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  1. We must be strong and believe one day all this will be over..5 months in AP already and we are still waiting God help us all
  2. Ds5535 is for background check means you have to wait im in the same boat as you dec2018 too still waiting
  3. Sorry to pry..but would there have been anything wrong if your fiancé had the interview in the UK? im in a similar situation but I had my interview in Italy instead of Nigeria but we got married in Italy in 2017 and had my interview December last year and was handed the 221g for administrative process would it have been different if I had the interview in Nigeria?
  4. I’m nigerian married to a USC in Italy and had my interview on the 11 dec 2018 in Naples consulate the CO said I will get my visa in by mail and kept my passport and I was given the ds5535 the same day and being on AP ever since with a couple of updates if I may ask did you guys get married in Morocco and were you given the 221g or ds5535 wish you best of luck 🙏🏾
  5. Mine was kept since dec11 last year but Naples consulate and not Morocco but it’s the same pain 😔
  6. No we contacted the congressman 2nd time yesterday he’s going to contact the embassy then get back to us. thats where we are at the moment, we just have to be patient is always their response. contacting the DOS won’t be a bad idea either considering we are almost on the 90 day but we don’t have the number wish you guys get your visa sooner than later
  7. We will be 90 days in 5 days and haven’t got an update in a month this AP is terrible and depressing
  8. I guess it means you have to wait till it’s been processed because your case is in administrative processing don’t worry you will get your visa soon
  9. She is a US citizen not green card Holder And I will never wish divorce for anybody and I knew she was married and had a son I was happy for her And i wouldnt have known she was divorced if it wasn’t for my sister who was still friends with her on social media. but I never stopped loving her but we were young and dumb and things was the way it turned out like I said we know what we want now
  10. Yes We were both born in Nigeria.. but we got married in Italy in 2017 after she was legally divorced from her former American husband i have known her 15+ years now we dated for 6 years before she left for America for study then our relationship went south after that but now we know better and we have decided to spend the rest of our life together
  11. Thanks but were you in any form of AP and we also contacted the congressman in New Jersey but they said we have to be patient
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