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  1. I just received a tax transcript by mail almost 3 months after I had requested it online right before they shut down mailing operations at the IRS. Also you can request the activation code for the online transcripts now - that didn't work before.
  2. That being said, there are certain cases where you are not required to file one of the forms, but this is not true for K-1 or an immediate relative.
  3. I wonder if they are trying to get people denied by misinforming them 🤔... The representative was not well informed, check out: I-485 instructions, page 12, 9. Public charge.. etc. Who Must Submit Form I-944 and Form I-864 .. C. Person admitted to the United States as a K-1 nonimmigrant fiancé(e) or K-2 nonimmigrant child of a fiancé(e) of a U.S. citizen Failure to submit a required I-944 or I-864, will result in a denial of your I-485.
  4. There is no need to refile unless you get a rejection of your case It has been 20 business days since you filed according to your timeline. Give it 30 business days before you go into action.
  5. Perseverance is an important quality during immigration 👍 way to go!
  6. Letter is a good idea, but if you haven't given up: I managed to receive a "no credit report" confirmation by calling TransUnion. The first person i talked to would/could not help me out without a SSN. I explained the situation for 5-10 min and then asked if I could talk to a supervisor. This supervisor immediately helped and had no issue with sending a confirmation letter after making sure, that they did not have anything on file. Call 833-395-6938 and dial 0 and be prepared to wait a while! Good luck.
  7. Every now and then mail gets lost - that's the risk. I sent in passport, marriage certificate and I-94 and everything worked out 😪. Originals were returned a couple of days after and I received my SSN around 4-5 weeks after applying.
  8. Just received the SSN today. Be prepared to wait mininum 4-5 weeks after the SSA receives and accepts your application.
  9. Thanks for the update. Good to know that they haven't completely shut down. I received an update from the SSA that it would take 2 more weeks.
  10. https://secure.ssa.gov/ICON/ Certain offices don’t seem to have a local number!
  11. No return envelope. They ended up “interviewing” me at the door and I got the documents back that way. Pretty strange times. Still waiting for further progress.
  12. We're in the exact same boat. Can't create an account because the phone number is not matching in their system. Super frustrating - if anybody knows a solution, please help.
  13. I have gotten my passport and certificate back. They acknowledged my application, but the SSN hasn't arrived yet, because the documents are still going through a verification process (might take up to 4 weeks). Yes, I talked to a person in our local office after 5 min. But that was 3 weeks ago - i'd imagine it's worse now.
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