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  1. Do you have any information to substantiate this ?
  2. Hi. I went through this process last year. I went to my local SSN office the following morning after my naturalisation ( make it as early as possible ) take your ID and your certificate with you and they will take care of the rest and take 3-5 business days for the system to fully update. OH and you will need to use that cert to apply for your US Passport copies (unless its a certified copy) are not accepted. just ask the postal / passport people if they can put a post-it on your cert to ask for them to not fold or bend it. USCIS give you all the information at your ceremony. Best WIshes.
  3. Important point to note on sending that certificate. When I applied for my passport last year, i heard horror stories of the cert being folded by the passport people on return. The postal / passport office i went through was nice enough to put post-it notes on the cert and notes on the envelope to not bend it. Amazingly a week or so after my US passport arrived my certificate returned in a cardboard backed envelope and was unscathed ! Hope you are as fortunate as I was.
  4. Funny Story I was called to attend jury duty while I was still a legal permanent resident.! here in North Indiana ! I did call their office and brought this to their attention to which they quickly apologised and said that they would take me off the register. I became a citizen last July and as others have said. I chose to become one partially because of the current political climate. but also to help ensure that I can do ( if need be ) my civic duty. I have made the US my home and I am not planning on moving back to the UK any time soon. BUT !, that being said. it keeps doors of opportunity open. I am kicking myself that I did not become a citizen sooner. I can now vote and apply for Federal jobs if something comes up. But most of all its cool as heck to run around with two Passports
  5. Gary_UK

    K1 visa for US Military

    Welcome Jamia. Best of luck on your journey
  6. Gary_UK

    N-400 - March 2017 Filers

    Hey Vikc07 glad to hear your interview went well I would not worry about the time it takes for you to be given the date of your oath ceremony. As you may recall I live near south bend ( they do sometimes have oath ceremonies there at the law courts ) but mine ended up being in Indianapolis. I suspect that you may have to wait 3-4 weeks before you will know for sure where your ceremony will be, but odds on you may well be in Indianapolis too. When I attended mine on July 11th there was at least one other ceremony going on the same day ! Just be prepared that it will be a quick process and with little pomp and circumstance. I am sure for the folks doing this every day its like working on a production line. Best wishes to you.
  7. Gary_UK

    N-400 - March 2017 Filers

    Hey All. Just wanted to share something which may be of benefit as you go through the process and come out the other end... I learned that when you need to go to the social security office to report your citizenship, be there as early as possible. Preferably as they open or you are going to have a long wait. (mine was well over an hour ). Have your passport application done ready when you go to the post office and to make things smooth have your photos ready to hand in. But this is the sad part. When you DO hand over your certificate. ( they will not take copies ) There is a likelihood that some ####### is going to bend / Fold it. The nice staff at my post office warned me that they had a staff member go though this process and was devastated that the passport office folded their certificate. They were kind enough to put my cert in a cardboard backed envelope with a "DO NOT BEND" notice, but I guess I will find out when my Passport arrives on the 18th. Thanks. G
  8. Gary_UK

    N-400 - March 2017 Filers

    There was no video of 45 but some random video recorded by some representative. to be honest its a piss poor way to officially greet people who are becoming citizens.
  9. Gary_UK

    N-400 - March 2017 Filers

    Wanted to ask a question to those of us who have been fortunate enough to be at the end of our visa journey here in the US and completed their Oath Ceremony. Did anyone get a yellow envelope in their "Welcome Pack" from the President of the united states ? I don't want this to turn into a heated political debate. I read over the weekend that some people are still getting the envelope with a letter from President Obama. My ceremony in Indianapolis did not have a letter at all !. Tempted to go after USCUS and request my letter. as it seems that there has been no replacement put in since the new president came into power. If anyone is in the know. I would be most grateful. Thanks in advance.
  10. Gary_UK

    N-400 - March 2017 Filers

    lol no kidding. ! i was attending the 2:30 but i got there early enough to have attended the 1pm one. if you saw a big 6' 2" guy wearing a blue shirt and a fetching tie. that was me
  11. Gary_UK

    N-400 - March 2017 Filers

    Thank you ! Today went smoothly.no issues really beyond it was done and over so quickly. Didn't think it would feel much, if any different but honestly i'm realizing a weight has been lifted. almost a release. no more visas, fingerprints, background checks, means testing, renewal dates, and all the other hoops and jumps I have had to go through to reach this point today. biggest surprise for me is how physically and emotionally Drained I feel. been waiting a long time to say this.... "could someone update my line in the chart to Red, Please. I'm a Citizen !!!" Best of luck to the rest of the March Filers.
  12. Just throwing this into the mix. if you fly from Europe. US border checks are in Dublin airport. so you technically enter the US before you board the aircraft. Makes arrivals to destinations such as O'hare an absolute breeze. you land.. de-plane. pick up your luggage and go. \
  13. Gary_UK

    N-400 - March 2017 Filers

    Awesome ! Congratulations. !
  14. Gary_UK

    N-400 - March 2017 Filers

    thank you to you and to everyone's replies.
  15. Gary_UK

    N-400 - March 2017 Filers

    Hi all. As you may recall there was a family emergency that I mentioned a while ago and sadly I had a phone call on Wednesday June 14th that my father only had hours left to live. We battled with the airline company to get our flights moved and due to bad weather in the mid west that evening all flights out of Chicago were fully or over booked. and no way to get out of the states for 24 hours at least. We ended up going to Chicago O'hare on Thursday with no flight and a hastily packed bag with wife in tow to see if we could beg the desk staff for some help. The BA staff in Chicago were amazing and pulled some serious strings to get us on the next flight and were on board just before the door closed. In less than an hour we were airborne. while we flew my dad slipped into unctuousness. We landed in London at 8 am Friday morning and after grabbing a rental we high tailed it up the M40 to the Birmingham Queen Elizabeth II hospital and arrived at 11:40. My wife and I were able to be by his side for around 7 hours before he peacefully passed away. After getting the funeral arranged and doing a lot of running around to get his estate in order. We traveled back to the states on Saturday. And my passing through immigration on my British passport and green card were of no issue. The border guard did some extra checks and offered his condolences when he asked as to the reason for the trip. So to my question.... As my Naturalization Oath Ceremony is in a week's time ( July 11th ) the N-445 form asks the question "Since your interview, have you traveled outside of the united states". I obviously have to answer yes. but it also stipulates "Bring Documents to support your answers" and gives examples for marriage or military but nothing related to travel. Should I bring boarding passes ? itinerary emails ? I have a copy of my fathers death certificate if need be. as well as information from the funeral directors we used as well as flower orders etc. how much information is too much ? should I take it all ? I am just not sure how deep they will want to go into this. Any information you can offer will be of great help. Many thanks.