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  1. Got my new passport today. It's the next-gen version. It shipped from Tucson but the return address is from Dulles, VA, which probably confirms that 19 is the DC office.
  2. Update on this, passport was shipped today, coming from Tucson according to tracking. Pretty fast, I must say. So Expedited Renewal, Locator 19 Delivered to PA Facility on Oct 18 Received by Department of State on Oct 20 Shipped on Oct 25
  3. My expedited passport renewal application was received on 10/20 and the locator number is 19, which is apparently DC. Anyone have timelines for DC out of curiosity? Seems less common from searching around.
  4. Re: Medicals As far as I know, your overseas medicals don't expire as long as you filed the I-485 on the basis of your K-1 and your medical wasn't over 1 year old when you filed. The new vaccine requirements shouldn't invalidate the old medical, the new requirements should only apply to anyone doing a medical after the 1st of October. I think that 4 year extension for the I-693 was super limited and mostly doesn't apply anymore. We weren't separated at any point, we were hardly asked any questions besides clarifying what was on some of the evidence. Your mileage may vary because some other people clearly have way different experiences.
  5. Nah, this was at the San Fernando Valley office down in Chatsworth. VisaJourney needs to add it sometime. On another note, the I-485 case status updated to "Approved" tonight at 9pm, after saying card was produced last night. Seems like all the cards tend to update like this.
  6. And the case was just updated to "New Card is Being Produced". At 8PM at night. I guess they're working late.
  7. Well her green card, I'm the petitioner lol. Yeah, it was hardly anything. They didn't even ask us anything about our relationship, we were totally prepared to tell our whole life story if they asked. Dunno why, but I'll go with it for now.
  8. Maybe a couple dozen photos, as many flight receipts as I could scrape up, and photocopies of whatever passport stamps we had. At the interview I gave them a couple of our joint tax transcript, copies of my employee benefits with with her on my health and dental plans, and a letter from my parents stating that we live with them along with a mortgage statement. They actually specifically requested that letter since we don't have our own place at the moment.
  9. Well that was easy. They barely asked us anything, just went over a few of the photos we submitted in advance looking for ones with our parents, then took some additional evidence I had, and explained the I-751 process. Case is under review, they mentioned they had to do some security stuff first, no updates on the case status yet.
  10. About to drive to our interview appointment today. Wish us luck!
  11. So she actually did get an updated SSN card today, same number but married name now, so that saves us some trouble. Will probably try to get an appointment for another one without the "work authorized only with DHS approval" text when she gets her green card, but at least it won't be a huge problem.
  12. Technically, vaccines aren't required for K visas at all. The embassy can't refuse a K visa over incomplete vaccines, but come AOS you would need a civil surgeon in the US to sign off on your vaccines, and it can be hard to get a civil surgeon to just do vaccines and not the entire medical. Also not sure how panel physicians overseas feel about skipping on the vaccine check. That being said, the DS-3025 vaccine form that panel physicians fill out and submit to the embassy does have a few categories which they can blanket waive, including not age appropriate, flu shots out of season and "not routinely available" as stated earlier, so vaccines can still be considered complete in these cases and this will normally be accepted by USCIS at the time of AOS. Hopefully she can get the vaccine she wants as soon as she can regardless.
  13. Nice! Did they never update your case status? My wife's updated yesterday to show "case approved" on both the EAD and AP. I have informed delivery to give me a tracking number regardless of whether the USCIS tells me or not.
  14. I read the thread and the impression I got was that some WoM cases weren't succeeding in the first place (as in the writ was never granted by the court), not that negative action was being made in response to the WoM, with the "expired K-1 petitions" being a separate issue. And even then, for cases such as IR-1, there's no such thing as a petition expiring. Has someone had their IR-1 denied as a direct result to a WoM?
  15. Are there any examples of someone's case being denied because of a writ of mandamus? This is a common response to the subject on here, but I haven't seen an example of it happening.
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