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  1. I did sign up. No texts just email. but I got the appointment letter way before it was updated on line
  2. that is true...Mt. Laurel only does rescheduling. They are pretty fast. We got interview letter in late December for a January interview. It never was updated on line by the way!
  3. Actually, in regards to jury duty. Alot of companies give you regular pay and you give them your jury duty check. It is harder and harder to get out of serving...I even had a lawyer on our jury.....but it is alot easier. You used to have to go and sit all day until your number was called. Now you call the night before to see if they need you.
  4. I have served 3x and I loved it.
  5. get a divorce lawyer who will negotiate on your behalf. dont let it get ugly...as someone else said...these lawyers are in it for the money too and will drag it out. Most states it doesnt matter if there is cheating. My friend is a divorce lawyer and your other half is entitled to money even if his name is not on the account. You may be able to get away with a "I had this before my marriage situation"...but anything after the marriage is 50/50 in most states. it sucks. My sister's husband is cheating on her and she has to still make payments on his health insurance, car insurance and whatever else she paid for....he is living with this other woman now too! and she still has to pay until they get divorced. He doesnt work. He has always sponged off her. Good luck. I hope you two can work it out financially. Other than that....kick his ### to the curb.
  6. awesome news. congratulations oath ceremony is the same day. yipee.
  7. as someone who has worked in the catering business for the past 25 years.....a contract is a contract. However, there is a "unforeseen circumstance" in most contracts. That being said....if you do book a venue (November is kind of cutting it close) you can ask them when their soft season is. For example, if the venue is in a resort or busy area, then Fridays and Saturdays are typically less flexible. You may want to try a Sunday afternoon. Also, as far as the church is concerned...well, my church anyway......that date can most likely be changed too. Good luck. I stressed every day when I planned my wedding in advance...and that was after the interview and everything! It worked out...but it was a stress I did not need.
  8. should be coming very soon. we just had our interview in January
  9. you dont have to be a USC to collect social security. just FYI. A permanent resident can collect SS. It does not decrease because you are not a citizen. SS is based on credits you achieved while working here. 10 years is a minimum. You can create a SS account on line...and take a look at what you are going to make when you retire. Its not alot to live on by the way...so save away!
  10. our passport took 9 days...got it last week!
  11. yes. Oath ceremony is at 3pm. There isnt a dress code per se but I would wear something decent. good luck. its a beautiful ceremony