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    1/17/2013 Filed form I-130
    2/01/2013 NOA1

    7/30/2013 Case Past Beyond 5 months. Snail-Mailed Missouri Service Center 7/30/2013 (Inquiring my case)

    8/22/2013 Approved (NOA2)
    9/09/2013 NVC just received dad's file
    9/19/2013=MCN/IIN obtained via phone.
    9/20/2013, I log on to ceac.state.gov and found out DS-261 is available for me to submit online. (take note: I did not wait NVC's notification or email).
    9/20/2013 (avail. online) AOS Invoice/Paid at ceac portal
    9/23/2013 Received e-mail notification to submit DS-261. (Done 3 days ago).
    9/24/2013 $88 AOS Check cashed
    9/26/2013 AOS showed Paid
    9/26/2013 Sent AOS dox via priority
    10/01/2013 NVC Received AOS Packaged
    10/02/2013 Received IV Fees Invoice
    10/02/2013 Paid IV Fees $230
    10/03/2013 DS-260 Submitted/filled/Signed Electronically.
    10/04/2013 Mailed IV Fee supporting dox via USPS priority.
    10/07/2013 Received NVC snail mail to update dad's email add.
    10/11/2013 NVC Received IV Supporting Dox.
    10/21/2013 Received email from NVC acknowledging Doc received. (said to give them 30 days to review)

    10/28/2013 Received AOS checklist (I only put my earnings what is listed on my W2 but since I am married and filed jointly on tax with my hubby. NVC requested the full amount on line 22 of 1040 tax return to be put on form I-864EZ Part 5,no. 19______
    10/29/2013 Sent New AOS form I-864EZ with correct amount income total back to NVC
    11/01/2013 NVC Received AOS form.

    (Expected date of Case Complete from AOS Checklist recieved is NOV 25, 2013)

    11/29/2013 CASE COMPLETE YAY!

    01/06/2014 Interview Schedule
    01/10/2014 Visa Received/CFO Sticker attached to my passport

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  1. Child born Nov 4, 2006 Petition March 2008 PD March, 16, 2008 Approved May 2010
  2. Thanks. What year do you think their PD will be current? 6yrs maybe? Give or tags a yr or so?
  3. Hey guys, Looking at the current October visa bulletin 2020 for F4 siblings Philippines, what is your prediction for someone who has a PD of May 2008? One sister (beneficiary) has a daughter that is now 13yrs old.. Do you think her daughter will have a shot? Petitioned March 2008 PD May 2008 Approved May 2010.
  4. The NVC did not ask for form 824. They area asking to pay for the DS-260.
  5. She was 15 when the petitioner matud to the mother. So is this a go to pay for visa?
  6. Hi, This is for a friend. Her US husband petitioned her daughter when she was 20. It got approved but at the time the beneficiary did not act on it, reason too busy for schooling. She turns 22 so they never pursue, USCIS SEND them email to pay for the visa. The petitioner is so confused because they know the step daughter has aged-out. Their question, should they go ahead pay for visa knowing she aged-out? Will it be a waste of money and time? They think they can pursue it since uscis sent them an email to pay for the visa
  7. Anyone noticed that the visa bulletin for F4 Visa Category moves very fast the last year from April 2019 to April 2020. Last year April 2019, the Visa Bulletin Final Action were Jun 01, 1996 cases or rather PD. This month April 2020 just one yr, they are now working on May 01, 2000. That is a big jump in just one year. Almost 5 years worth of cases. Wow! What do you think? F4 PHILIPPINES VISA BULLETIN FINAL ACTION APRIL 2019=01 JUN 1996- (Jumped) MAY 2019-01 MAR 1997 - 9 months JUNE 2019-01 JUN 1997 -3 months JULY 2019- 01 JAN 1998 -7 months AUG 2019- 01 MAY 1998 -4 months SEP 2019=01 JUL 1998 - 2 months OCT 2019 = 08 JUL 1998 -1 week NOV 2019=01 SEP 1998 - 2 months DEC 2019= 15 DEC 1998- 4 months JAN 2020=01 MAR 1999- 3 months FEB 2020= 01 JULY 1999= 4 months MARCH 2020= 01 DEC 1999= 5 months APRIL 2020= 01 MAY 2000= 5 months
  8. Thank you for your help. Does this mean her husband could also be in the process? Because when I applied for her she was not married to the father of her children. Now that they are married he can also process along?
  9. so the first 2 children 18 and 13 their names was put under the mother but the 3rd and the 4th younger kid are not. Do i need co submit these children's information e.g. birth ceriticate to NVC for update?
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