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  1. 2nd scan date: March 1 CC: May 8 Interview: June 22 Manila
  2. Congratulations on your interview. We have the same scan date and cc date. I called Nvc just a few minutes ago and still no interview date yet. I will call again before they close tonight.
  3. Finally! Got cc today.. 2nd scan date- March 1
  4. Called NVC today. The rep said they just forwarded my case to the review department today. Hope to get cc next week. 2ND SCAN DATE- March 1
  5. Checking in.. Scan date- March 1
  6. I see.. try to call nvc if you can submit the corrected form. Just make sure to put your name as a sponsor and the husband is the house member..
  7. Yes, It sucks! Oh well, hopefully in a couple of weeks i will get cc. 🤞🏻
  8. Oh no! I'm sorry to hear that. Hopefully when you get a checklist they will let your beneficiary bring the corrected form on the day of the interview. When was your scan date?
  9. I put my name on the household member instead of my husband. 🙄😭
  10. I made a mistake on the I-864A. One mistake delays everything since the waiting time now is up to 11 weeks.
  11. 11 weeks unfortunately. I'm currently on my 8th week