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  1. My status changes to oath ceremony will be scheduled when can I expect the ceremony field office Milwaukee
  2. Not for me it’s for my friend still he didn’t receive IL,for me no my interview next month,if I see this case am confused because dq change or no,so for my clarification I ask,if it is wrong am sorry
  3. Please clarify it,too much confusing dq is november 2019 F2a category,recently upgraded to ir1 in November 2020,as of F2a ban upto December 31,now ir1 category.country embassy working on June 2021 dqs for ir1,but still not get IL question is did they take new dqd on November 2020 as of upgrade and when can expect IL?
  4. How to get oath on same day in Milwaukee,because Milwaukee not giving oath on same day and how to expidite,any reply will be appreciated
  5. So there s no benefit for upgradation,and stay on F2a as normal,isn’t it?
  6. K actually our is F2a and dqd november,so we thought if upgraded to ir1 IL will soon come,so ask,k thank you
  7. Really I don understand,if nvc works on 2020 March dqd and we r nov 2019 dqd how we behind others,?
  8. K understood I thought now embassy working on March 2020 dqd,upto march2020 dq IL got,we r F2a if we upgraded to ir1,we thought IL will get soon because of November dqd
  9. But embassy already passed the dq date of November,after became ir1 right away IL give?because of the dq date
  10. I understood if embassy processing june dqd and our dqd is February and upgraded to ir1 do we need to queue in line?
  11. That means if upgraded to IR1,we can get IL soon without waiting in the line,k thank you
  12. K thank you I thought if someone’s interview (F2a) far behind ur/cr’s dq (currently processing for interview)my thought is “They wont squeeze u in between. U will be just behind the person who is last”
  13. If upgraded the category from F2a to ir1,do we get IL fast?while waiting for IL after dq
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