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  1. My wife recently got her Citizenship and now she wants to petition her sister, her husband, and 2 children to come to the United States. Her two children are 11 and 3. In addition to filing the I-130, it looks like the I-130A would be filed her her husband, but is there a form for her children?
  2. I came here because I'm wanting to do a search in "Bringing Family Members of US Citizens to America", but as mentioned, the Google Custom Search searches the whole site. I wanted to do some research to what others already talked about, but I'll have to make my own post.
  3. Oath Ceremony is September 8th. The PDF was on the website today.
  4. I just got the update from ELIS that my wife's ceremony has been scheduled. There's a ceremony on August 25th and September 15th, so I'm going to guess it's on the 25th of this month.
  5. It's been a while since I checked in, but my wife's status is only on "Oath Ceremony Will Be Scheduled." It's getting close to 3 months since the interview. Okay, I just looked on another page and it says "Oath Ceremony Scheduled" with a Last Updated date of today. She's getting ready to go on a girl's trip to Vegas and San Francisco, so hopefully it's not during that time.
  6. My wife had her interview today ans she passed! Before today, she was so nervous that she wouldn't get approved, but she did really well for the past couple of days on the 100 questions and I helped her some ways to memorize some things she was struggling with. The interviewer was very serious and my wife got more serious in return.