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  1. You can pick up your visa after two days track your visa in 2Go etrace...me and k2 aproved 5/24 i pick up our visa in moa on 5/26 just 4 days ago
  2. Does anyone experience this, my status in ceac is issued, but my K2 is administrative process... how long they issued my k2?
  3. Thank you hank, thats also what i though.
  4. Good morning guy’s just wanna ask advice. i registered online for SLEC earlier more than a month? Slec said online registryion should be less than month before goin to have a medical, dies its cause any problem?
  5. You shouldn’t send those kind of photos... so many couple got denied because the same sitution like yours... but good luck anyway
  6. Good morning guys, i just wanna know about W2 do i have to submit latest 3?years as well same with income tax and also bank statement is needed?
  7. Hi guys, just wanna ask during the embassy interview do i have to bring all supportive documents of petitioner should be originals? Iincome tax return do i have to bring photocopy or originals???
  8. But during the interview in the philippines mother should bring affidavit consent to travel but not from the father signed she can get it to DFA lawyer in the philippines
  9. No... i just got approved from uscis. My petitioner and i never submit that letter only her birth certificate. Even my daughter has hee father bio surename in her birt certificate. As long as were not married before.
  10. k2 child requirements- # passport # birth certificate # ds -160 # mrv fee -265$ # appointment interview usem # slec medical 17,025 pesos but most important the child is lusted when they filled the petition to USCIS nbi is not needed for minor. Tell your buddy fiance to do some researc about k2 Good lucck
  11. okay thank you for your reply
  12. Hello guys, do i have to provide NBI clearance for my k2 shes 15 years old looking forward for your responds
  13. I do have schedule for interview and medical all my document are organized everthing has table of contents i just waiting for the fiance documents and hard copys... i still have one months to wait git my interview april
  14. Thank you your responce if thats the case i will stop worrying this things...
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