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  1. Ok called my Congressman and USCIS service request and now Congressman involved..Lets hope this creates some movement!!!!

    1. delidana


      Keeping my fingers crossed for you. BTW after NOA2 it goes very fast, be sure to send in the packet 3 ahead of time and do not use USPS. I sent on 26th May and it was delivered today (even though I paid for express shipping, we lost 10 days!)

    2. no  more

      no more

      Thank you for your support! Yes we are getting everything ready!!!! WHat way to send should I chose to send the packet?

    3. delidana


      Definitely UPS, I have found out that once USPS delivers to Istanbul, it's in PTT (Turkish USPS) hands which is slower than turtles :) My fiance had to go to central office and raise hell to pick up the package because they were just sitting on it!

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