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  1. My file isn’t at NVC yet, will they accept my request? Or should we wait that our file gets to NVC to inquire? Also do we need to get the approval for the new embassy before inquiring?
  2. I would actually like to transfer it from NVC to the new embassy I haven’t got NOA2 yet! How long would be the delay from NVC?
  3. Thank you for your answer I am sorry but what is the I-120F petition?
  4. Hey! I got a job offer in Barcelona for a 6 month contract that starts in 2 weeks I am French and currently living in France, that’s why I was supposed to get the interview in Paris at first. However, Paris has a crazy backlog regarding the interviews for the K1 visa... so I was thinking since I’ll become a legal resident in Spain to get my file transferred over there for the interview Has anybody in this group ever experienced the same situation? Or experienced a file transfer? Thanks a lot
  5. Hey guys! We are a K1 couple who filled the form in March 2019 I, the beneficiary, am from Paris and I was wondering something about the interview at the consulate with my fiancé. The US embassy is now full until August 2019 for interview dates in Paris. Indeed, they only get 4 people interviewed per month for K1 visa. I saw thanks to VJ that a lot of French beneficiaries are about to schedule their interview soon thanks to their timelines So, I was wondering if by any chance there would have been a possibility that the embassy would realize that a lot of people are waiting to get an interview date in France and would, by any chance, add more dates or more people per interview day (which take place twice a month only)? Because the situation right now is that people are waiting about 5 months from NOA2 to get to the interview day over here... I don’t know if I am clear enough or not lol
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