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  1. Yay, finally received messages from uscis that they received our forms ☺️ They were delivered on June 6th, money took from card yesterday and just got messages today.
  2. Our package was delivered last Thusday (June 6). Last night my husband told me that they charged us the fee however so far we didn't get any messages that they received our package. I used to think that they charge for application and notify the same day 🙄
  3. Hello June filers! Sent my package on June 3 and just saw that it was delivered to uscis
  4. We are going to send our package within next days Just sent the request of amending our marriage certificate (my dad's name) and we're going to include the copy to our package. Since we thing we should also attach an explanation letter about the mistake in the certificate I am wondering whether anyone has an example of this letter? Should we follow certain rules or just make it easy and kind of informal?
  5. Thanks a lot! It’s really frustrating, but we have to deal with it anyway. We’re thinking to send our current marriage license with the aos package, apply for a new corrected one and also attach a letter to our aos package explaining that it was a mistake made in a marriage certificate and we applied for a new one (attach a copy of the application form to the package as well). If we get rfe we obviously will be ready to send them the copy of the new marriage license.
  6. Hello everyone. We are about to start our AOS process next week, we went to pick up our marriage certificate and found the mistake in my dad’s last name. Like my mom’s last name is Smitha, but my dad’s last name is Smith, so a letter difference. Completely my mistake, however we’ve been told we should request a new marriage license from the state of California and it can take 3-6 weeks to get a new one. My I-94 expires in July and I definitely want to apply before that. All of my other documents are filled using my dad’s correct name tho (all forms plus birth certificate). Is it crucial to wait until we receive the corrected form or we can send uscis the one which we have with the mistake in my dad’s name? Just bring the correct one for the interview or maybe send the new one in case of RFE.
  7. Our NOA2 was 11/30. Does NVC send any information via email? Like that they received the case or the case number is ready? Or the only one way to get the information is to call them? I am really sorry if this was asked before 🙈 We haven't called them yet, however as I see some people with similar dates are getting their numbers already.
  8. Got our approval on October 30th 🎉 Already started to read October thread, but seems like it wont hurt to join this thread as well
  9. I didn’t get a notification, just updated by myself 🙄 btw my fiancé didn’t receive any messages or emails about the update, so I guess new website still says received (can’t check now)
  10. Thanks Hope your NOA2 will be very soon! Our estimated dates were around Nov 6-16 but ended up that we got it earlier
  11. Just saw that approval of May 4th filer and decided to check my case tracker app as well and omg we were approved! It happened a way sooner that we expected 🎉 NOA1: Old website May 4 New website May 9 NOA2: October 30 😍
  12. I have the same dates as well! May 4 old website and May 9 new website ☺️ Asked my fiancé to start checking his mail box more often lol
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