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    Pretty typical...we met online in a chat room. We fast became friends and our personalities just meshed so well. Well then we were on Skype....before long we realized that we were spending 8 - 12 hours together on it. We were wondering... Is there a out side world at all? We just couldn't go with out the others company. It was soon decided that I would be going over to visit him. What we were feeling was just as intensely personal as it was when we were online but even more satisfying emotionally and physically. Then I had to go home. When I got home I realized that I was sick....very very sick. I live by myself and poor Bryan looked so frazzled. He wanted to take care of me and couldn't ...much. For the next three days he watched over me (Skype) ....making me to take meds....or to prod me to eat something. He even told me fairytale to help distract me when I was too sick to move. If I wasn't in love with the man before then....I certainly was after that. So here we are......He asked me to marry him. ......Yeah I am gonna marry him. This is the kind of love I dreamed about as a child and then young women. I had began to believe it to be just fantasy. Its not. Its out there.Just so freaking bloody hard too find!

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