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  1. Adreamer

    Birth Certificate for Honduras

    Also make sure the seal is included with what you send. Ours was on the back so be sure to send a copy of the back if its on there.
  2. Adreamer

    Birth Certificate for Honduras

    Never send originals . only copies. You will need originals for the interview. The handwritten should be fine!
  3. Yay! I called and got a interview assigned!!! Cc :August 31 Interview assigned :September 29 Interview: November 9th
  4. You can try to ask to speak to a supervisor. They will most likely tell you they will put it in supervisor review and it can take up to six weeks. Even then you have a chance of having to resend. Alot of people decide to resend but some get lucky and talk to a supervisor on the phone. It's really a delicate decision to make.
  5. Congrats to everyone with interviews! 😊😊 Ugh this is getting frustrating! I don't know what the deal is with Honduras not scheduling ... supposively the embassy will close from the 4th to the 10th for holidays. I figured they would be giving dates now for November already. Anyone else from honduras that is not on the spreadsheet and has gotten Thier interview??
  6. Oh yeah case completed come late but I haven't seen a interview appointment email come any later than the next day. But I agree it better to be safe.
  7. I hate calling and being let down from what I see alot of people get the email alil after midnight if they were scheduled that day. I'm thinking about calling Friday also though! Good luck!
  8. Yea..NVC doesn't use the term "scan date" that is just a term used here. They call it the receive date. But whenever they received it is your "scan date"
  9. They schedule first in ,first out. So all cases that are eligible for a interview and are completed before yours will get scheduled before yours. We should start seeing interviews being scheduled again next week to the 1st-2nd week of October for November. It just depends on your country's work load and Thier interview slots..
  10. The only thing that pertains to your checklist is the last page of the email sent. The page that says "correspondence" . The first two pages are sent in every checklist. The first page is saying it is a checklist. The second is the cover sheet for if you are required to send them to NVC. The third page will tell you exactly what they need and if it is to be sent in to NVC.
  11. Thanks! And good luck to you on your interview!