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    Ask and you will be given...Seek and you will find...Knock and it will be opened to you.

    That was it. Laid my hearts innermost desires at God's feet and He paid such tender attention to my heart.

    I asked...God sought...Femi knocked and my heart was overfilled with joy and thanksgiving.

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  1. Very long story...called about my case...OH MY!!! I love my fiance sooo much and I realize just how fragile I am regarding this process. How easy it is that some random individual can say what appears to be simple words and leave me afraid and fearing heartbreak...God, I so need the peace that only you can give! I choose to believe you spoke to me from "Sarah"

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    2. ♥Muslimqueen♥


      i metn to send a :) but i sent the sad one by mistake sorry

    3. chevalnoir


      I'm sorry that you are having a stressful week. Although it may not happen as quickly as we all would like, it WILL happen. Try to keep that in your thoughts. :) Sending virtual hugs to you!

    4. yankepeach


      This process is a roller coster of emotions isnt it. Hang in there. You know its gonna be worth it in the end.

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