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    Isi and Mar met while Marissa was studying in Ghana during 2009.
    Applied for K-1 in Jan 2010.
    Mar's Pareents and her traveled to Ghana in July 2010 for them to meet him.
    Isi arrived December 2010- Accra was not too bad- if prepared
    AOS Complete- June 2011 with no interview.
    ROC submitted April 1, 2013....approved with no interview on 7/31/13
    N-400 submitted Aug 1, 2016

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  1. two more days!!!! So ready....

    1. VJ-Newbie


      This is so dynamite! I'm trying to think if there's anything you should take with you re: visa stuff. You know what: Taking a printer/scanner + extra toner for him (if he has a computer) might be helpful (esp. so that he can scan any paperwork he receives that you need to see); any documentation of stuff he's going to need (to save FedEx costs); perhaps a prepaid cell phone he can use to call you when he is en route to the U.S.... other folks, any thoughts?

    2. midge and isi

      midge and isi

      I have everything put together for him. I printed all his forms filled out, he can just sign the ones he is suppose to and have the other ones ready for interview. He has packet 3 so i can mail things if i need to when i get home (he did read the whole packet to me over the phone- so i believe everything is in order). His brother helps us with printing/scanning from his office- so anything i scan his brother can print for us! I have over 500 pages of proof and stuff for him that I am brin...

    3. Evans and Flor

      Evans and Flor

      Im so happy for you. I wish I was going back. Have a geat time and I read that you are very prepared. Thats nice.

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