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  1. I would like to post an update on my mom's green card situation. Today is Oct 5th and no green. After calling USCIS for months and months with no answer of anything I was able to schedule an appointment at my local office (very long wait for a spot to open). So yesterday we went in and they said my mom's packet was lost, that's why they didn't print her green card. After Asking for a few documents the lady was super nice and her manager put in a request to cancel the packet and submit the forms that I had with me for them to process her green card. She said that's been happening since for SOME contries they don't send the sealed packet any more. Well, I hope everything is in order now, she said my mom should receive her green card by December. Just wanted to give this update that might be helpful to someone in the future
  2. There is a case open on this I will make sure they don't forget about it. Visajourney is such an amazing site, helped me so much since I came on my K1 visa over 9 years ago and now bringing my mother over. I will post updates for sure.. Thx to everyone that posted
  3. Yes, next to her IR5 visa..her B2 visa was cancelled.
  4. Just wanted to give an update about this. I called them yesterday and finally I was able to talk to someone higher up. They were checking and according to them it doesn't show on the system that my mom arrived in the US. I thought was a joke because she entered on Feb 27th, after I talked to the agente she said they are trying to find her paperwork because they were just waiting for her to enter the country to be able to print her green card. Now they asked me to wait until Sept 25th, they will probably have another update for me by then. Is so weird that they don't have proof..she got her passport stamped and everything, anyway now is a waiting game. Hopefully that doesn't happen to anyone else. Thx for all the replies and I will update in here what happens next :)
  5. Yes, I paid the fee about a month before she entered the US. Thank you for the tip I will sign up
  6. Alright, thank you...I was just wondering. I will update everyone when she receives it
  7. My mom came on a IR5 visa and entered the US on Feb 27th 2018, so far no green card or social (I did check that option on the DS-260). In June I called USCIS and they said can take up to 120 days for the green card to arrive, is past that already and nothing. I was able to take my mom to a social security office to check on the SSN and they said no application was done for her, so we did and she should receive her card this week. Wondering if anyone else went through this. I guess I have to call them again about the green card...just kinda worried, is been 5 months now.
  8. Just curious when mom will receive her green card on a IR5 visa. She arrived March 1th, I was waiting for her green card to arrive to open her bank account. Juliana
  9. Mom's trip is schedule to arrive in the US on Feb 27th, now I was wondering what she can expect at POE. Since her process was done over the CEAC website, she only received her passport back with no sealed envelope. Just wondering if they will take her to a separate room because she has an immigrant visa, or if they will interview her. Trying to prepare her she is mega nervous because her English is not good. Any help is appreciated!
  10. I also live in colorado. I payfor insurance for me and my husband through work a little bit over 200 bucks a month. Depends on the company that uwork for. Welcome to colorado. Nice to have great people to move here
  11. Believe or not 1 way tickets are more expensive than round trip. I'm just researching the best option. I use www.brazilianexpress.com they are specialized in USA-Brazil (anywhere in the US and anywahere in Brazil). Just a tip for the fellow brazilians that want a good airline deal, but there's a catch: they only accept American credit cards. Hopefully I can find her a better flight option that does not include 1 stop in Canada.
  12. Thought that was weird as well but there's a letter inside specifically saying there's no sealed envelope for that Visa and giving the instructions to pay for the green card
  13. Finally after 14 months mom got her passport back with her IR5 visa. Now I'll be booking her tkt and she should be here by the end of Feb. Question: Is there anything in particular that she needs at POE? Her visa didn't come with a sealed envelope, so I'm guessing nothing is necessary besides per passport. Also I'm about to book her flight with connection in Mexico, wondering if there's a problem if she needs to do her connection in USA. thx Juliana