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  1. Hello everyone ☺️ I have a question, I'm applying the n400 Online and I'm a little confused And was hoping anyone can help! I'm applying as my 90 day window is open, since I have my three year green card anniversary coming soon And married to a US citozen, Hence when I'm applying online however I some of questions. I've gone through the application online and so far The questions relate to where I lived Five years ago, employment, travel etc.. All for five years ago even though I came to the US as LPR coming up to three years ago. although I've listed the requested information, the information Is predominantly of my time in the UK, then portrays my time in the US from 2017 and onwards. If I try to change it to time in US it tells me I'm missing certain time periods. Am I doing this correctly? Sorry if this is a really simple answer 🤦🏻‍♀️
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