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  1. Mexico Vehicle Permit

    Are you driving a vehicle from the US into Mexico? https://www.mexpro.com/mexico/vehicle-import-permit.html https://www.banjercito.com.mx/registroVehiculos/# There seems to be a "Free zone" immediately adjacent to the border, but I don't know whether you'd be staying in this zone, or passing further than that into the country.
  2. Nope. After the non-interview in early November, we've since had a separate ROC interview in mid-December; now waiting for a second N-400 interview to be scheduled. If only Chicago did combo interviews like other offices do, we'd be done with all of this!
  3. Taxes- Moving to US

    For clarification, do you mean January 3 (1/3/2018) and August 3 (8/3/2017), or March 1 (3/1/2018) and March 8? (3/8/2017)? In the US, dates are written month-day-year. Best of luck with your upcoming move!
  4. And, perfect timing, an update (especially for @Kate_H and @imagineyouandme) in case this helps you and other Chicago combo filers who may run across this in the near future: Time between initial citizenship non-interview and ROC interview: 6 weeks Time between ROC interview and seeing online case status of card in production: 1.5 weeks Hopefully the actual citizenship interview will roll around before too terribly long.... I know, right? ;-) (Or it'll be delayed because Chicago keep systematically schedules "wasted" citizenship interview slots for us combo filers the first time around...)
  5. Some progress -- ROC has now been approved as of yesterday, card in production -- so hopefully Chicago will put us back in the N-400 interview line sooner rather than later, they'll actually conduct the interview this time, and she'll be done with this whole process!
  6. August 22, 2016 filer. Checked case status online today, saw that I-751 was approved (i.e. card being produced) on December 21, 2017 (after interview on Dec 12, that was triggered because of N-400 application). Could somebody please update the list? Many thanks!
  7. It seems like most offices will do a combo interview if your N-400 comes along faster than the I-751, so if you're not filing in Chicago (your profile says Denver?), you might still be okay.
  8. Yes, exactly. Chicago seems to make their own rules. They only give 6 months on the I-551 stamp (at least I've read of several others who have gotten that, and nobody said they got a 1-year stamp in Chicago). And between our experience and what @Kate_H and @imagineyouandme have reported, it looks pretty clear that they categorically don't do joint interviews in Chicago. Lucky us! :-) We did have the ROC interview earlier this month, maybe 5-6 weeks after what should have been the originally scheduled citizenship interview. The officer wasn't really sure why we were there; just explained what we already knew about the A-B-C fraud categories, and that even some "A"-cases get called in randomly (though we figure it must have been triggered by the N-400 stuff, not truly "random"). She was really nice, and all went fine. We had absolutely no red flags, and she was impressed with how much evidence we had already submitted. We'd brought some more recent evidence, and I think we just gave her the latest month's worth of banking and credit card statements. She didn't approve on the spot, but said she would be doing it soon. And then my wife gets back in the citizenship queue...
  9. I think we just provided 5 years' worth of addresses. She'd been here on an F-1 for longer than that anyway, so we just filled in that information.
  10. That's frustrating. Has he considered bringing along the Global Entry card, not to use it in the kiosk (because it doesn't work there), but to show any officers present that he does in fact have GE and should be able to go to the front of the line?
  11. TSA Pre-check has been working 100% fine, thank goodness.
  12. She's never told me she had to, but that's a good question. I'll ask when she gets home.
  13. My wife applied for GE for the first time during RoC (by adding one year to the GC expiration date—we had been worried about that, but the application went through no problem with the "extended" date). What she does each time she re-enters the US is she tries the kiosk, it doesn't work, and then she goes directly to the front of the line to get processed by an officer without having to wait in the regular line. So yeah, it's a bit of a slow-down, but still somewhat faster than not having GE in the first place.