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  1. Ship, submarine...etc...
  2. Jeeze you don't have to get mad! You asked for opinions and I gave you mine. If you come on here asking for advice don't kill the messenger. Hopefully you get back in???
  3. If it were me I would cancel my travel plans. But that's just me. I tend to err on the side of caution. It would suck if you traveled and you got someone in a bad mood at the re-entry point and you were denied entry. Good luck and God Bless, Aloha, David
  4. Congratulations! God is good, even when we wait!
  5. Something we must all remember. Alcohol is a drug. It is legal but it is still a drug.
  6. Why is it that so many people think an annulment will get their new spouse deported anyway? See a divorce lawyer if you don't want to spend the rest of your life with him.
  7. No it means they cashed your check. Nothing has been "approved" yet. It might be weeks or months before you get any word on the case. You have a long way to go. Just take a deep breath.
  8. Why would it not be "legit". Why would a scammer send you such a letter?
  9. Take a deep breath.
  10. Only thing is I am not using Chrome. I am using Firefox and I did not get this warning a few weeks back. This is something new with Firefox?
  11. Not sure how many people on this planet, let alone a Filipina could afford to spend 6 months on a vacation?
  12. Yes you might be able to "grease the wheels" however you must realize that the US Agents in the Manila Embassy will know that a standard tourist visa to Mexico is for a limited period of six months maximum. In which case they will figure out that you "greased a wheel or two" for her to LIVE in Mexico beyond the "legal" time frame. This might cause the CO in Manila to not trust you. It might very well present issues for you. Just a thought.