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  1. OMG! Now you're gonna blame Trump!? He isn't even President yet. Trust me, none of the people that will be replaced under the new presidency will ever review any immigration files. The only people leaving will be Obama appointees, if there even were any?
  2. Sometimes you gotta put yourself in the CO's shoes. The fact that you have a signed delivery receipt proves nothing. The person signing might have gotten an empty envelope. What I mean is having someone's signature on something doesn't prove anything other than an envelope was received. The papers might have been lost in the shuffle. There are many possibilities. My advice...just surrender and continue with the process. Get over the anger. Get a second job like I did so I could afford the immigration process. I'm sorry this happened to you but you should just move forward. Good luck
  3. No one wants a 3 ring binder. In fact they don't even want a two hole punch on top. Just paper clip everything together with a cover sheet. If someone sees your packet come in with so much stuff and in a binder they may place it aside to go through other stuff instead.. They would have to remove all of the ####### you put your papers together with to hole punch and put it in their standard folders.
  4. That's ridiculous! So you will "punish" your spouse's family and not have them at the wedding because your dad can't travel to USA? OMG, that is not the solution! If your dad has really not been arrested since 1984 I am sure he could clear it up. Is it possible that your dad did not disclose the fact the he was arrested again to your mom and other family members due to shame? Just a thought.
  5. But he would be "giving you away" in an imaginary ceremony that doesn't count anyway.
  6. NO it is NOT legal to do any kind of work until you are authorized to do so.
  7. Sounds more to me like YOU are the one seeking a divorce???
  8. Simple. Just get married in a courthouse in the US. Then later have the big wedding in Canada. You can have as many weddings as you want in as many countries as you want once the k-1 has been issued.
  9. DO NOT have any ceremonies at all. Just get married after the K-1 is issued. You can always go back to Canada and have another wedding for your family there. You are asking for trouble.
  10. Wow, that is the craziest statement I HAVE EVER READ ON VJ! Who will support her and her children in Nigeria? HOW ABOUT YOU???!!! OMG!!! You have got to be joking!!!
  11. Can't help you until you fill in your timeline.
  12. You refuse to look at what you are saying. You LIED on your tourist application and now you are TELLING THE TRUTH on you K-1? How is it "Enough" that you are supposedly telling the truth now? If I weren't so suspicious of Nigeria (80-90% of all worldwide email scams, check scams, etc, come out of Nigeria) If I were a CO I might think you are scamming this poor woman and perhaps you never intended on marrying her. Perhaps you are already married to someone else in Nigeria? How the heck am I supposed to know what the truth is at this point? Has anyone sent any money yet? Is she supporting you and your family yet? I'm sorry but YOU are the very reason that Nigeria denies Visas all day long. Liers, liers, liers. No offense intended but it's the truth. I hope the woman you "might be scamming" gets to read this but I doubt it. Of course, I am not saying you are scamming anyone but you did attempt to scam the US Government when you lied and got your "fiancé" to conspire in the lie with you.
  13. Are you reading what you are writing? I am very sorry this happened to you but how does anyone know which statement was the truth? I wish you all well.
  14. Wow, I guess we are fortunate in Hawaii. We have excellent hospitals, birthing suites, etc... The cost of living here is very high but perhaps you get what you pay for?