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  1. If oath will be schedule It’s mean you are approved.
  2. Before oath they collect my greencard. I dont think you Can keep your greencard.
  3. Congratulations, do they asking EAD card? I am sure I apply for I-131 ( travel documents) and i-765 ( employment authorization document ) . But as I remember I didn’t get EAD card or travel document maybe because I got my greencard less than 3 month since I apply. It’s long time ago ( more than 10 years ) I am not remember for sure. Thank you
  4. Hi I have interview for February 2021, but I have a question in interview letter they said If you sick, out of country within 2 weeks, close contact to people with covid .... or higher risk because of underlying condition call the no for reschedule for interview. My question is underlying condition for covid 19 have to reschedule or just an option? And the screening test when you coming to the building? Do they ask about underlying condition for covid 19? Thank you for your help.
  5. Happy new year, I got my interview scheduled for February . But now I have a question in the paper for interview they said if you sick.....have underlying condition call the number to reschedule your interview. If we have underlying condition do we have to reschedule interview or just an option? When people come to interview I think they verified if you sick, out of country in the 2 week before the date your interview, have a contact with people with covid and so on do they ask about if you have underlying condition for covid? I just don’t want to reschedule my interview if I don’t have to after my 1 year of waiting. Thank you
  6. When interview do we have to sign paper Or not what name will be In our certificate? I heard we have to sign paper what name will be in our certificate.
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