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  1. very very true. My husband, at the time, was a 10 year green card holder...had already renewed it for the 2nd time...but when he had to make an emergency trip back home...brought the expired GC with him instead of the renewed one. British Airways would not allow him back on the plane. They refused to even check that he was legit but without the new card. He had to return to his parents house...I had to FEDEX the new card to him...and he was there an additional 4 days!
  2. We still get those updates too. Its been over a year since my husband became a USC. She can unsubscribe to the emails.
  3. they wont give her any information there. I tried way back when and flew over to Italy too...and they dont take phone calls either. I had better luck when my Senator sent one simple email on my behalf....when I returned. They finally started to give answers!
  4. First off...congratulations! Yes, you have to send the Naturalization certificate when you apply for the passport. Even in NJ it was hit and miss if someone was there...however, they did have someone from the league of women voters there, so my husband did that. We left there...and sent in his passport at the post office...and got it back in 9 days! The Naturalization certificate comes back in a separate envelope. Good luck.
  5. If it is a closed adoption the long-form of the birth certificate is a sealed document. He would have to petition the courts for it. She is getting the certified birth certificate. should be fine now.
  6. I did sign up. No texts just email. but I got the appointment letter way before it was updated on line
  7. that is true...Mt. Laurel only does rescheduling. They are pretty fast. We got interview letter in late December for a January interview. It never was updated on line by the way!
  8. Actually, in regards to jury duty. Alot of companies give you regular pay and you give them your jury duty check. It is harder and harder to get out of serving...I even had a lawyer on our jury.....but it is alot easier. You used to have to go and sit all day until your number was called. Now you call the night before to see if they need you.
  9. get a divorce lawyer who will negotiate on your behalf. dont let it get ugly...as someone else said...these lawyers are in it for the money too and will drag it out. Most states it doesnt matter if there is cheating. My friend is a divorce lawyer and your other half is entitled to money even if his name is not on the account. You may be able to get away with a "I had this before my marriage situation"...but anything after the marriage is 50/50 in most states. it sucks. My sister's husband is cheating on her and she has to still make payments on his health insurance, car insurance and whatever else she paid for....he is living with this other woman now too! and she still has to pay until they get divorced. He doesnt work. He has always sponged off her. Good luck. I hope you two can work it out financially. Other than that....kick his ### to the curb.
  10. awesome news. congratulations oath ceremony is the same day. yipee.
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