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  1. This petition is different from my last one my last one was cr1 this one is k1
  2. Do u think it would help if I got a congressman involved before they send it back.
  3. Thank you. This is very helpful.
  4. Thanks I will try to contact her.
  5. Maybe in a few months I will be screaming saying "our petition was reaffirmed ".
  6. No the nvc can decide to approve it again. I've seen it done with cr-1 petitioners.
  7. I've decided to contact the nvc with an inquiry abt it.That's where they're sending it.
  8. Has anybody ever had a case sent back to the NVC and it's again approved?
  9. And the children had absolutely nothing to do with the denial it was proving that we were in a bona fide relationship
  10. You don't need a DNA if the children are not traveling at that time
  11. They did that because he's bringing the child with him now
  12. The children had nothing to do with the denial he had already proven that they were he is they later came up with the decision that our relationship was not bonafide
  13. I did apply for the kids to follow later, that's why we had to prove that they were his. If the kids were not his they would not be able to follow
  14. The children would be following later in abt 2 years.
  15. I don't have children with him. He had to show proof that the kids that he was bringing was his.,snd then when that was proven that is when they said our relationship wasn't bonafide. We didn't go into AP because of a question of bonafide. We went into AP because he did not have the children's birth certificates