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  1. We received the same letter and were told to wait up to 60 days if I'm not wrong. However the status was updated next day, so I hope you will receive updates very soon! I heard that it is a very common thing when filers are not approved on spot. Also heard that sometimes IO needs to confirm the decision with supervisor so it takes time
  2. You mean AOS processing time? As it was said above check the timeline of filers from the same office. My office was showing processing time from 8 to 16 months I guess, but I received mine in 3.5 months You may try to expedite his EAD (as I see he needs to work), but I do not know your circumstances, not all requests are approved. Some of June filers already are receiving their EAD/AP cards, however some filers from previous months are still waiting.
  3. Your EAD/AP will be processed in National Benefits Center. Your AOS case number will have MSC letters in the beginning because your case will be initially reviewed in National Benefits Center and then sent to your Local Field Office, but the processing time of your AOS is based on your Local Field Office.
  4. I received mine in like 5 business days. Usually filers receive it within a week Did you sign up for informed delivery? It may help you.
  5. I wouldn't be nervous, seems like you have enough evidence 👍
  6. I think you have enough evidence 👍 I had the same issue with utility companies, it literally took more than two month to make my name appear on a bill. We also didn't have a joint bank account when we had the interview, however I was added as an authorized user to my husband's credit cards. He did it online and it was pretty fast, but it depends on a bank I guess. Anyway maybe it will be useful for someone else here Also we asked our family members to write a letter that they know us, what do they think about our relationship and so on. In addition to that I decided to bring some photos which were made before our marriage, just to show the timeline of our relationship. Officer just looked at them, didn't include to the file.
  7. I received mine a month ago and they also just left it in a mailbox
  8. As I remember I was told to wait up to 8 weeks. Anyway I would call your local office and ask
  9. Some filers even don't receive any updates until their interview is scheduled.
  10. This depends on your local field office. Some filers wait months until status “interview was scheduled”, while others receive it a way faster.
  11. If you want to provide more evidence you can ask your friends and family to write letters stating that they know both of you as a couple and your relationship. At least that’s what we did and our officer took them. Also when my husband added me as an authorized user to credit cards, they didn’t ask for ssn.
  12. I remember reading some reviews (good ones) from that office on VJ, so you definitely can find some You never know how they are going to interview though. Some couples go together, while some are separated and interviewed one by one. Definitely do not worry about it, however I’d recommend to practice some basic questions especially ones including dates 😅 Good luck!
  13. I'm so sorry for you! I hope they reschedule your interview very soon.
  14. Hello, you’re welcome ☺️ No, I didn’t get new medical here since I did medical examination in my home country in February and applied for AOS in June. In my country I received a full copy of my medical examination but I know not everywhere it’s like that. Basically you brought your full medical examination in a sealed envelope to the U.S. and gave it to the officer at your port of entry. Anyone please correct me if I’m wrong Personally I wouldn’t worry about it, just bring your vaccination record if you have it. The officer at the interview should have it (at least this is how I understood it, reading about interviews when filers didn’t have their own copy of medical). That’s what I also heard about applying for AOS within a year since medical examination, however I cannot be 100% sure. Hope other June filers can help you out!
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