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  1. I am wondering when I should file the I-134 form? The same time as I file the I-129F, or after I get the first NOA.
  2. I am getting ready to send in my I-129f packet. I need to start preparing the documents to prove that my spouse and two kids are not going to be a public charge. A possible problem I can see is that i am disabled and receive SSDI and have a company pension. I also have stocks, CDs, savings accounts etc.. I am above the 125% poverty level for a family of four. My question is in our "the current environment -- MAGA", do i have anything to worry about? Will I need to obtain a letter from my doctor saying that I am permanently disabled? (I turned in the SSDI continuation form in January, where the SSA determines if you are still eligible to receive benefits). I also turned in a form to my company, filled out by my doctor to prove that I am permanently disabled, last year. Is this necessary? Or can I just send in my last checks and SSDI payments as well as my assets? Many thanks for any and all replies!
  3. "The suspension order applies to certain Venezuelan government officials and their immediate family members who are non-immigrants on business or tourist travel to the U.S." https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/world/2017/09/25/trumps-new-travel-ban-applies-eight-countries-heres-why/699962001/ Thank you cyberfx1024
  4. Hi, I am new to the K-1 visa process. My fiance lives in Venezuela and I am a US citizen. I am not sure if I need to get a Visa to go to Caracas or how difficult that would be given the current political climate. She has traveled here on a tourist visa, multiple times, and we have many pictures and a picture of the ring I gave her. Obviously it would help her case to have me there, in addition to showing her support. But, is it a deal breaker? thanks for any and all replies!
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