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  1. I received a call this morning for our daughter's appearance in US embassy for her CRBA,though it has been said so many times that it is possible that they require DNA test for child born out of wedlock and I only have read few who made it without DNA even not yet married,I still have faith and pray that we can do it without DNA.Please wished us luck and extend your prayers for US!Here is the list of the documents we passed..Plus,so happy finally USCIS send back our petition in NVC,So relieved! Anyone else who have appointment on March 30? Application for Consular Report of Birth Abroad and U.S. Passport Kissandra Angeline Umlas Munoz # 10 San Nicolas 2nd Sasmuan, Pampanga Philippines 2004 Embassy of the United States of America Manila,Philippines American Citizens Services ( March 15, 2009 ) To Whom It May Concern: Enclosed please find my daughter's application for Consular Report of Birth Abroad and U.S. Passport and supporting documents 1. Completed and Notarized DS-2029,DS-3053 with DS 11 with 2 passport photos of applicant 2.completed and Notarized DS- 5507,Affidavit of Parentage, Physical Presence and Support. 3.Applicant’s birth certificate issued by nso and Philippine Passport. 4.Proof of applicant's father U.S. Citizenship -> Original U.S. Passport old and current, original Birth certificate, Original Certificate of Citizenship 5. Proof of U.S. Citizen father’s Physical presence in the U.S. prior to the child's birth. ( High School Diploma, employment record,old driver’s license, Tax returns 2004-2008,W2 stab 2004-2009) 6. Proof of parents physical presence in the same location at the probable time of applicant's conception. (hotel bookings, Plane ticket in boracay and boarding passes,parents pictures together, Applicant’s father passport showing Entry/Exit stamps on visa pages ) 7. Evidence of relationship of parents before applicant's birth. (Greeting cards,Western Union Receipts 2008, ultrasounds, ) 8. Proof of parents ongoing relationship after applicant's birth. (Some Chat sessions, Western Union receipts 2009,2010 Parents pictures together, boarding pass and itinerary, hospital bills ,Paternity leave documents of applicants father) Additional: Family scrapbook, album of series of photos of applicant, Scrapbook of Boracay Trip with plane tickets and boarding passes.(all parents pictures together are included in the scrapbooks) Documents submitted are original and notarized and I understand that We the Parents required to submit original documents to American Citizens Services.
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