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  1. Hey guys, I’m from Alberta Canada and I’m wondering what divorce certificate I have to send with my K-1 visa application. There are three listed on the Alberta website, I know I will eventually need the certificate that allows you to marry outside of Canada but I’m wondering if that is necessary at this point when I just have to prove that I’m divorced because that certificate can take a little while to arrive. I’m attached a pic of the choices on their website, thanks!
  2. Hey guys, I’m a little confused on the new rule for certified police checks for Canadians doing the K-1 to bring to the Montreal embassy. 1) I travel a lot so I’d like to get my check done in advanced so I have everything ready, how long are they good for? 2) What exactly do I tell the RCMP station I require? I see online you can request a criminal record check, a fingerprint check and a vulnerable sector check. 3) I see on the RCMP website something about the certified police check but then it says something about a vulnerable sector check as well that you need to decide if you need or not however the reasons given that someone would need a vulnerable sector check don’t really apply to me, so do I get that or not?