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  1. Thanks for the answers so far... She is in the US however she had no intention of staying at all as she has been coming over for a few years to spend summer and as well as the Holidays... This time around she met this guy and they clicked. He proposed.. just like that...
  2. Hello fellow VJers... I haven't been here in a few years but yet, I continuously find this site extremely helpful when it comes to immigration. Family keeps growing and wife has been a US citizen since 2015. I have a question about family visa for my mother-in-law.... Long story short, she now has a boyfriend who is a US citizen boyfriend and he proposed..so my question at a high level is, which one of the 3 options are better to get her to live in the US (independent of the cost for each option)? 1) Have my wife sponsor a Green Card for her while she is here on a tourist visa; 2) Have her boyfriend file for a K1; 3) Have her boyfriend marry her in Ukraine and then file for a K3; Any input will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.