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  1. Thank you for everyone's comments. Some more background on our journey: - She had a tourist visa issued by the US consulate in Caracas and always traveled here to the states; we always met within 6 hours driving distance (therefore, I do not have entry and exit stamps on my passport) - She did not keep her boarding passes (who thinks to do this?) - I flew on one occasion to Miami but it was before the two-year window and stayed at a hotel with her; the receipt says two adults, nothing to indicate her name - I have her passport stamps, as posted earlier and will annotate to point out her entry date back to Venezuela The exact wording on the RFE is: "You submitted printed travel itineraries and photos as eveidence of satisfying the two year meeting requirement. However, the printed travel itineraries are insufficeint evidence because they do not deonstrate that travel was completed according to the itineraries submitted. Therefore, submit addiitonal evidence, not already submitted, that you and your fiance have met each other in person at some time during the two-year period from December 23, 2017 until December 23, 2019, the filing date of your petition. " - I have affidavits from my mom (from Thanksgiving 2019), and a friend (from July 2019) with photos - I will include copies of her exit and entry stamps on her passport (again, I never traveled out of the country) - I will try to find her I-94 history What else can I do?
  2. Can you comment on whether the passport stamps are legible? I swear this has to do with the current administrations tough stance on immigration.
  3. But they can look up the I-94's to see when she entered and exited the US. This just seems like busy work to me. Can I print the I-94's from online?
  4. I am going to make an assumption here that whoever is adjudicating my application already has our itineraries and photos. But I appreciate your feedback 🙂. I also sent a table listing all of our trips with clearly marked post it notes attached to all original pictures and itineraries.
  5. Yes, the date I filed was December 2019. She traveled here a total of five times. That passport is obviously outside, sorry, but this is an example of the legibility. I guess I will have to translate what Entrada means.
  6. Ok, so I recieved an RFE to complete the 2 year requirement. But am dumbfounded what they need? I included airline itineraries back to Venezuela on all five of her trips here. Seems like job justifying work to me . However, I will send them copies of her passport that clearly show that she recieved an "entrada" stamp for all five visits. Other than going around asking for affidavids from people, I do not have access to anything else and I need to get this to the USICS processing center in California by July 13th 2020. My question is: Assuming they can read the passport stamps, will this satisfy the requirement? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. I have included one photo from her passport. THanks for any and all comments
  7. I have received an RFE for my Venezuelan Fiance to prove that she is divorced from her ex per commond law statute. The recept date is 4/17/200 and the due date is 7/13/2020. She sent me official documents in Spanish and I had them translated by a certified translation service. Her documents clearly show that she is within the common law statues of her state to be considered divorced. My question is, since everything is closed in Venezuela, including the office that appostilles, should I send copies of the original documents and the translations to the USCIS, with an explanation that because of COVID, we could not get the documents appostilled? Or should I wait until the offices open? I don't think the latter is an option. thank you for any and all comments
  8. Thank you Pitaya. I am assuming the kids need to go to the interview with their passports?
  9. This is good news. I was beginning to panic. I thought I had thought of every document to fill out Thank you all
  10. Hi, I am filling out the I-129f form to bring my fiancee from Venezuela here. She has two children. I have entered the children's names on the I-129f form. I would like it if they could travel with her. I assume the consular officer needs to approve the "bona fides" of our marriage first. Assuming that happens, what do i need to file for her children? I found this line in the I-129f processing guideline "Note: The US Citizen may also apply to bring the K-1 Visa holder's unmarried children, who are under age 21, to the United States." How do I apply? what forms do i need to fill out? I have read in other places that I need to fill out K2 visas for each child? What exactly are the steps, e.g.: 1. submit I-129f form 2. interview in Bogota 3. K-1 visa approved 4. At this point, how do I get her 2 children into the country? What do I need to do? Will the consular officer in Bogota stamp the kids' passports? Many thanks for any and all information!
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