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  1. I created flash cards with each question on one side and one correct answer on the other. You can start by leaving out the ones you already know the answer to, and study just a certain number per day, instead of all at once every day, which can be overwhelming. Then have someone test you as if you were at the interview. There are also lots of videos on youtube and apps, but it comes down to the way you learn best. Good luck!
  2. And although it might sound obvious - bring a mask! One guy showed up without a mask. Seriously? He had to be told THREE times by the security person to leave the building until he got one. People don't read? Don't care?
  3. My ceremony was June 10th at USCIS Memphis TN instead of Nashville TN Court (not currently handling oaths due to COVID). I received the letter 10 days in advance. We weren't allowed in the building earlier than 15 minutes, although the letter mentioned 30'. No guests allowed (they had to wait outside the building, on the street). Masks required once you entered the building (or you had to leave till getting one). Lined up, took the elevators 3 people at a time. The floor everywhere was marked to show where to stand. Once at the 7th floor, we lined up to enter. While waiting, a lady checked that we all had our letters with the questions answered, with date and place written correctly (had to say Memphis TN and the date, not where you actually live). One by one we entered, one lady asked about current health. Then, security - airport-like. Then check-in, where they took the letter and Green Card; at the next window, they gave me an envelope (oath, passport application, voting info, welcome letter, etc - no flag, though!) and my certificate, which I had to check for errors. Then we were allowed in the ceremony room. There were 3 rows of 7 chairs each. We were 20 people getting our oath. (A sign on the wall said "Max. capacity 78 people" - in normal times, that is) From being allowed into the building to all being seated in the room, it all took 20 minutes. Then the ceremony was only 10 minutes. First, a lady explained everything we're allowed to do after becoming citizens (register to vote and passport right away if we want to, wait 10 days to go to SS, make copies of the certificate but only black and white, not color). Then the USCIS Director administered the oath, and as soon as we were done clapping, we were told to line up to take the elevators down. I could barely take a picture with the flag while walking out - the security guy offered me to take one, though!
  4. Thank you, Nov 2019 group! You and the whole VJ forum have been a great support (logistically and emotionally) throughout this journey. To those waiting, hang in there! The finish line is near!
  5. Yes, nobody was allowed in the building (not just the USCIS) without one. I'll message you more details later when I get home.
  6. Ceremony was at USCIS Memphis (3 hour drive from home) at 11. Got there 30 minutes early, but they didn't let us in till 10:45. Everything was very well organized, started almost on time. We were 20 taking the oath. The ceremony lasted 10 minutes... and immediately had to walk out! Tried to take a selfie with the certificate and the flag behind me while walking to the elevators, lol, so the security guy offered to take it for me. It was not what I had imagined, of course, but I am happy to be now a citizen and so glad to be done with USCIS, lol
  7. Yay! That's great that they gave you the option!! Good decision
  8. Oh. Yes, where we went for our interviews. Hopefully the Nashville court resumes naturalization ceremonies in July!
  9. They are sending me to Memphis for the oath! 😮 June 10th
  10. Hey, thanks! You were lucky you had yours before all this mess!
  11. Were the ceremonies in Cleveland going to be at the court or was it a different location? All ceremonies here in Nashville are usually at the court, which early at the start of the pandemic decided to close, and they are still closed until the end of June at least. I was not expecting to be scheduled for a ceremony yet, but USCIS probably decided to take over and hold these at their offices. Maybe that is the case with Cleveland. It is very annoying to get your hopes up and down so often, though.
  12. That's cool!! I keep thinking of how many of the changes that this pandemic generated are actually great changes that will remain once the crisis is over - not just in USCIS but all over the world.
  13. Mine was (is) still showing June, too. I'll be refreshing myuscis all day, be sure of that, and I'll let you know!
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