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  1. My wife's parent application was recently approved and now to NVC. My wife is not currently working and i work and we do joint tax filling. Does she need to submit any other form besides I-864 (Financial sponsorship) and do we have a link regrading what supporting documents she might need to submit for her parents application. Please assist? thanks
  2. ok. thats different. i think it is imporant @ what stage of I751, you are applying for N400. I did it after I751 application is only waiting for interview which makes local office easier to decide but if its earlier that can complicate thing.
  3. Well, I just had one last month after waiting a year for interview schedule for I751 (in fact i saw quite few people had that recently). Combo was done during N400 interview. it was not even mentioned in the interview letter. US citizenship application process faster than I751 application and they cannot complete N400 application without approving I751. So, they tends to do combo (not always) during N400 interview
  4. No worries. i see you have applied for citizenship. You might have a combo interview with citizenship interview which is faster
  5. In online filling, does she needs to upload picture of her parent like typically do on paper form I-130. thanks
  6. My wife is planning to apply for her parents. She has recently received certificate of naturalization. Does she need to wait certain times before she can apply. How long typically does it take to conplete the process. Thanks
  7. It seems like you will have combo since you have i751 pending. So don't forget to bring all evidences copy and original. Also expect more waiting. Only people go fast who has only n400 interview. We had to wait 4 hours
  8. I actually found something else. You can actually get a certificate by filling N600 application if u want https://www.uscis.gov/n-600 Although its also say having a Valid Unexpired US passport is also a proof
  9. Your US passport should work as well. Please read the interview letter and follow its instructions
  10. Only time typically interview get waived if you already have interview in USA such as AOS. If you never had a interview, then you will have one and ones those needs interview goes to National Benefit Center.
  11. No Worries. You are almost there. Don't forget to bring everything that already submitted .If you have new evidence of relationship, bring them as well. During our interview IO didn't like irs tax transcripts since it doesn't show fullname. I had to run outside to print those original tax documents for him. It was a true nightmare with approval at the end
  12. Both Interview is done by local office. So, they can't forget otherone. Besides, they cannot approved n400 without approving i751. I have talked to two uscis agent and they both told me it is upto interview Officer whether it will be combo or not. Sometimes they might send you letter saying it is combo and sometimes it doesn't say anything. But it is recommended that if you have a i751 pending during N400 interview, you need to bring your spouse with you and all documents for both i751 and N400
  13. I-751 interview date , that's million question. We waited a year and then ended up having a combo on N400 application
  14. It probably will be a combo interview. Calling will not make any difference, its not upto USCIS , it will be totally upto Interview Officer
  15. Oh ok. In that case spouse's birth certificate. If you noticed, it actually says on the interview letter (somwhere at the bottom regarding what to bring if u r applying through spouse)that either spouse's birth certificate or certificate of naturalization .
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