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  1. Not sure if they hate or not... I guess it's their job to check stuff like that... and if they hate their job, well, sorry - they've chosen wrong jobs... But anyway, I know a couple who got married after the foreign woman came to the US a a student, and she really was a student for couple years... She met an American guy, that happens, it's life... They fell in love and got married by the time her student visa was about to expire... Filed for AOS, approved with no problems at all.... so it's not necessary fraud when folks get AOS from different types of visa rather than Fiancée visa or smth like that... Or you say people have to stop falling in live here in US just because they entered it with a different purpose?)))) Again, I understand that there're might be different situations.... but I feel like people demonize tourist visas and AOS... everyone's situation is unique ... and if you're a fraud, they will find it out during interview... those guys are experienced enough... Just tell the truth.. I don't think there's anything wrong to apply for AOS from tourist visa if you're real legitimate couple. Moreover another couple of my friends are in the process of AOS from tourist visa... no problems so far.. the case accepted and pending... so will see ... I guess i'll tell later how it all ended up for them.. but I'm 100% sure they will be approved
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