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  1. No they have not, It was just mailed on Saturday.
  2. This does not apply to me, I am asking this for a friend. If i am posting in the wrong topic, than please move it to the correct forum. Scenario: A US citizen met and married an out of status immigrant. He was here on a student visa but it expired in December of 2016. They were married in March of this year and filed the necessary forms to adjust his status at the end of May. They sent in too much money and the application was rejected. After the rejection, someone (INS) showed up at their door asking questions about him and where he was since he wasn't home at the time. Of course this frightened them once they got news of the situation and hired a lawyer and refiled the necessary paper work with the correct money amount. They were told the officers will come to their home again on Monday, but they are not sure if he will be detained when they come back on Monday or what could possibly happen if this occurs. If anyone has any information on a scenario, please let me know.