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  1. Got an email Friday from AP asking him to send in his passport with children's birth certificates. Does this necessarily mean we're going to get the visa. We have been in AP now for a month.....Nigeria. Do they usually ask you for passport if they not going to approve u?
  2. That's funny cos there's no such thing as one d as y of AP. If you were already approved. But congrats.
  3. I no its irrelevant I was just wondering. Thanks for checking on that for me.
  4. Thanks for y'all response, but I already know that, so y'all really didn't answer my question. There is a percentage rate and I no it takes days, and sometimes weeks or months, but I m try in to find out what has the percentage of approvals been after AP.
  5. Does anybody know the percentage rate or even the chances of being denied after AP? I was told the longer the wait, the more of a chance of being denied. At Nigeria's embassy
  6. Thanks to Mmagic and D wheels at least I no now that I should wait at least 60 business days.before inquiring. I needed to know how long I should wait, but nobody seems to know. Thanks so much Mmagic.
  7. Does anybody know of an email address to find out the status of Administrative Processing? They asked for more documents and we delivered them to DHL on Dec.18th. They wanted baptism records and school records. This was in Nigeria. Does anybody know an email address for inquiry?