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  1. not really sure when i'm supposed to pay the MRV fee and its significance to when our interview is scheduled

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    2. W Mark and Carol

      W Mark and Carol

      Thanks for the info there - is encouraging to know! :-).. I'll try DOS again... first time I just got caught up in one of those automated telephone systems that kept looping me back to the main menu... Number I called was: 202 663 1225 is that same as you did?..

    3. DiZZyLoX


      yep! press 1 then 0 to get to an operator

    4. W Mark and Carol

      W Mark and Carol

      I think that DOS did not like my Skype... so my fiance called from the US... wondering whether I dare risk sending my packet three while I'm still waiting for police certificate & support forms to arrive... though Medical's not until 20th... Hmm...

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