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  1. Since the ceac website hasn’t been working since Saturday or Sunday, how can I know if my visa got issued since then? I had my interview a week ago so it might be issued now hopefully... Also, if it’s issued, does the embassy email people to let them know they are shipping documents to you or is it the big surprise? I want to precise that I chose delivery at a post office
  2. I actually tried to call NVC the time my case was there 4 times and my fiancé did 5 times. There’s no way they’ll do it on the phone first of all... and you have to send them a request online through their inquiry form. The thing is that I sent them this request on July 15th and you want to know the funny part? They answered me only yesterday telling me my case isn’t there anymore so it’s not up to them to do this change anymore lol 🤦🏼‍♀️ So yes it might be the best option to catch it at the NVC but honestly it’s IMPOSSIBLE!
  3. Paris sent the file to Madrid as soon as Madrid asked. It showed ready 2 days later. Ready is supposed to mean that the file has reached the new embassy, isn’t it? I honestly think they received it but haven’t processed it yet in their computer. Because usually it stays as « transfer in progress » for people whose transfer took a long time
  4. That was fast! My situation is the following : Case ready in Paris : 07/26 Transfer requested to Madrid from Paris : 07/28 Transfer approved : 07/29 Transfer in progress : 07/30 Case ready in Madrid with the MDD letters at the end of the case number : 07/31 So basically since 07/31 my case is ready out there but they keep on telling me they haven’t received anything so I can’t move on to the next steps I am getting so frustrated... did the same happen to you guys when it showed ready or everything went smoothly?
  5. How long did she wait to get her status « ready »? And how long after that did they receive the physical file?
  6. Hey! Is there anybody here who has ever transferred their case from one embassy to another? I might have some questions! Than you so much
  7. Oh really? How long was it taking for Moscow to get the physical file then? and what is the DHL hack? Is it the last letters of the case number? If yes, yes it shows MDD at the end of the case number since July 31st
  8. Hi everyone! I was just wondering why the USEM in Madrid is telling me they haven’t received my case yet if the status says « ready » on the ceac website? It’s been a week today that it shows ready on this website so I really don’t understand why and I am getting really frustrated because of that I already have all my documents ready to go for Packet 3 to the embassy...
  9. Thanks!! How long does it take usually? I guess from France to Spain, since it’s Schengen zone, it shouldn’t take that long... I hope so at least
  10. Hey everyone! My case arrived in Paris last Friday. I asked Madrid to get it transferred there for the interview and they accepted. Now they have to request the transfer from Paris to Madrid since I am a legal resident there. Have anybody else ever experienced the same (transfer from one embassy to another)?
  11. Hey! Did it work out for you? Were you able to change the embassy?
  12. My file isn’t at NVC yet, will they accept my request? Or should we wait that our file gets to NVC to inquire? Also do we need to get the approval for the new embassy before inquiring?
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