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  1. What is the covid shot requirements? Did she get that one also?
  2. Is there any update on your case ? Hopefully you received NOA2. How is your wife's case now? Is there any update? Same situation here.
  3. I am having the same exact situation right now. My case was sent from Nebraska to Vermont. Also sent 3 times outside of processing times. (september 2020 NOA1) I got same message you got from USCIS. We also travelled a lot of Countries and petitionary(my husband) has comman name. I do not know what would be the reason but I wanted to share. How is your case coming along? I cannot see your case timeline so I dont know if you guys received an update. If it is please share with us here and update on your timeline. Good luck
  4. No, nothing yet the only weird thing happened is I tried another outside of processing time e-request. It said I cannot dublicate because there is already one in process now (something like that) I can request in 30 days from the day I applied(which it was already 60 + days old.) But no movement... I found out from tier 1 from live chat through Emma. But keep in mind they also dont know much. For example I requested call from tier 2 they instead send me email saying they sent my case back to Nebraska. Later on I talked to tier 1 they said it is in Vermont. I said but they sent me email saying my case sent back to Nebraska. Their response was that tier 2 has more detail info but tier 1 doesnt....Instead of asking directly Emma try asking tier 1 or (even better) tier 2..They will give you more solid info. I believe you are almost done with first part, most of the people get approved soon after USCIS actively reviewing. Good luck let us know when you are approved.
  5. What did you end up doing because we will wait for mandate to drop as well. We are not going to get vaccinated.
  6. My case not approved but I think our situation is uniqe. I dont think anybodies case that long. Dont know the reason. They transfered after I sent them that it is outside of processing time already. They viewed a month and sent to Nebraska again it has been 2 or 3 months ago they sent to Nebraska. Nothing yet.
  7. You can ask Emma simply 'Live Chat' and she will transfer you to a live agent.
  8. Mine also was in Nebraska and they sent to Vermont and then transfered back to Nebraska as well. Dont know why
  9. I think you are alright. You should still be in normal processing time. But if they finish your case within the time they give (and most of the time thats the case I believe mine is not usual) you should hear from them soon. Let us know when you get your approval 🙏
  10. 2021 or 2020. So sorry confused with timeline 😅 You said They are reviewing your case since June 2020 but your case sent March 2021. Do you mean you started march 2021 and it has been saying under review June 2021 ? And obsulately I agree it does not make any sense to keep families separeted all that time. I think they just don't care.
  11. I couldn't agree more about the excuse... When is the date you applied I-130 ? We are soooo tired too. I cannot imagine how you feel.
  12. I was wondering something. Did you do anyting that may slow the process. I mean anything. Address changing but not updating, missing document, lack of proof of marriage in any type etc.. I am trying to understand why some people get approved right away and some takes long. Thank you so much for your time.
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