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  1. Did they start working Saturdays? I just noticed Saturday had lots of activity
  2. Ohh thank you! I think I'm gonna call the US embassy where I will interview and ask them to see if they need one. I think they will because I'm a citizen but we'll see
  3. Have you read this somewhere? First time hearing this but it's of importance to me because I hold two citizenships
  4. For sure! Once the USCIS stuff is over, the real fun begins haha
  5. 100%. I love nature and big open spaces so I enjoy every moment I'm there! I'll be visiting this summer (last time I was there was last October) and I can't wait! I wanna go to California this time haha
  6. I think you will like it just fine, especially if you have friends and family! I had never really been many places before I visited the US, specifically Arizona (which in my opinion is an incredibly beautiful state, a must see for sure). I was floored when I did! It is so big and wide and everything feels spacious and like you can breathe. I grew up in a very densely populated European capital so to me it was like a different world.
  7. Aw that's so sweet! I think it truly depends where you are in a state. There are great places to live in every state! The US is amazing in terms of diversity.
  8. Totally haha. Is anyone here moving to the Southwest when they get their k1?
  9. Yeah I think people who filed late 2022 knew very well how bad the situation was so everything looks like an improvement to us. On the other hand, those that had filed earlier expected a shorter waiting time so they got disappointed as time went on and the waiting times rose. Unrelated, but I think the 93% processed statistic which dictates when you can inquire about your case will go down by the end of the year, probably to something like 14 months or so. I can't see them having enough of a backlog at that point to justify keeping a small amount waiting 16.5 months or more.
  10. Haha I have thought about the double anniversary as well! I wouldn't mind getting two gifts a year. I deserve it for putting up with this process 🤣
  11. Ha! I had thought of a great date myself for August 2024 but I don't see it happening now. I really wanted a summer wedding. We might just do a civil ceremony in the winter once I get my k1 and then a proper wedding later, in the summer. I won't complain no matter what, this whole process makes you grateful for even having then opportunity to marry your significant other
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