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  1. Hi everyone. I had my interview today at the Vancouver consulate. I have a child from a previous relationship and I provided a letter of consent from her father but unfortunately, the CO who interviewed me felt that the letter should have stronger wording. I'm looking for suggestions -- a template, perhaps? -- that could be used. For the record, this is the wording that was provided on the letter the CO did not like: I, _____, give permission for my child, _______, to immigrate to the US with her mother, ________ on a K-2 visa. I have no objections to the immigration and intended permanent resident status. I took this wording from the packet 3 document itself (it states that the other parent must write a letter of consent saying they have no objections) and told the CO this ... to which she replied, "I am prepared to accept this letter if you cannot obtain something stronger but I would strongly encourage you to get something with more firm wording". Suggestions, please? I was given a document stating I am required to provide evidence of custody (the CO wrote beside it "A letter stating permission for child to immigrate") and our passports were given back to us. We were told our visa in a state of temporary refusal. Thanks in advance for all contributions. And again, I apologise if this is the wrong forum ... I am a bit flustered.
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