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  1. Hi all - (Mods: please feel free to move if this isn't in the right place). I'll be traveling to visit my family in Canada for the first time since the pandemic hit and now that I'm a US citizen (making me a dual citizen, yay!) My question is: do I use my US passport or my Canadian passport when entering Canada? Has anyone else experienced this? My connection is in Canada, but my first flight from where I live puts me at immigration as I land in Canada. My thinking is that I would have to enter Canada with my US passport, but also show them that I'm a Canadian citizen with my Canadian passport? And then when coming back to the US, just to show my US passport when returning. I'll be bringing both just in case, but I want to make sure I use the right one when going through immigration. Another side question: is it required for me to show my US/Canadian passport while flying in Canada? Any help would be great - thank you!
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