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  1. The pictures in our matching attire that were submitted when I front loaded was from a night out at a family function. [Clearly stated in the description of the photo] it was NOT for an engagement or even a photo shoot. We did NOT have an engagement/reception etc.. I did not know how to word it in the description so I simply put engagement photos with a question mark.. I just hope they dont assume our matching garments were for an engagement etc.. but if the CO is familiar with Ghanaian culture and customs they will know what we are wearing is NOTHING traditional about it.... However, I will be heading back to Ghana in a few months to help my fiance with evidence of our relationship when we get to the embassy phase.. We were thinking about having an engagement party and to bring those photos to his interview but now I see its not a good idea. ..I appreciate the feedback.. Thanks everyone!
  2. Thank you all for the feedback. @O&GForever our matching outfits that were submitted are not traditional prints. It was regular Makola market fabric lol. Also it was just for going out purposes. I just hope they would never misinterpret that. It clearly states we were at a family function in our description under the photo.
  3. I'm reading several threads regarding front loading engagement photos as a bad idea for proof of bona fide relationship for K1 visa. Has anyone ever been approved? Were you questioned about it at the interview? Did it benefit your petition? I would like hear positive feedback if any.
  4. @kyle&ana next stop NOA2! prayers and positive thoughts good luck.
  5. @Dragondynamite good luck to you as well. Positive thoughts throughout this journey.
  6. @Futuremrsazdag I received my NAO1 on 4/11 I'm sure yours is on the way as well.
  7. @LuFlolady Thank you.
  8. received my NOA1 today and case was sent to the California office.
  9. @Naes ok no problem
  10. @Naes I sent screenshots of video and voice calls call history via whatsapp app. And I also sent call history print outs for direct calls via cell phone. They want to see dates and duration of calls.. proof of ongoing relationship.
  11. @sunshinefemi2014 yes I did. Patiently waiting.
  12. @sunshinefemi2014 I sent pictures of us together as well as with family and friends, copy of my passport, copy of my birth certificate, video, text and voice call logs, gift receipts, proof of travel, petitioner and beneficiary passport pic, intent to marry from petitioner and beneficiary etc... Its just the feeling of hoping it was enough. I even labeled everything making it easy for whomever to navigate through my package. Still waiting on my NOA1 package was delivered April 6th per usps tracking.
  13. I- 129f package sent April 2nd 2018. I pray I sent everything they need and more. Good luck everyone!