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  1. Wow! still not approved yet? That's a loooong time!!
  2. I learned something new today - Parole in Place . had no idea it even existed. (Thanks Boiler). Nothing new to add her except to say that your friend's son may have obtained the LPR status for him/her by this Parole in Place (if it's not been done away with already).
  3. That makes sense and you had to do what you had to do. A green card isn't worth a lot of life situations, at worst it can be applied for again. Yes, follow up with USCIS and sort it out. I wish you all the best. If possible keep us posted on what you find out or any updates. This is a unique case and any answers or solutions will help a lot of people down the road who run into a similar issue or have questions around it. I hope the admins keep the thread open so you can post future updates.
  4. I agree the dates would clarify the issue. If the resident since date is before or same day as OPs travel date, the green card Is valid and OP can use it. If the resident since date is after, it may fit into abandonment In which case, I recommend OP talks to USCIS etc. Until we know the dates, everything being said on this thread is speculatory and doesnt hold weight.
  5. Looks like depending on the visa you're adjusting status from(some of the H and L categories), you may not even fall under the abandonment clause. https://www.uscis.gov/ilink/docView/SLB/HTML/SLB/0-0-0-1/0-0-0-11261/0-0-0-24520/0-0-0-24707.html
  6. I know you've received different opinions and yes they are opinions as none of it is from USCIS. I will say get in touch with USCIS and make an inquiry or you could attempt coming to the US with it. If a card was issued even after you left, it's likely your application was approved before or at the same time as your departure. An approval after you left is theoretically not possible as your application is abandoned however if the approval occurred before or at the time of your departure (like same day), you would not have abandoned status though you did not leave with an AP and that would be the reason why the USCIS would issue you a card. This is however just my opinion like the others so it doesn't hold too much weight. However, to be sure I say check directly with USCIS or attempt entering with the card and see what happens.
  7. Wow! Congratulations man!! I can't believe your case took this long but I'm glad it's finally come to an end. I became pleas active after my approval but your case was one that kept me coming back. Thanks a LOT as well for being diligent in updating the spreadsheet. You certainly were a big help in keeping things organized in here.
  8. MaleAlpha


    Next time you go to Ghana, you can go to the registrar general's office and sign paperwork to get you officially married if you're not ready for a wedding yet. With the marriage certificate, you can start filing for the CR1. Good thing is you have people on this thread who have dealt with the Ghana embassy and can give you some great tips. I wish you and your partner all the best! I will be going to visit in 3 weeks.
  9. Just curious - when you said languages, did you mean programming languages? I'm assuming you were a programmer in Canada. IT and healthcare jobs are usually easier to find due to the high demand.
  10. I started applying for jobs about 40 days into my EAD application (It was taking on average 60 days from application date to issue). Attended a few interviews and started a job in IT 2 weeks after my EAD card was issued (where I am still working at - almost 4 years!). Depending on where you are and the area of work, it can range from easy to hard. IT and Healthcare jobs are in abundance in the Pacific Northwest so it wasn't a surprise I got a job so quick. Good luck to your spouse.
  11. Seems to be the approval mail..or maybe not lol. An element of surprise will be cool
  12. There aren't status updates for i751 mail tracking numbers. You will have to call the USCIS customer service line and request for the tracking information.
  13. MaleAlpha

    Applying twice for dv lottery 2018

  14. * PS : Not related to the original post * @mindthegap I was following your case a while back and I just looked at your timeline to see where USCIS is at with your case. Crazy, how after 2.5 years they just denied your case. I like your resilience though so never give up. Is it possible to request an expedite of your current application citing how long the previous one took etc.? I very much hope everything works out well for you this time!