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  1. Congratulations @canuck32!! I had my Oath Ceremony today at the Eastern District Court in Brooklyn and I can now officially say that I'm a US Citizen! It was a LONG 4 hours in there, but it was totally worth it given the fact that I've had to deal with USCIS for the past 7 years! Good luck to all those still waiting, your time is near and congrats to all the new citizens. Would you mind updating me for the final time @vegasbound? Thank you so much for all of your help keeping my portion of the timeline correct
  2. EV11

    Taxes Filed Separately?

    There is no issue filing your taxes as "married filing separately" as long as you didn't file as "single". As the others have said, you will need to send your tax transcrips with your application as you are filing for Citizenship based on marriage. Good luck!
  3. EV11

    Changing SSA Status

    Go to your local SSA office that offers "card services" and update your immigration status. You do not need an appointment. Bring either your Naturalization Certificate and/or US Passport as proof. If your name has changed also bring the necessary documentation relating to that. Search 'Social Security Office Locater", put your zip code in and then select an office that offers "card services". Wait at least 10 days after your Naturalization to update info.
  4. Although I am days away from completing my Naturalization process, I wanted to chime in for those who may find it useful. The whole process took me just under 10 months from start to finish. I did however ask for a delayed Oath Ceremony at my interview, so please take that into account. So I've also included the date the Queens Field office wanted to schedule my Oath Ceremony so that it better reflects the actual timeframe which would have been more like 9 months. GC Date: 02/02/2012 Sent: 11/21/16 Cashed: 11/30/2016 NOA: 11/25/2016 Fingerprints: 12/19/2016 In Line for Interview: 01/04/2017 Interview Letter: 09/11/2017* Oath: 09/14/2017 ** Field Office: Queens, NY *My original Oath Letter was received on August 18th 2017 **My original Oath Ceremony was set for August 22nd 2017 At my interview I had requested that my Oath Ceremony be after September, 4th 2017 and my interviewer added the note to my file. The Queens office did fantastic job of honoring my request because although I received an Oath Ceremony date for August 22nd they had already caught their “error” (I don’t want to even call it that as they were doing me a favor) and descheduled it on my behalf. Therefore I did not have to go through the formal process of requesting (or debating whether I should request) a new Oath Ceremony date.
  5. Hello November Filers! I had my interview on July 19th in NYC and requested a delayed Oath Ceremony for after September 4th. Well I got home today (9/11) and my Oath Ceremony was in the mail My Oath Ceremony will be this Thursday (9/14). I am SO excited! Would you be so kind as to update @vegasbound? Good luck to all those still waiting!