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  1. Your adjustment was probably a lot faster than it takes to go through consular processing these days. You can look through the timelines, but it's taking around 2 years from the I-130 submission to interview now, thanks in part to COVID and Montreal just being a slow consulate in general. You wouldn't be the only person to surrender their green card and apply for one again, there's other on this forum that have done it. Your guy's Canadian income won't count for sponsorship, not sure for assets. It's a good idea to keep joint sponsors in mind. Your American citizen spouse would have to prove domicile in the US by the time of the interview, so keep that in mind too.
  2. They can be reasonable. We asked for a particular day of the week the first time and they accommodated that. But their appointmentments can fill up sometimes, so it's best not to be too picky if you can help it, especially if you're on a tight timetable, otherwise you risk a delayed visa. They won't do appointmentments without an interview letter.
  3. K1s don't have a DQ date because there's no concept of "documentarily qualified" with K1s, most documents are submitted at the interview instead of the NVC. The NVC essentially just forwards the paperwork from the USCIS to the respective consulate.
  4. Visiting is technically allowed, the 6 month limit on visiting isn't a rolling period. But CBP can and has denied entry if they think they're at risk of not returning. Trying to enter the US by land will be nearly impossible as there's a fairly strict non-essential travel ban through the land border.
  5. Can confirm, doing AOS after K1 and we haven't even had the biometrics appointmentment needed to receive the EAD after 4 months, that step used to take ~1 month, and the 485 is slated to be finished maybe next April if things don't go even more off course.
  6. Has nothing to do with state department procedures. They withdrew a proposed rule to make state-side biometrics more complicated.
  7. It's part of Federal Regulation. But I would never bet on this ever changing anytime soon, there would be immediate controversy about immigrants "not being vetted" and the like.
  8. We filed our AOS in January without a joint bank account. Unless you think we made some kind of grave mistake, you shouldn't needlessly delay it. You'll have the chance to give them additional evidence of your relationship at the interview.
  9. Why is everyone convinced this is a scam? The phone number listed on the letter is a real USCIS phone number, the discovery website on the discovery card thing is an actual website. It almost looks like an health-savings account card? Whatever happened, I don't think it's a scam, but some kind of bizarre USPS/mail room error. Edit: Actually, you know what I think? I think a piece of your mail ended up in the stack of paperwork you sent in. Nothing about this looks like a scam. That letter just looks like some generic template the lockbox uses in case someone sends in their physical credit card when they're not supposed to. Did you get a new job or insurance recently? One with a health savings account or anything like that?
  10. Going by the link in the OP, it sounds like the US sometimes accepts an expired passport and so does the embassy and CBP. The benefiaciary's passport is not mandatory to file the I-129F, just the US citizen petitioner, so there's not much reason to delay filing it right now. If it were me, I'd try to get a new passport sooner than later, and try to email the embassy in Bogota (since I believe they're handling visas for Venezuelans right now) and ask if that extension is still recognized.
  11. My mom wrote the check for our I-129F because I lacked a check book at the time. Dunno what's inciting this reaction, lol.
  12. They hardly ever stamped my wife's passport when she came as a visitor, mostly going through POEs at Vancouver pre-clearance and sometimes Seattle airport. Not exactly the same thing since Canadians don't need a B2, but I doubt it matters anymore for you. They did actually stamp for her K-1 though.
  13. If this is like earlier blanket NIEs, CBP should have received guidance that any Immigrant or K-1 visa holder is not subject to the 14-day travel ban. If you're traveling on a visa anytime soon, you might run into airline agents who didn't get the memo and think you're not allowed to travel, so you may need to get them to speak to CBP Carrier Liaison to confirm that you are. You'll still need to do a COVID test in advance.
  14. Unwise advice here. If you find yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time, you could very much end up in DHS custody, and rest assured they did not send the entirety of ICE or CBP to the southern border. Surprised no one brought this thread up
  15. The consulate in Naha, Okinawa, Japan still does some Immigrant visas including CR/IR and Ks alongside Tokyo.
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