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  1. Classic "Us versus Them" thinking. It's incredibly naive of you to think they will only target a subset of people of which you aren't included. Tell me, how will they identify these fraudulent past applications? Will they review them for false information? If so, why were they approved in the first place if the false information is easily identified? There are already laws against filling fraudulent applications, and USCIS has always weeded fraud. Look at the statistics that they publish. This is an attempt to stifle legal immigration, no different than the effort to abolish the DV lottery or reduce the amount of employment based visas issued every year.
  2. Looks like most of you are getting movement on your cases. Still nothing for us. I really suspect it's the 319(b) filling.
  3. Hello SabineGriffin We filed ours and paid online, so the money was debited from our credit card immediately. So unfortunately, I don't have a similar check payment issue as you. Also, even though our cases are both 319 cases, ours is a bit different in that my wife has never 'lived' in the US at all. We've visited a couple of times on a non-immigrant visa. We got married 1.5 years ago, filed i-130, then NVC, then just got an i-551 (immigrant visa, AKA green card). The very next week, we filed the N400 as there's literally no waiting requirement for our 319(b) case (I work for an American company overseas). I'll continue to post updates. So far though, no movement on our case.
  4. Hrmph! Now I'm worried. I filed my wife's N400 online a day before both of you, but I haven't received anything. Maybe the 319(b) is tripping them up?
  5. Hello everyone I have a question about our unique N-400 filing situation. I say "unique" because I've been reading these boards, and I haven't yet come across any other couple who are filing under the same circumstances as us. I just filed an N-400 online on July 2nd, on behalf of my wife, under INA 319(b) provisions which allows a citizen's spouse to apply for naturalization IMMEDIATELY after becoming a permanent resident. No conditions, no wait times, nothing. This provision is available for those married to citizens who work overseas for the US government, US companies, the US military, etc. I guess this provision is in place because it'd be impossible to meet all the conditional and residency requirements if your citizen spouse is posted overseas. Any other July filers in this situation? If so, it'd be good to compare notes as the process unfolds. Thanks