naturalization interview on Nov 2 (she's an August I-751 filer at CSC, so different forum, but this could be relevant to @vicky86 so I am posting here, too). Usually, we have read that this triggers a combination I-751/N-400 interview, and everything is taken care of on that one day. Many people have reported success with that. But here in Chicago, the officer told her point blank that the naturalization interview could not happen because the I-751 had not been adjudicated, and that her files would be sent "downstairs" to the I-751 people to be taken care of first. So now we have no idea what the timeline will be, etc. Chicago seems to make up its own rules in general. They only give 6-month I-551 stamps rather than the 1-year validity period that is supposed to be granted.
  4. Nice! So far, wife hasn't been able to use the kiosk, but she's been able to jump to the head of the line at customs. We'll have to try updating the document—now she's on a 6-month i-551 stamp because the extension letter has expired and ROC is still pending, but we can try entering that new date. Next time you travel, @NYCruiser, please do report back if you get a chance re: whether this works. :-)
  5. OK. She's out of town on a work trip (for which we had had to change the outgoing flight because of the scheduled interview... aargh...) but I'll ask her if she wants to try this on Monday. Thanks for the suggestion!
  6. We were pretty surprised, too. "Turned away" as in no interview conducted whatsoever. The officer apparently said she was going to go talk with the supervisor and have her file sent downstairs (presumably to ROC something?), but I'm hearing this secondhand and didn't get to talk with the officer to ask questions myself. That's a good idea about speaking with a supervisor—how does one do that, @Going through? Via InfoPass?
  7. That's what we've been hearing, and also reading somewhere in the field manual. So we did. But my wife got turned away from her N-400 interview today (Chicago) because ROC is still pending, so we're not exactly sure what's going on. That said, many people have reported success, and it's certainly within your rights to file! :-)
  8. Not good news, I'm afraid. I-751 is still pending (August 2016 filers). My wife went in in September for the I-551 stamp and only got 6 months instead of a year (as we've seen several other VJ members report for Chicago). At the InfoPass, the officer told her sternly that she should NOT have applied for citizenship before ROC was completed, which counters everything we've been reading here on VJ. She got an N-400 interview for today. I (USC spouse) went along, as we expected there might be a combo I-751/N-400 interview as several others have reported. Instead, the officer only wanted to see her, and told her that the case could not be adjudicated at this time because of the pending I-751. Apparently no option for combo interview at Chicago. No idea when they will actually get around to doing the I-751 (the officer said she would be called for an I-751 interview on another floor of the same building--but no idea when this might be.) Sigh. The only silver lining is that the field office is literally 4 blocks from where my wife works, so it's not a major time/money effort to get there, but still... Not the outcome we were hoping for today. Better luck to all y'all with interviews coming up in the near future! :-)
  9. Welcome! We have our interview in Chicago tomorrow (we're prepared for a joint I-751/N-400 interview, though the letter just mentions the N-400). I hope your date comes along soon, too! We're not entirely sure how ours will play out (continuous residence: technically, she was never gone for more than 6 months in any one trip, but there were successive absences of approximately 2, 3, 1 and 4 months within an 11-month span while we were abroad together for my research grant—she returned to the US briefly three times during those 11 months for school/work). But it's certainly worth a try. The physical presence days are fine. We'll update how it goes.
  10. As to whether online filing is faster or not: we're just one data point, but we filed online and our interview (Chicago) has been scheduled for way sooner than we would have expected, given that other VJ members who filed on paper several months before us are having interviews scheduled around the same time as ours.
  11. We are August 2016 filers who filed for N-400 in July 2017. N-400 Interview is scheduled for Nov 2. (The notice just states N-400 interview, but we are treating it as a potential N-400 / I-751 combo interview, so I—the USC spouse—will be there as well.) We'll report back afterwards how things go, as well as what action (if any) is taken or mention is made regarding the I-751 side of things.
  12. Just bring your extension letter or I-551 stamp or whatever it is that you've got that's valid at the moment.
  13. Happy travels to you! We've had no trouble (various European countries). Like @GreatDane mentioned, just be sure to bring the original extension letter; several people have reported serious trouble when they only brought a copy of the letter.
  14. ... and she got summoned for jury duty for a date exactly one week before the N-400 interview. We'll be sending in paperwork clearly showing that she's *not* a US citizen!
  15. Thanks, lesly87! I would guess that all is being processed as normal today. (Though would this link even show if a Service Center were closed, since it isn't usually open to the public anyway? I don't see a category for CSC). In any case, for those who are wondering, here's some info about the "Canyon Fire 2" currently about 25 miles north of the CSC in Laguna Niguel: http://www.anaheim.net/AlertCenter.aspx?AID=Canyon-Fire-2-3