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    1/17/2013 Filed form I-130
    2/01/2013 NOA1

    7/30/2013 Case Past Beyond 5 months. Snail-Mailed Missouri Service Center 7/30/2013 (Inquiring my case)

    8/22/2013 Approved (NOA2)
    9/09/2013 NVC just received dad's file
    9/19/2013=MCN/IIN obtained via phone.
    9/20/2013, I log on to ceac.state.gov and found out DS-261 is available for me to submit online. (take note: I did not wait NVC's notification or email).
    9/20/2013 (avail. online) AOS Invoice/Paid at ceac portal
    9/23/2013 Received e-mail notification to submit DS-261. (Done 3 days ago).
    9/24/2013 $88 AOS Check cashed
    9/26/2013 AOS showed Paid
    9/26/2013 Sent AOS dox via priority
    10/01/2013 NVC Received AOS Packaged
    10/02/2013 Received IV Fees Invoice
    10/02/2013 Paid IV Fees $230
    10/03/2013 DS-260 Submitted/filled/Signed Electronically.
    10/04/2013 Mailed IV Fee supporting dox via USPS priority.
    10/07/2013 Received NVC snail mail to update dad's email add.
    10/11/2013 NVC Received IV Supporting Dox.
    10/21/2013 Received email from NVC acknowledging Doc received. (said to give them 30 days to review)

    10/28/2013 Received AOS checklist (I only put my earnings what is listed on my W2 but since I am married and filed jointly on tax with my hubby. NVC requested the full amount on line 22 of 1040 tax return to be put on form I-864EZ Part 5,no. 19______
    10/29/2013 Sent New AOS form I-864EZ with correct amount income total back to NVC
    11/01/2013 NVC Received AOS form.

    (Expected date of Case Complete from AOS Checklist recieved is NOV 25, 2013)

    11/29/2013 CASE COMPLETE YAY!

    01/06/2014 Interview Schedule
    01/10/2014 Visa Received/CFO Sticker attached to my passport

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